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The Second Son of God - Chapter 1

Kuoh Academy was a seemingly ordinary school located in the midst of an ordinary town, but not everything was the way it seemed. In the recently turned co-ed school, shadowy figures and hidden activities were out and about, and the main student body was none the smarter. In the normal teenagers' eyes, their school was as ordinary as they came; just a learning facility filled with hormonal teenage boys trying to get into the girls' pants, and that saved them a lot less headaches.

But even in the normal student body, there was one individual who appeared to be a loner, but a silent hero in his own right. Uzumaki Naruto had enrolled in the Kuoh Academy since it first started to grant male students admission, and since then he had appeared to be one of the more mysterious people of the school. No one had ever seen him talk or associate with other students, whenever he was in school he would stay away from others and silently studied his courses at the back of classrooms.

The young blond man was not ugly or repulsive or anything, far from it in fact. Many girls in the school considered Naruto to be a very handsome man that they wouldn't mind discovering on their own, but even when beautiful girls approached him, Naruto just ignore or walk away from them. But his bad boy and isolationist attitude kept him on the radar of many female students of the school, and he grew to be one of the most popular boys, much to his own annoyance. It did not help Naruto that he was also the top ranked student in the school; having achieved top marks in every single subject, which made many of his male classmates jealous of him.

But there was a side to Uzumaki Naruto than none of his classmate knew about...

'Class took longer than usual today...' thought Naruto as he ran down a street in the midst of the busy downtown area of his town. 'I hope they are all okay...'

The blond teenager was dressed in his usual school uniform, which consisted of a black blazer with white accents, a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. It was obvious that Naruto's uniform had seen better days, but he couldn't care less about it at the moment, and continued his sprint down the road.

Naruto finally made it to his destination, which was a large open area under a freeway overpass. It was a common area for countless homeless people to settle at nights, and it had become one of Naruto's most frequented places. Since he could remember, Naruto could always look at a person, and see what kind of body he or she had. It was as if someone had planted the blueprint of every single human being into his brain, and he could point out exactly where people had injuries of diseases.

The young man didn't need X-Rays or CT Scans to see what was going on in one's body; somehow his mind would already know what was wrong, his eyes could pinpoint exactly where, and he could operate on their bodies in order to heal them of their sickness. Naruto once cured a homeless man of appendicitis using nothing more than a steak knife and some sleeping pills. His incisions were accurate to the point where a doctor could scan the man's body and find that he had just gone under surgery operated by a very skilled surgeon.

Ever since Naruto found that his powers could help so many people who could afford medical insurance or health care, he decided to go down to the overpass every day to treat people who need his help. The blond had been visiting many homeless populations for a year already, and he was beginning to feel that he could make a difference by healing one man at a time.

"Oh!" cried a middle-aged woman as she cradled a little boy to her chest. "Thank God you are here, Naruto-san!"

Naruto quickly ran over to his desk, which was one he picked up in some random landfill and was still intact. "Please, bring the boy over here!"

The woman ran over to the desk and placed her son on it as tears pooled in her eyes. It was obvious to others that the woman was homeless, and she had no way to get her son medical attention right away, so she brought him to their local hero. Fortunately for the woman, the overpass was not crowded with people like usual, and the few other patients agreed to let her son see Naruto first since they were not having any serious troubles.

"Please, can you save him?!" cried the woman as she knelt down next to the desk in anguish.

Naruto gave the woman a kind smile and patted her on the shoulder. "Mam, I promise that I will do everything I can to save your son."

The blond's words seemed to have an effect seeing that the woman calmed down slightly and allowed the young doctor to diagnose his patient quietly. Naruto's eyes scanned over the boy's frail body as his hands pressed on various placed to check on his organs. In his mind, Naruto already knew what was wrong with the boy; he had Pneumonia, but thankfully it was not very severe. The boy just started to have his fever, and was having trouble coughing, which were symptoms that matched up with Naruto's mental answer.

"Don't worry mam..." said Naruto as he pulled a box out of his backpack. "Your son will be fine; thankfully you brought him here quickly and his pneumonia can still be suppressed by using Antibiotics." Naruto drew a syringe full of some Antibiotics he managed to steal from a local pharmacy, and injected it into the boy. "Stay here for the next few hours with him and let me monitor him; but if nothing goes wrong his symptoms should be retracting soon." Naruto handed the woman a piece of paper. "This piece of paper lists out the times I will be in this location for the next two weeks, and if your son still have problems please bring him back to me."

