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"And may the odds be ever in your favor. Now ladies first…" Effie Trinket said, swirling her hand in that bowl yet again.

I'm only 13, but I've seen my fair share of Hunger games, and been through the reaping once before. This time was different though, because this was the quarter quell. The 75th annual Hunger Games called for four tributes to be chosen from each district. Nothing Katniss or Peeta did could stop that. In fact their little fight did exactly one thing, it created the first ever, permanent rule-change to the games. All tributes from the same district could win.

"The first girl tribute from district 12 is…" Effie trailed off for effect "Piper Williamson!"

"No…" I whispered to myself as I heard what I knew would come next. The second ever district 12 volunteer.

"I volunteer!" A strong voice called from the back where the 17 year olds stood. A girl identical to the one already pulled from the crowd took her place.

"NO!" I heard my brother yell, but other than that and Piper's sobs, the stands were silent. I saw Patricia continue her walk up the aisle, saw her bravely take her twin's place.

"And who might you be? If I had to guess I'd say that was your sister." Effie chirped excitedly, not realizing that was almost the exact same thing to Katniss Everdeen last year.

"Patricia Williamson, and if you can't tell that Piper and I are identical twins then you have a bigger problem than being from the capitol." Patricia snarled in her ever-so-polite Patricia way. As she spoke and Effie recovered I scanned the crowd to find my brother. When I finally found the ever present spikey blonde hair and green eyes I felt my heart break. His face had gone pale and he looked as though he could hardly stand. I honestly couldn't blame him, after all his girlfriend was being sent to her death. I was just glad it wasn't him. Hopefully.

"Well then, on to the boys!" Effie exclaimed cheerfully, fishing around in the giant bowl, and pulling out that fateful next piece of paper. "Jerome Clarke!"

Patricia's face paled but remained emotionless as her best friend walked on stage. Instead of shaking hands she hugged Jerome, looking as though she wanted to cry. Being Patricia of course only Eddie, Jerome and I could tell though.

"Might as well find out who our other brave man will be!" Effie declared cheerfully, reaching her hand in. As she reached around I found myself whispering "Please not Eddie" again and again. Though with his name in there the number of times it was, this was certainly not in his favor.

"Eddison Miller-Sweet!" Effie called, though she only got to the Miller part before Patricia's scream blocked out the rest. And I stood there, powerless, because Eddie was all I had left and now the Capitol would take him away too. Just like dad.

I could barely see him walk on stage though the tears streaming down my face. Patricia flew into Eddie's arms the minute he touched the stage, allowing herself to be weak for on moment before standing with him, waiting to hear the last name. Effie, not even bothering to be cheerful anymore silently made her way to the girls bowl.

"Gemmalina Miller-Sweet."

Effie's voice echoed around the courtyard, a certain amount of shock in the name. It was me. I still stood frozen until I heard Eddie's cry, echoing louder than my name.

"NO!" He screamed as Peacekeepers pushed me into the isle. I walked not really understanding what I was doing. Knowing deep down that I had a very short amount of time to live. As I got to the stage Eddie ran forward to meet me half way, and it was as though I was 6 again. He guided me back to where Patricia stood and she leaned down.

"Hey come on Gems it'll be all right." Patricia whispered, hugging me for what was probably one of the last times. Eddie pulled me into his side as Effie finished saying, 'Your 75th annual Hunger Games District 12 Tributes!'

All of District Twelve looked up at us on the stage and starting with the 12 year olds in the front and working its way back in a wave, each person raised their middle three fingers on their right hand from their mouth to the air. Saying thank you. Saying good bye. Because that's what this was.