Survival Guide for living with former Angels, 4 Archangels, 2 Hunters, 1 techie, 1 prophet of the Lord, and 1 Former King of Hell.

Rule #1: Never let any of the younger Angels, 10,000 years and below or really any of us, watch Disney Channel.

(I was grounded for 3 weeks. Yeesh I'm 3,000 years old and I'm still getting grounded!)

(It's not my fault they took to replicating some of the antics! Dean still won't let me near the power tools, or anything sharp for that matter, after the others tried to do an invention from Phineas and Ferb.)

Rule #2: Don't imply in the hearing ranges of Sam, Dean or Castiel that Sam and Gabriel slept together on more than one occasion.

(I got sent to the naughty corner for six hours after that.)

(Though everyone knows its true!)

Rule #3: Never imply that any angels slept with either Sam or Dean.

(They wouldn't talk to me for close to a week after that.)

(Charlie later told me that I was right. She was shocked to find out I already knew that.)

Rule #4: When everyone else is on a field trip and you come back early make sure you call ahead!

(This rule came after I came back early from one such occasion after Sam accidentally fed me something with, of all things, turnips in it because apparently my darling 5'5, orange-an'-brown eyed, raven haired, pale skinned waif of a vessel was allergic and transferred it to me. I got sick and Sam had to take me home to the bunker. I in all my idiocy decided not to call ahead thinking that Dean and Castiel were doing something like, oh I don't know, research on how to reverse all of this! Stupid now that I think about it. I could hear weird noises and decided to go see if he was sick or something. Then I opened the door and found him and Castiel quite naked and, ahem, doing things.)

(I then screamed and ran to the showers in an attempt to wash the images out of my poor poor retinas.)

(If you ignore this rule it's your own fault!)

(I still need brain bleach from that...)

Rule #5: Never give Adam mouth-to-mouth when he randomly appears in your bedroom.

(He woke up and it turned to kissing. Then Michael and Lucifer popped up, still working out how they found him, and then we both got yelled at. And, to add insult to injury, Castiel came in half dressed and screamed bloody murder calling the whole bunker down.)

(And then they all started yelling and it was a big mess and neither of us got any breakfast!)

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