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The Second Son of God - Chapter 10

Rias was surprised; she had no idea that she would be seeing her brother so soon. After Grafia left Naruto's room the previous night Rias felt liberated and relieved, but her feelings of paranoia and fear returned the instant after she saw the expression on her brother's face. Rias had always been the apple of The Demon Lord's eye, and she knew that he loved her more than life itself, but based on what she did and how he looked at the moment, she was a little scared…

But then she realized…her brother was not glaring at her.

Sirzechs Lucifer was known as the most powerful Demon Lord in existence, and probably to ever exist, and his aura certainly pronounced that fact. His presence was almost overwhelming to those around him, especially when he was not in his usual carefree mood. Rias grew extremely worried, not for herself, but for her boyfriend who was suffering under the monstrous gaze of the Demon Lord.

Naruto stood motionlessly as he looked ahead at the older brother of his girlfriend, who was also the most powerful being in the Underworld. Oddly enough, Naruto didn't really feel scared of the man. He was worried about that fact that he slept with Rias had caused some implications, but he was just not afraid of the situation. By looking into the man's eyes, which had the same shade of blue as Rias, he could tell that the man was not really angry…

"Are you Uzumaki Naruto?" asked the Demon Lord with a low and eerie voice.

But he could always be wrong…

Before Naruto could say anything, Rias jumped in front of him protectively. Sirzechs' eyes barred into the soft orbs of his baby sister and almost immediately softened. Rias saw it clearly, and felt guiltier than before…she kind of betrayed the trust of her beloved family.

"He's not at fault; Onii-sama…" started Rias with the firmest voice she could muster. "I was the one who planned the entire thing."

"Rias!" said Naruto with a strong voice as he grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back to his side. The blond young man looked back over to the Demon Lord and took a step forward. "Hello Sir…I am Uzumaki Naruto."

The red haired man slowly walked over to the younger man without breaking eye contact. Naruto knew full well that the man in front of him was the overlord of the Underworld, the most powerful being in hell, a Satan that ruled every Devil in existence, but he just couldn't read what was going through the man's mind. Sirzechs' silence was making the situation even more intense and suspenseful then before, and Rias was ready to jump in to protect Naruto if need be.

"YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DEFILED MY RIA-TAN!" cried the Demon Overlord loudly as he grabbed onto Naruto's collar, "HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY THE INNOCENCE OF MY CUTE LITTLE BABY SISTER?!" Naruto's jaw was opened but he couldn't utter out a single syllable…it was just not what he expected. "SHE IS STILL A LITTLE GIRL TO ME, AND YOU JUST RUINED HER!"

Rias released a breath that she didn't know she was holding, and her arms relaxed to her sides. She was just as baffled as Naruto was, but she was somewhat relieved to see her brother react so normally

Grafia had a tick mark on her forehead as she walked up to her King and Husband. "Sirzechs-sama…" muttered the woman softy as she reached up to pull on his ear. "This is not what we came here to talk about!" exclaimed the maid in a restrained voice as she pulled and twisted the now red earlobe of the Overlord.

Sirzechs resisted for another few seconds before he finally released Naruto and slumped backwards with some tears in his eyes. "My little Ria-tan was so innocent and adorable…now she's a grown woman and will not need her older brother anymore."

Rias blushed a little as she looked away. "Stop talking, Onii-sama…"

Naruto sighed at everything that was going on and looked over at Grafia seriously. "Can you please tell me what is going on?"

Grafia nodded. "Yes, but we must bring this conversation somewhere private." The silver haired woman snapped her fingers and a white magic circle formed under their feet. Rias walked over to Naruto as they felt the usual sensation of teleporting and held onto his arm. The blond looked down at his girlfriend and saw the worry in her eyes, and it only made him all the more worried of the situation.

After a few more seconds and the white died down, Naruto saw that they were transported to their usual meeting room at the old school house. It was still very early so nobody was around, and after verifying that fact, Grafia gestured everyone to the couches. Sirzechs seemed to have calmed down after his outburst and sat down silently on the couch across from Rias and Naruto. He still had a bit of an annoyed expression on his face, but seemed much more focused than before…

"I don't know how much you know, Naruto-san, but both you and Rias are in a very dire situation as of last night…" said Grafia as she stood by Sirzechs' side.

Rias looked to the side of the room as Naruto leaned in with confusion. "Look…I know that what Rias and I did might be considered premature or improper…but I don't see why it seems to have caused everyone so much trouble?"

