From the desk of the Sharper, here is a story titled "The Sandbox"

In this short Mad Dogs and Tigers story, it shows how Kim and Ron came into contact with Bonnie and Tara for the first time in their very young lives and became a group of good friends.

It takes place around 10 ½ to 11 years before the events of Mad Dogs and Tigers.

The fanfic, like all my others, is never intended for any monetary gain.

Kim Possible, characters and settings are created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

Rebecca Starlet, an Original Character, was created and (c) by Sharper the Writer.

The fanfic is rated T for extreme bullying, brief language, and unsettling imagery.

"The Sandbox"

Chapter 1

(10 ½ years ago, right around when Kim and Ron are in first grade)

On a fine, and extremely hot and humid, summer day at Middleton Park, James and Ann Possible were walking their young six-year old daughter, little Kimberly Ann, along. Ann was pushing a stroller containing a set of two and a half-year old twins, Jim and Tim.

"I can't believe those little terrors nearly flushed my keys down the toilet!" James exclaimed with frustration. Earlier in the day, Jim and Tim nearly flushed their father's keys down the commode before he retrieved them just in time.

Ann admitted, "These two little guys are quite a bundle of energy! I can't even count the nights we had to stay up to calm the two down...

(cue a scene with Ann with her hair frizzled out and the Tweebs laughing and messing up their nursery)

"And I don't wanna even imagine the number of soiled diapers that we had to go through in a single day!"

(cue a scene with Ann staring at a garbage can filled with stinky diapers the Tweebs went through in a single day)

"It'll be a monumental day when we see them finally potty-trained for the real world that's out there!" James exclaimed.

"Um...excuse me, Daddy, but when can I see Ron?" the little six-year old Kim asked, holding her mom's hand.

"Kimmie-cub, we arranged a little play-date between you and Ronald this morning with the Stoppables." James explained, "We should be approaching the playground right about now!"

The Possibles approached the playground where Ron and Kim were to be arranged to have their playdate. They met a year and a half earlier in Pre-K.

"The playground looks fun, Daddy..." the young Kim exclaimed, holding her dad's hand tight.

"Oh yes it is, Kimmie-cub, they opened it up just yesterday!" James said, observing the beautiful, clean -lit, litter-free playground.

"And there's Ronald over there!" He pointed to the young six-year old Ron going down the slide.

"Now, be good for your dad, Kimmie-cub!" James replied to his favorite daughter, and then picked up Tim "We'll be back in around three hours after we drop off your brothers at daycare..." Then a very strong odor emitted from him. "...just as soon as we change his diaper!"

"But...who's gonna watch me?" the young Kim asked.

"Don't worry! Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable are there with young Ronald! Take care, Kimmie!

"I will, Daddy!"

The Possible parents then left her in the care of the Stoppables.