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Chapter 4: War and Found

Standing upon the makeshift stage behind the trailers she occupies seventeen months after being released from the hospital, Belladonna paces about, feeling nervous.

"I can't believe that it's today. I finally get to see how well my album is selling. This is almost a dream come true. All that hard work with Ace really paid off."

For the past year, things had been going Bella's way. Right from the day she was released, the raven haired woman would sing to strengthen her voice and Ace would coach her whenever he could unless of course, he wasn't booking gigs for the group. For Bella, these times were always the best, since she could soak in his voice and not feel weird about it.

Even from that point forward, Bella knew she couldn't love anyone but Ace. During her first concert in March of that year, Belladonna stared as a backup singer; knocking the crowd out of their seats, so much so, that they called for an encore from her. Her popularity was so great by the next concert, that Ace promoted her to being the full time lead singer.

Shocked, but pleased by the turn of events, Bella wrote her own song, singing it at the end of the concert to which it received a standing ovation by the crowd. As her reputation continued to sky rocket, several well-known punk and rock bands tried to court Bella to their groups, but each time she refused their growing offers, citing that she was happy where she was and that she wouldn't give up Ace's band for the world.

And how could she when Ace was still trying to help her remember her past, while she was helping the group with their own problems? By the end of the year, Ace managed to seal a deal with a big time record company to produce an album with Bella. Overjoyed by the news, the raven haired women finally asked Ace to date her, which he promptly accepted.

While not in the public eye however, there was only one small problem Bella really had. From time to time while napping, she would have sudden flashbacks to places she might have been and of people, but their faces were fuzzed over and their voices were distant, like she was underwater.

Most of these dreams didn't faze the girl in the slightest, there was one that agitated her to no end; one of a green simian with a white looking hat on their head. A soft squishing noise breaks the monotony of sneakers clomping on wood and Bella quickly looks for the source.

Sliding about near the stage is a slimy little green creature with red eyes that laughs for no reason from time to time.

"Great, just what I didn't need, one of those invading fusion punks."

The fusion as Belladonna called the little sludge monster, had invaded Earth no more than two months ago with its master, named Fuse, and they were to destroy, copy or assimilate everything they could get their slime forms around to help increase his power.

These beasts had even gone so far as to copy the heroes and villains of the planet. Jumping off the stage, Bella sprints at the small puddle of slime and kicks it like a soccer ball. The fusion glides gracefully through the air laughing its head off until it splatters against a mail truck parked across the street, which promptly groans and tips over onto its side.

"Did…Did I just do that?" Bella breathlessly utters, shocked at what she possibly did, "This is wrong; I can't have powers at all. Awww! My head!"

Collapsing to her knees, the girl clutches her head in pain as a sharp throbbing starts at the base of her skull. Tears slowly flow down Bella's cheek, terror etched into her eyes as a painful wail escapes her lips.

The back door to the trailer slams open and Ace races over to the girl, placing a hand on her shoulder, "Babe, you alright? Speak to me; tell me what's going on?" Ace's sunglasses fall to the dirt, exposing a look of pure panic as the man hugs Bella.

"I tipped over that truck and my head hurts so badly it's like something is trying to get free!" The girl moans in pain as her eyes bulge out a fraction.

Flashes of four faces race through the girl's mind; as do their names. This is followed by designations and facial features of other people she feels hate for.

"I…I remember my sisters, Blossom and Bubbles. My father, Professor Utonium and I remember the squirt."

"That's great news, we should tel-" Ace starts, but Belladonna, now Buttercup once more, puts a finger to his lips to shut him up, "No, we're not telling them at all Ace! They're the only thing I remember and I rather wait for all of my memory to return or to have them find me. Please, just let me stay here until then."

For whatever reason, Buttercup feels scared to head home and felt more at ease with the green skinned man.

"Alright babe, you can stay as long as you need, but if I need to I can go to your pops, alright?"

"Fine, just as long as it's in the direst of needs." The girl feistily replies, a large grin ranging across her lips.

In the impending silence, a phone inside the trailer rings and Buttercup and Ace forgetting what was happening, dash inside to answer.

The next month passes in a blur for Buttercup as many things begin to happen. The CD sales for her solo album are going strong, but the war with Fuse and his minions had taken on a sour note. Marquee Row where she and the band perform had fallen and was now stuck in an infected zone.

The six had taken to sitting outside of it to perform for passers-by whenever they could or stomp the odd fusion that got too close. On this particular morning, Buttercup stands near the ticket office, in a really foul mood, feeling upset that her memory isn't fully back. It might have been, but to Buttercup, the darned thing should have been back by now.

The raven haired girl even thought if she could punch her own brain that would snap all of it back. In the meantime, the girl just looks up at the sky, looking at the cloud with her arms crossed, ignoring the person that had arrived.

Ace calls the person a snake in the grass, but that didn't mean a thing as she tunes out the conversation and concentrates on the sky, seeing one cloud as a small bunny.

Footsteps slowly approach the box office and feeling rather unwilling to turn around, Buttercup speaks to the unknown person, rather nastily, "Yeah what do you want? If it's about getting free tickets to Ace's and mine next concert…forget it!"

She slowly turns on her heel, looking directly at the person and her mouth slowly falls open. Standing in front of her, covered in scratches and with several weapons on their back, is the person she sees as her little brother. "HOLDEN!" She shouts, quickly jumping the security rope and placing a hand on his check to see if he was real.

Seeing that he is indeed there, the girl pulls Holden in close, hugging him tightly. She smiles, finally happy to have at least one member of her family find her.

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