Hey, look! I'm writing a crossover! Are you proud? Well, whatever, enjoy.

December 24, 2001


It was Christmas Eve and, being the tiny kid I was, I was super excited. My ADHD made everything twenty times worse for my mom. Most of the day was a blur of coloured Christmas lights and blue cookies, except the evening. I still remember that night perfectly.

I was sitting on my mom's red armchair snugly, eating one of her delicious blue chocolate-chip cookies, when the door rang, bringing me out of my Christmas haze. I wasn't expecting anyone, but my mom must've been, because she smiled to herself and opened the front door to our small apartment.

At once, a plump woman came in kissing my mom on the cheek, practicly yelling, "It's been too long, Sally!"

"It has, Petunia," my mom said, frowning. "Where are Lily and James?"

"Oh." The woman named Petunia put on a very bad sad face, trying to get her eyes to water. "They have gone upward. How have you not heard? It's been years. Poor Harry has come to stay with us. His only relatives."

"Where's Harry, then?" My mom said, trying her best to hold back a sob.

I then came up to my mom to try to protect her, she was so close to tears.

A boy who looked fairly similar to me with a scar that kind of looked like a lightning bolt came up, saying, "I'm here, miss. I'm here."

"Oh, my, Harry! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Then my mom did something that I had never seen her do before. She cried.

Harry looked to see me, as my mom cried and the other three stood awkwardly in the doorway.

"My name's Harry Potter. I was told by my aunt you and I were related. What's your name?" Harry stuck out his hand for me, I took it gingerly.

"Percy Jackson."

That was the first time I met Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Present Time

Chiron had told us that we'd know where to stay when we got there. What the hell was that supposed to mean? There were quite a few things he didn't clarify with us; including, why were we in England in the first place? All we knew was that we're supposed to protect "the golden trio" from "You-know-who" in the wizarding world. What kind of villain name is You-know-who anyway, when you don't know who?

I must have zone out while riding my Pegasus (never fall asleep while driving, kids), because next thing I knew Annabeth said, "Um, I think we're here," and Blackjack was landing.

The first thing I saw when I got off Blackjack, was an apartment in a little town. An apartment that shouldn't have still been standing, it was black, old, and out of proportion.

"That shouldn't still be standing," Annabeth criticized, her inner architect coming out and analyzing the house. "It's to old for it to still be standing."

We walked across the plain, silently. Once we got to the door, we stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do.

"How about we just knock on the door?" Nico asked, frowning. He brought his fist to the door once and immediately a plump, ginger-haired woman opened the door, smiling.

"You're the American students aren't you?" We all nodded. "Well, come in! And please sit down."

I realized that we had come through the back door into the kitchen so we all found seats around a large fold-in table.

"My name's Molly Weasley," the woman said. "What may yours be?"

As we sat down on the folding chairs, Annabeth was the first to speak. "My name's Annabeth Chase, this is Percy Jackson." She gestured to me, and then turned to my cousin. "And this is Nico di Angelo."

"Very good to meet all of you. I'll get my children down stairs," Mrs. Weasley said. "Ronald, Fred, George please bring the others down!"

"Why mom?!" a voice from above asked.

"Because I'm your mother, Fred!" Mrs. Weasley yelled back up.

About six teenagers came down the stairs, four of them red-heads, one had had brown hair, and the last one had black hair and a scar on his forehead.

I immediately realized who he was.

"Harry Potter," I whispered.

Okay, I finished, finally. Did you like it? Do you think I should continue? I don't know if I will continue, but this idea just came into my head all of a sudden.

I know that there are some things that aren't like the book, like the time that the story takes place, but I decided not complicate it too much and just writ it like this.

Thanks for reading,