Chapter 5

It was a gloomy start in Kindergarten for the very young children of Middleton vying to be like their forefathers. Rain poured from the heavens as if God Himself was crying. Umbrellas dotted the gray sidewalks of Middleton and Danville as the parents escorted their young ones to their first day of Kindergarten.

Ann Possible, by this time, had one and a half year old twins, Jim and Tim Possible. James was working at the Middleton Space Center while Ann was doing well as an expert brain surgeon. In addition, they moved out of the large apartment where the Possible famly had lived for the past three years to a new house in the suburbs.

To both hers and James' surprise, the twins had already mastered the art of manipulating their baby toys with some of their father's electronic equipment. They also had fired off their very first small rocket...with disasterous results.

"Rocket go boom-boom!" Jim babbled as he and Tim pressed random buttons on the remote control to their first rocket.

At the Stoppable house, the young 5-year old Ron was baking a birthday cake for one of his stuffed animals in the backyard. Mrs. Muffykins was his stuffed dolly.

"Now, Mrs. Muffykins, this is going to be your slice of cake." the young Ron said before hearing a splat on the top of his cake and a small hiss. He looked at the thing that was sticking out of the cake.

"What is this toy?" the young Ron asked before the rocket exploded, spreading cake all over the backyard. The small explosion covered the young Ron in soot and cake, as well as Mrs. Muffykins.

Ron cried over the fact that his cake was ruined.

Tara, meanwhile, was not happy about her first day of Kindergarten. Her father was away on a business trip for a month, so it was up to Clara Queen to take care of her three daughters.

And it wasn't very easy for the poor mom of three.

The minivan pulled up to the curb where the car riders usually assembled early in the morning.

Tara was wearing a bright dress that matched her eyes, plus a pink backpack with a Ducky Momo lunchbox.

Sarah, entering into the sixth grade, was continuing to talk incessantly on her cell phone in the front seat, while the one-year old Mara was crying in the back seat. Poor Tara couldn't stand the high screeching cries of her younger sister. Unfortunately, she had to get used to them every day of the week.

All of this has made Clara very jittery and always in need of a cup of coffee to calm her nerves. With three daughters, she needed all the caffeine that she can get.

"I love you, Mommy." the five-year old Tara said in a cute voice from the backseat.

Clara, extremely stressed, muttered, "Whatever, just get out the car..."

"Can you hug me, Mommy?" Tara asked, extending her arms forward.

Clara, dealing with her pre-tween nightmare in the front seat and wailing one-year old in the back, yelled as loud as she could. She flung her cup of coffee out of the window as hard as she could. The ceramic cracked and shattered against the wet pavement, hot coffee flowing everywhere.


Tara, shocked by her mom's force of anger in her voice, slowly opened the car door and got out.

Tara's head was hanging low from her mom's refusal to hug her, though she couldn't understand the stressful hell Clara was going through.

She was going to be a piece of fresh meat to be fed to the wolves.