The woman cried as she hugged her son close to her chest. "T-Thank you so much!" choked out the woman in between quick breathes. "God bless you, Naruto-san!"

Naruto just smiled back and shook his head. "I make it my responsibility that everyone gets the chance to be treated, you don't have to thank me."

The woman gave Naruto a deep bow and wiped away her tears. "You are a saint!" she said with a smile.

The blond chuckled and started to settle his things down on his desk. "I'm just a student mam, and regrettably, I'm not a very religious person."

The happy mother shook her head. "You have a gift, Naruto-san, and I am sure that God is watching all you are doing." The woman smiled and gave Naruto another bow. "You saved many people in these past months; he must be proud." With that the woman stepped back and rested down on a bench along with her sleeping son, hoping that the medications would really help her son...

Naruto smiled as he gestured his next patient to come forward. 'God?...' thought the young man silently. 'Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive...'

After another six hours at the overpass, Naruto finally packed up his things and was heading back home. It was not as busy as usual, Naruto only had to treat about ten patients, but he stayed the full time because he wanted to see if that boy needed anymore injections. Fortunately, the boy's condition was getting better and better, and Naruto told the mother that her son should be fine. The overpass Naruto just visited was quite far from his home, and it took him an hour by train to get back to his neighborhood.

Naruto was an orphan who was abandoned in Japan when he was very young. His birth parents had died while on a business trip to Japan, and he was left inside an orphanage that took in foreign children until his current parents adopted him into their family. Naruto's blond hair really stood out in Japan, and many people would wonder where he originated from. But even Naruto didn't know who his birth parents were or where they were from, but he assumed that it was somewhere in Europe. Although it seemed that Naruto was not entirely European, as doctors told his parents that he was half European descent, and half Asian descent, indicating that one of his parents might have been Japanese.

At the age of seventeen, Naruto was taller than others in his classes at the height of six feet, and his body was much more built than other boys his age. Because of his power to see the makings of each individual human being, Naruto analyzed his own body and figured out ways to hone it to its maximum physical potential. After countless hours in his Father's weight room, Naruto had toned his muscles to perfection, and if he ever took his clothes off in front of his fan-girls at school he would be even busier with them...

"I'm home!" announced the young man happily as he took his shoes off and placed them on the rack.

A middle aged woman with brown hair and red eyes walked up to him. "Welcome home sweetie, what took you so long today?" This woman was Uzumaki Kurenai, the adopted mother of Naruto and a housewife who took care of her family with love.

Naruto grinned and kissed his mother on the cheek. "Sorry Kaa-san, but I had to study at school, there is a big test soon."

Naruto's parents had no idea that he had been helping the homeless or the fact that he had been stealing from many medical facilities for the past year. Since Naruto's academy records and scores were so good, he used them as a valid excuse for after school studies. The Uzumaki parents knew that their son was smart, but had no idea that he could ace every single subject at school without actually studying for more than an hour.

"Don't worry about the boy so much, honey." said a low voice from the kitchen as the mother and son walked in. "He's seventeen already, maybe he went on some dates and decided to keep it from us." This was Uzumaki Asuma, the adopted father of Naruto. Asuma was an engineer who worked in a local construction company, and was a chain smoker who would stink up the house with his cigarettes. Asuma had a thick layer of black hair and a beard that his wife considered manly and cool.

Naruto smiled at his father as his mother sighed. "Naruto, I told you before, no dating before you make it into University!"

Asuma sighed at his wife and shook his head. "Come on honey, the boy is already seventeen, don't you think it is time that he gets some experience with girls?!"

Kurenai have her husband a hard looked and placed her hands on her hips. "No dear!" exclaimed the woman loudly. "If he slacks off now than he might not make it into one of the good Universities!" Kurenai looked back at her son seriously. "I will not have some little girl steal my little boy's future away!"

Naruto sighed but also smiled at his loving parents. "Okay, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed." said the young man as he walked up the stairs. "Good night Kaa-san, Tou-san!"

