Chapter 2

"Now, Bon-Bon, I want you to be on your very best behavior at the park!"

Mrs. Rockwaller instructed this lesson to her young six-year old daughter, Bonnie, as they both entered into the park. Connie and Lonnie, five years older than Bonnie, walked into the park, talking on their cell phones.

"Ugh, look at the little kiddies doing little kid things!" Connie said with a snob look.

"Yeah!" Lonnie agreed, "We're, like, eleven! We can have our own cell phones now, unlike little Bon-Bon!"

"Hey!" the young Bonnie complained, "Only Mommy uses that nickname on me, not you two freaks!"

"So says the little squirt who has yet to contribute anything to the Rockwaller tradition!" Connie sneered.

"Tradition?" Bonnie asked, "What's tradition?"

"It's the thing that's passed down from generation to generation!" Connie explained with a slight snicker.

The brown-haired girl continued, "Anyways, remember what we said to you a couple of months ago!"

"And that would be...?" the young Bonnie grunted, unamused at what her sisters had to say.

"I have the looks, Connie has the smarts, and you're the dog who has to lick whatever scraps that are left in the gene dish!" Lonnie laughed.

Bonnie has yet to find a talent that would suit her.

"Now, now, Con-Con and Lon-Lon..." Mrs. Rockwaller said, "...that's no way to treat your sister like that!"

"But, Mom...!" Connie whined.

"We're being good little angels!" Lonnie lied through her teeth.

"I know that you are!" Mrs. Rockwaller grinned, pinching both of their cheeks.

"Owwww..." Connie complained.

"That hurt!" Lonnie groaned.

"But, if you do anything to get your little sister in trouble, there will be no mall privileges for your for three months!" Mrs. Rockwaller warned.

"And what about me?" Bonnie asked.

"I haven't forgotten about you, Bon-bon." Mrs. Rockwaller replied, "If you get into trouble with anyone, I will be taking your doll collection away from you for a good solid year."

"What?!" Bonnie complained, "That's no fair!"

"You either accept my warning or I will lay down the punishment of 'no dolls for a solid year' on you immediately!" Mrs. Rockwaller replied angrily. She was apparently thinking of the divorce settlement that had taken place six months prior with her ex-husband, whom was caught cheating on her with another woman.

Bonnie solemnly nodded her head in agreement and said nothing.

"That's better!" Mrs. Rockwaller grinned, "Now, why don't you go play in that sandbox over there?" She pointed to the sandbox that was 90 feet away from the sidewalk and then pointed to the bench right next to them. "I will be at the bench watching you closely."

"What about Connie and Lonnie?" Bonnie asked.

"They have their own grownup dolls, Bon-Bon and will be playing away from you. Why don't you go and make a sand-castle or something? I will be reading my Single & Divorced Mothers magazine."

The young Bonnie sighed, disappointed that she had yet to find a single friend in the world who would relate to her misery of being tormented daily by her sisters.