Heyyy! SO here's chapter 2!

Eddie's POV

It was as though the world stopped moving. Everything stood still and all I could see was her face. In my life I have made two promises I intend to keep, one being to stay with Patricia forever. The other I made to my mom before she died.

"Eddie you have to do this for me. I know you're just a kid yourself but she needs you. So promise me you'll look out for Gemma." My mom managed to choke out her last words, I was he only one there. When you're starving there's no need for a doctor, they don't have money for food either.

"Mom I can't! You can't leave me! She needs you, I need you!" I yelled, but then dropped my head into my hands knowing she was almost gone.

"Eddie?" She said, with what I knew would be her last breath.

"I promise."

I never intended to end up on this stage but I knew that at 13 Gemma had a much better chance at fending for herself then she did when she was 6. What I hadn't counted on was Gemma ending up here with me.

Now if Patricia had been in the crowd still this would have ended differently I thought bitterly. Or if Piper had the guts to take Gemma's place. Patricia would have done for Gemma what she did for Piper I knew that much, but she didn't have a choice.

In the back of my mind there was something missing, I knew that. I wasn't supposed to be here. That's when time sped up and my baby sister was in my arms.

"Eddie?" Gemma whispered as the Peacekeepers forced us into the train. We had waited in separate rooms as though they expected someone to come to say goodbye. All I had was Gemma, and all she had was me. Without Patricia to say goodbye, there was no one else.

"Yeah Gems?" I leaned down, pushing her blonde curls out of her face as I had always done. She looked terrified as I helped her into the train, gripping my hand as though she suspected the train would leave without me if she let go.

"I…" She started, green eyes just like mine almost spilling over with tears.

"You will be fine Gemma. I swear on my life." I said in what I hoped was a determined way, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the main car behind Patricia and Jerome.

"So who are the lucky victims this year?" A disembodied voice from the other side of the wall asked. Katniss appeared from the door in front of us. Though I realized we were standing in the most extravagant room I had ever set foot in I kept my head forward.

"I'm Eddie. That's Jerome, my girlfriend Patricia and this is my sister Gemma." I told Katniss. I'd only seen her once before, but she seemed to know Jerome. Then again who doesn't?

"You guys have a chance. With the new rule you all could get out, but you need sponsors." Peeta Mellark said from where he stood in the door way to the next train car. I hadn't noticed him before.

"What can we do?" Gemma asked, speaking out loud for the first time since her name was called, well besides the few times she had talked to me.

"Actually, all you have to do Gemma is be there. Act younger and more innocent then you are I'd think. It's up to Eddie to actually win them over.

"What? Why me?" I asked, confused.

"They'll love nothing more than the over protective brother just trying to get his baby sister home." Peeta grinned, looking at Gemma as he said baby sister.

"I am not a baby!" Gemma cried indigently

"I know and you know, but the Capitol doesn't have to. Make them think you're the weak link Gemma. Make them think you depend on Eddie for everything. Giggle and cry and twirl your hair. In the end it doesn't matter if you can fight for yourself or not because you need sponsors. And another pair of district 12 star crossed lovers can only get you so far." Peeta said gesturing to Patricia's hand in mine at the last part.

"So we act fake, make them believe Gemma's a baby and I'm the leader, over protective brother and then suddenly they love us?"

"Exactly." Katniss and Peeta said together.

"Okay so here's what I think." I heard Patricia start across the room. After watching the reaping for every other district they were deciding now who the best allies were. I wasn't paying much attention, instead being far too worried about getting my girlfriend and sister out of the arena. Though if allies could help me get them out I suppose they're important.

"No let me go first!" I heard Jerome shout playfully from across the room. Patricia automatically pushed him, but when he fell Jerome spilled all the juice from his glass into her lap. This of course cause Patricia to scream and begin chasing him around the room with something called coffee. Most of this stuff I had never heard of before, let alone actually seen.

"And they say I'm the baby of the group." Gemma whispered to herself as she watch Patricia pour the liquid all over Jerome and return to her seat with a satisfied look on her face.

"Now as I was saying" Patricia started, "I like those girls from district 1, Joy and Mara."

"I don't know Trixie. They are careers you know." Gemma started.

"All the better." Yacker interrupted. "Now I also think the two from 4 would be good, Nina and Amber right?"

"Yacker you sure? All you're picking is careers." I asked, I honestly don't know why she thought teaming up with careers was a good plan. I really didn't think they'd go for it either.

"Yeah I like 11." Gemma said thoughtfully.

"I don't know… that Kata Ratina girl didn't look very useful at all. Plus Wilma was like acting weird and the boys Ally and Dencher didn't look strong or anything." Patricia purposefully messes up the names of people she doesn't like and usually spills some type of beverage on them as well.

"First of all Patricia its Kara Tatiana, Willow, Alfred and Dexter. Secondly, I don't know there's just something about them… Katniss teamed up with Rue from 11 last year and that worked for a while. Plus it's a lot more likely to happen then 1."

"Fabian and Mick from 2." I said, immediately receiving weird looks from everyone else. "They're close friends couldn't you tell? Fabian looked a lot weaker and more trusting than Mick, so all we got to do is convince Fabian. Then we've got huge Mick Campbell with us not against us."

"That's surprisingly not completely stupid." Yacker said in shock, "Who are you and what have you done with Eddie?"

"Nah it's still him, it was bound to happen sometime." Gemma said and Patricia nodded next to her, both still staring.

"Hey!" I cried putting a hand over my heart, "That hurts Gems."

"You know its true Eddison." She said, mocking dad's voice in a Capitol accent.

"Don't start with me Gemmalina." I said doing the same. Neither of us missed our dad, neither had a problem with the other mocking him. It was just something we did. Because when your dad disowns you in order to get a job in the Capitol, running the games, you stop caring about him.

I smiled as Gemma laughed, walking away with Patricia to tell Jerome of my brilliant plan. There was still something I was missing, I could see it in the back of my mind but just barely.


I spun around, searching for the location of the voice, but there was no one there.

Find the Chosen One. Stop the evil.

Obviously the Games were making me go insane.