The blond stepped into his shower and sighed when the hot water ran down his body; washing away the grime and sweat that had accumulated on his body in the hours he spent under the overpass. Naruto did feel stress and pressure from all the responsibility placed on him as he was the only man who hundreds of people could get instant medical attention from, and that much pressure to get to anyone. But despite the stress, Naruto loved doing what he was doing; there was nothing like saving someone's life.

In his room, Naruto kept many little gifts that his patient have him after he treated them, and he regrettably told his parents that his admirers gave them to him, which caused his mother to go one another one of her rants about not having a girlfriend before University. Honest to himself, Naruto had never really thought about having a girlfriend, mainly because he had different standard of women than other men. Since Naruto's eyes could see the very making of everyone's bodies, he could tell which girls were dieting too much, who had odd proportions because of plastic surgery, and even those who harmed their own bodies. Naruto had yet to find a woman who was just really healthy, who never dieted or even tried to change her body, which he didn't mind seeing that his mother would be against it anyway.

It was Naruto's dream to become a doctor, and he had completed all the necessary work in order to make it into a good pre-med school. Opening a clinic used to be Naruto's ideal plan for his future, but now he would rather fly out to many poor places in the world, and aid people who would need his help. With his power, Naruto wouldn't need any sort of machines or advanced technology to diagnose people in rural places, so it made him the perfect traveling doctor.

'I should go get some more Antibiotics at the pharmacy tomorrow...'

Naruto got out of the shower and slipped into his usual sleep-wear, which consisted of a simple white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. It had been a tiring day and it was true that there was an exam coming up soon, so Naruto needed his rest if he wanted to keep up with his routine. Luckily for the young man, the lessons at school were ridiculously easy and he could so most of them with his eyes closed, but he would still read up a bit for the exam.

"Onii-chan!" cried a sudden squeaky voice as an eight year old girl ran into the room with a bright smile on his face.

Naruto smiled and let the girl jump into his arms. "Hey, Yuki-chan!" replied the older brother as he held the little girl in his arms.

Uzumaki Yuki was the biological daughter of the Uzumaki couple, and she had dark brown hair like her mother, but black eyes like her father. Naruto's parents had Yuki when he was nine years old, and he welcomed the birth of his little sister with opened arms. The little girl looked up at her older brother like an idol, and she wanted to be a nurse who would work in her brother's clinic. Yuki was still in elementary school, but she also had good grades and was on a good track on her academic trail.

Yuki sat in her brother's lap and looked up at him. "What took you so long to come home, I wanted to play with you!"

Naruto smiled at his sister tired and kissed her forehead. "Sorry Yuki-chan, but I was studying at school." explained the older brother as Yuki pouted a little. "I'll play with you tomorrow, okay?"

The little girl lightly slapped Naruto on his chest. "Fine, but you better come home earlier tomorrow."

The blond chuckled at his dear little sister and nodded. "I promise, now go to bed, you have school tomorrow."

Yuki pouted and begrudgingly jumped off of her brother's lap. "Okay...good night, Onii-chan!"

Naruto smiled as the little girl ran out of the room, she was truly the apple of his eye. The blond had been taking care of his sister since she was born, not because his parents weren't there for her, but because he wanted to do it. As an older brother, Naruto made sure that his sister was as healthy as she could be, and would design a health chart for their mother to follow so she would have a healthy diet. Sometimes Naruto would make some custom bentos for his sister for lunch, and on occasion Yuki would manage to convince him to give her some candy and junk food as well.

The blond lied down on his bed and closed his eyes in thought. 'I don't get how some guys at school could be so perverted all the time...' Naruto would sometimes run into the infamous Perverted Trio of Kuoh Academy, and he would be disgusted by them every time. If he ever found someone peaking on his mother or sister, Naruto would beat them to within an inch of their lives. The blond himself was a young man in his prime, and he too had his urges with the opposite sex, but he would never stoop as low as those three pathetic horn-dogs. 'Oh who cares about them...it's not like I will ever be friends with any of them.'

If Naruto wanted to, he could have many friends at school, but he just doesn't have time for anyone. Most of his effort was placed towards healing as much people as he could, and the remaining limited brain function was to focus on his family and studying, so Naruto just didn't find the time to make friends. The blond would like to have a few friends his age so he could talk with, but he would leave that off until he was in University and had more time.

