And I bring you my new rules!

Rule #31: Crowley is not going to drink any whiskey except Craig whiskey so don't bother trying.

(I tried. And failed. Miserably!)

Rule #32: Hehe, no Justin Bieber in the bunker lest you get smited by Michael who for once will happily follow Dean's orders.


Rule #33: Never bug Charlie when she's in geek mode.

(this is not recommended for anyone wit a heart condition, lung problems or those that like their shower waters warm/hot and not icy cold.)

And here's the bunker movie favorites! Disney movies sadly not included.

Dean: That's a different list!
Sam: Shut up Dean and let poor Shara work.
Me: Both of you shut up and let me work!

Pacific Rim
(Even Michael likes it!)
The Buddies series
(Technically not Disney so shut it Dean!)
(We still can't make though which makes me sad :(
The Addams Family
(Luci loves this movie!)
The Addams Family values
(He doesn't like this one as much but we still love it!)

Leave any Disney movie or multiples if you want and I'll compile them into a list! And I still need rules so please review!