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Trudy's POV:


For once Anubis House was completely silent. It was concerning.

"MARA?! FABIAN?!" I called out, figuring that if any of the kids were going to respond it would be those two. Yet the house was still silent. I headed from the kitchen into Jerome and Alfie's room.


Not just of people but things were gone too. Jerome's pillow was gone, Alfie's binoculars, a few books that they had never read. And strangest of all was the near empty closets, only their school uniforms remained.

I moved on to the next room and found it in the same condition. Mick and Fabian's side was nearly empty, Eddie's on the other hand was missing only a few things.

Quickly I moved up the stairs to find both girls' rooms lacking things as well. Still there were no people. The phone in Victor's office ran out and startled me from my confusion.

"Anubis House." I answered and then heard a frantic Patty, the housemother from Isis House.

"Dexter, he is gone! Things missing, and he's disappeared. Should I report him to Mr. Sweet as missing?"

"All of mine are gone as well, we'll go together." I responded and said a quick goodbye before heading for the door. I turned to find a tall well-dressed man standing in the door way. He had the brim of his black hat pulled down over his eye and shading his face but I could swear I could see a red ish tint to his face.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow you to tell anyone of this."

Gemma's POV:

"Let! Me! UP!" With each word I threw a rock up at the force field and watched as they created a ripple. My biggest hope was that someone would notice and come to see what was happening, but I was running out of rocks.

"I'm going to die down here." I groaned and flopped backwards onto the sleeping bag.

"You must not give up on them yet Gemma."

"I'm going to die lost, alone and insane." The voice had started earlier in the day, after I had woken up and remembered that yes, I was in an alternate time period a member of some freaky curse that had something to do with Egypt and yes- I was trapped in a hole. My brother thought I was dead and I was quite certain I would be soon.

"If you continue to think like that then it will come true."

"Good!" I yelled, not caring that the voice was in my head. There was no one else to hear me anyways.

Nina's POV:

We hadn't split up… necessarily.

Fabian and I had left with Mick and Mara on a search to find the careers. Mick was blood thirsty now, I think Gemma had grown on him. She was a lot like Mara, small, defenseless and easy to love. Only difference was Gemma only put up that defenseless front, she was deadly.

That was why it didn't make sense to me. Gemma was not meant to die, at least not yet. No one was going to die, we were going to succeed or fail and either way we'd go back to England. Or maybe not.

"I have to go to the bathroom, be right back" I left the three of them standing next to the stream and ran off into the forest. Once I had gone a reasonable distance I closed my eyes and tried to talk to Sarah. I had never been able to summon her before but I had to try.

"Sarah. Please I need you" I whispered. I opened my eyes to find an empty clearing.

"She is alive. They are hiding her, you must move quickly Nina! "

"Who?! Where are they hiding her?"

"Eddie knows."

Then there was silence, Sarah had always been one for vagueness but never to that level before. I shook my head and quickly headed back in the direction I had come from.

"All okay Nina?" Fabian asked me, grabbing my hand. If I didn't know we were already dating before we came I would insist on this not happening in a death arena. Since it was technically already happening and it gave me an excuse to be extra protective of him though, it had its advantages.

"Everything is fine. We should see if we can find Amber, Alfie, Jerome and Willow." Those four had gone off in an attempt to find Joy. KT had taken Dexter to scout for careers near Eddie and Patricia. We figured we ought to give them some time.

"No. Not until we have killed at least one of those god forsaken careers." Mick's last word came out more like a snarl and to be honest I think it scared all of us. Fabian nodded earnestly and Mara grabbed Mick's hand. There were so many of us. Without Gemma, none of us knew who we were fighting for anymore except me and Eddie, assuming Sarah was telling the truth about him remembering. It wouldn't be long before people began to turn on each other, but for now we were all too angry with the careers to actually split.

We continued on in silence, Mick's hand gripped his club dangerously and even Fabian was fingering the dagger in his belt loop. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for someone else to die because Eddie and I hadn't been quick enough.

Patricia's POV:

"Do not give up on me now Eddie!" I yelled grabbing on to his arm and pulling him up to face me. "What good is this going to do for Gemma? She wouldn't want you to give up, she'd want you to kick the ass of anyone who dared tear you two a part. She would want you to keep living for her sake as much as yours! And how do you intend to do that if you're huddled up feeling bad for yourself?"

I almost felt bad, I mean how could I ask so much of the boy who had lost his whole family? His mom, dad and now his baby sister.

"They're all gone. Everyone I love leaves me." He mumbled, eyes never meeting mine. I leaned in and whispered the words I needed to hear more than he did.

"I never will."