'I just want high school to end faster...it's so boring!'

As if fate was mocking Naruto, his day in school was even more boring than usual. The teacher decided that it was time to review past lesson so the class could refresh their memory before the exam, but Naruto just found it to be useless. The blond sat in his desk with a book in front of him, but it was not any of his textbooks, it was the Holy Bible. Naruto had never been one to believe in God, but he found the stories in the Bible to be interesting. For some reason, churches and the Bible would offer him comfort and peace, even though he was not baptized.

Some giggling behind him broke Naruto out of his concentration, and he peered through the corner of his eyes to see one of the Perverted Trio giggling to himself. "Y-Yuuma-chan!" muttered a goofy Hyoudou Issei as he looked at some picture on his phone.

Naruto shook his head and sighed inwardly at the man. 'Stupid horn-dog...'

The blond's usual spot was a window seat that was at the back of the room, and he often enjoyed the beautiful view it offered him of the outdoors. From the height of the classroom, Naruto could see some far away mountains that almost pierce the sky with their height. It was a beautiful day, and the blue skies were free of any clouds. From where he was, Naruto saw the old school house, a building that had always intrigued him. The house was far away, but Naruto's eyes caught a pretty shade of red by the window, and it was gone as soon as it appeared.

'Hmm, I wonder what that was?...'

The day was finally over, and Naruto enjoyed a nice breath of fresh air as he made his way out of the school. According to his timetable, Naruto didn't have to visit any places today because it was a day he left open so he could spend more time with his family. It has been a while since he went home right after school, and looked forward to having a nice home-cooked dinner with his parents and sister. But just as fate would have it, Naruto heard some odd whimpering in a back alley...

The blond walked into the alley and was shocked to see a very sick dog lying on the ground...

"Well...animals aren't my specialty, but I guess I can give it a try..."

Naruto ran his hands over the dog and tried to feel if there was anything wrong with the dog's organs...as with that his mind drifted into autopilot.

Just like every other time Naruto was troubled with medical problems, time would seem to flow extra fast, and when he was finished with the dog, it was night fall already. Naruto knew that his parents would be worried about him since he had told them that he would be home early, and his sister would be angry that he didn't come home to play with her. The blonde dreaded the conversation in his mind as he pulled out his phone and was about to text his father...


Naruto's eyes widened at the painful cry, and he instantly ran to the origin of the scream. The blond made it to a small park, and the scream was came from a small area near a large fountain. Much to Naruto's shock, he saw Hyoudou Issei lying in a pool of his own blood. There was a strange woman standing in front of him, dressed in a very revealing manner. Naruto absentmindedly remarked in his mind that he knew one day the perverts would be killed by some woman, but he ran over to Issei's direction nonetheless.

"What the hell are you doing?!" cried the blond as he ran into the scene.

Issei looked up at Naruto with weak eyes as blood spilled from his mouth...

The woman looked at Naruto and licked her lips. "Why can't a handsome man like you have a Sacred Gear instead...at least that way I would have enjoyed that stupid date."

Naruto deduced that the woman was just crazy, but when he used his eyes to look at her, he was shocked to see that the wings on the woman's back were real. The woman was giving Naruto a strange sensation and left some bad taste in his mouth. Shaking his head of his strange feelings, Naruto looked down at Issei and found that his stomach had been pierced by some sharp object, and his stomach acid was beginning to poison him from the inside.

"Hold on, Issei, I need to get you to a hospital!"

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw some sort of blade come towards him, and he instantly jumped out of the way. The woman was holding some sort of light in her hands, and it was apparently her weapon. Naruto was on guard as the woman walked up to him with a smile on her face, and it irritated him to end. The woman charged at him again, and Naruto could only dodge as the blade of light threatened to slice his jugular open.

"What the hell is your problem?!" cried the blond as he jumped over a fence.

The woman slashed through the fence and stared into Naruto's eyes. "Hey...it seems that you have some sort of power yourself too."

Naruto knew that he had to find some way to fight back so he could call the police and get help for Issei, so he used his eyes to analyze the woman's body. The blond found that the woman's left side was more vulnerable than her right, and there was an old wound on the left side of her hips. It seemed that the woman's hip was shattered once before, and it looked like she was still suffering small amount of pain from it based on how it healed up.

But before Naruto could make up his mind, his eyes widened when the woman fired a blade of light straight into his chest. The blond tried to breath, but his lungs were punctured from his wound, and blood was rapidly seeping into his windpipe. Naruto fell to the ground as his body twitched uncontrollably; the blade was still stabbed into his chest as indescribable pain coursed through his body. The woman stood over Naruto while shaking her head...

"If I weren't on a tight schedule I would have gave you a nice night before killing you..." With that the woman flew into the sky and vanished as some black feathers hovered down to the ground.

'Is this the end?...' thought Naruto as his consciousness became fainter as each moment passed. 'Why did this even happen...I was just going home for dinner?' The images of his parents and sister flashed through his mind as he felt his own flood flow down his body. 'I still have so much I want to do...' Naruto still wanted to become a doctor, he wanted to help more people...he wanted to see Yuki grow up, he wanted to learn cooking from his mother, he wanted to take his father on a golfing trip...he wanted to find the love of his life, get married and have children. 'This can't be the end...'

Just as Naruto's eyes were about to close, he caught the fluttering ends of strand of crimson red hair...

"I wasn't summoned here by you..." said a melodic voice from above Naruto. ...but it seems that I should help you too."

Naruto finally blacked out as he fell into a deep slumber...

"My Son..." said a deep voice from all directions as Naruto floated in the midst of nothingness. "This is the official beginning of your journey...and I know you will go well." Naruto opened his eyes, and saw that from all the darkness that enveloped him, a large origin of light was shining down from above him. "Just as your brother had done before, you will try to bring true peace between humans, devils, and fallen angels..." Naruto felt a warm sensation on his right hand, and when he grasped his hands closed, he felt that there was some sort of hilt in his hand. "I grant you this weapon, and you will bestow your judgment to all those before you...as you are a God among men!"

Naruto stared into the large bright light and felt peculiar warmth spread out his body, and a surge of power began to grow at his core...

The sunlight broke through the window of Naruto's room and landed on his face...

'Where am I?...' thought Naruto as he opened his eyes and saw a familiar white ceiling. 'Was that all a dream...if it was then how the hell did I get home...'

The blond looked around his surroundings and found that he was indeed in his room. Everything looked as he left them and nothing was out of the ordinary. Naruto lifted his hand to rub his chest, and found that there was no wound. There was not even a scratch. He used his eyes to scan his body and found that nothing was wrong with him, he was as healthy as ever. The blond tried to find the surge of power that he felt before, but he found nothing...

"What the hell happened?" asked the young man to himself as he tried to rub his eyes with both hands...but for some reason his left arm wouldn't budge.

Naruto turned his head to look, and he was utterly shocked when he saw some strands of red hair sticking out from under the blanket. There was a weight leaning onto his arm, and it began to move along with a large part of the blanket. The blond instantly sat up on the bed, and was even more shocked when he saw that he was as naked as he was when he was born. Naruto's eyes were glued to the hump under his blanket as it was sitting up.

"Good morning..." said a beautiful voice as a beautiful girl emerged from the blanket.

Naruto's jaw dropped as he sat motionlessly on his bed. "W-What the hell?!" The blond had seen the same woman somewhere before, she was the most popular girl at his school. "R-Rias Gremory?!"

Rias smiled at the shocked look on Naruto's face as she rested her delicate face on her knees. "Yes...but I am also your Master." muttered the girl as she leaned closer to Naruto. "It's nice to officially meet you, Uzumaki Naruto...I am Rias Gremory, a Devil." Naruto's shocked expression didn't change at all throughout her words. "And you are my newest Knight."

As if Naruto was not troubled enough...his bedroom door suddenly opened...

"Naruto, it's time to wake up!" said a cheerful Kurenai as she walked into her son's room.

Naruto just knew that his ears would be hurting in a few seconds. "Kaa-san...calm down and let me explain."

Kurenai finally got sight of the whole situation...her son was in bed with a girl...they were both naked...there were no clothes in sight...and the girl had a satisfied smile on her face...

"OH MY GOD!" cried the mother as loud as she could. "MY LITTLE BOY HAS BEEN DEFILED!"

The End!

This is my first Naruto x Highschool DxD story, and I hope you all will like it.

The pairing will be Naruto x Rias, and maybe others.