"This is a very serious situation…" replied Grafia stoically. "Before last night, Rias was engaged to Riser Phenex; the clan heir of the Phenex Family."

"E-Engaged?!" cried Naruto in shock as he looked over at Rias, who immediately avoided his gaze.

"Their engagement was determined before they were even born…" said Sirzechs, finally able to talk of the subject. "Our Father and Lord Phenex decided that an arranged marriage would strengthen the bond between our families, so Rias was offered as Riser's bride." The Overlord looked over at the guilty expression on his sister's face and sighed. "Rias has always objected this arrangement, and it seems that she had finally decided to end it last night."

Making sure that they explained all the points, Grafia decided to clarify. "In the Devil society, especially those in the 72 pillars, moral conduct are heavily disciplined, and among these disciplines, female chastity is extremely important." Naruto's eyes widened as he realized the gravity of the situation. "By consummating with you last night, Rias has breached a condition of the engagement contract, and freed herself from the marriage."

Naruto looked over at his Master, who was just inches away from him. "I-Is this true?"

Rias still refused to meet Naruto's eyes and stood up to look at her brother and sister-in-law. "Why are you both here explaining all of this?!" cried Rias with an angry voice. "The engagement is called off; I am no longer a virgin and can't marry Riser; this matter should be closed!"

Grafia shook her head. "No Rias…it is not."

Sirzechs stood up and looked into his baby sister's eyes. "We already notified the Phenex about this, and they were furious…" said the Overlord as Rias turned to the side. "Lord Phenex and Father had a very heated discussion, but all that does not matter now because Riser said that he would still take you as his bride even if you aren't a virgin."

Rias' eyes widened as she back away slowly, "W-What?"

Sirzechs nodded and sighed. "Yes…he said that he would still want to marry you."

Rias gripped her fists tightly in anger as she bit her lips. "How many times do I have to say this?" muttered the young woman as she looked at her brother. "I don't want to marry him!"

Grafia nodded in understanding. "We are well aware of that Rias, but I'm afraid that the engagement is still on at the moment."

Sirzechs nodded at his wife's words before he walked close to Rias and Naruto. "But there is one way for you to get out of the marriage completely." Rias and Naruto both paid attention as soon as those words left the Overlord's mouth. "And that solely depends on you…Uzumaki Naruto." Rias looked over at her Knight as Naruto remained silent. "You are the man who took Rias' virginity, and by our traditions she is unofficially your wife, so you do have the right to challenge this marriage."

"Do you mean Naruto has to battle with Riser?" asked Rias softly.

Grafia nodded as she stood next to her husband. "Yes…Riser had already decided to accept any challenges that would be offered to him."

Sirzechs looked at Naruto with a very serious expression and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I've never met you before Naruto-kun, but my sister chose you to be her companion, so I am going to give you the choice…" Naruto looked up at the man as he continued to speak. "If you decide to fight, then I will organize the battle, and if you decide to forfeit your right to Rias' hand in marriage, I will have my people prepare for the official engagement party between Rias and Riser."

Naruto remained silent as he looked at the older man…

Grafia sighed and gently held onto Sirzechs' arm. "Sirzechs-sama, let's give them a few minutes to think this through…"

Sirzechs pulled back his hand from Naruto's shoulder and nodded at his wife. "Fine…" said the man as he made his way to the door of the room. "We'll give you a few minutes to think this through…call us back in when you are ready." With that, the Overlord and his wife walked out of the door; leaving Naruto and Rias alone in the room.

As soon as the door closed, Rias looked over at Naruto, who had his back facing her. She wanted to say something to him; anything that would rid them of the awkward and difficulty of the moment, but she couldn't think of anything to say. All she was capable of doing at the moment was gently reaching out towards Naruto and hold on to his hand, but she was a little brokenhearted when Naruto didn't respond back.

"Did it mean anything to you?" asked Naruto, suddenly breaking the silence.

"What?" replied Rias, not really sure what he was asking.

"Our night together…" whispered the blond softly. "Did it mean anything to you, or did you just use me to get out of your engagement?"

Rias' eyes widened as she felt a jolt of pain in her heart. "Do you really think I would just pick out some random guy and sleep with him?" Naruto remained motionless and silent as Rias spoke. "I'll admit that it was an ill-thought out plan to get out of the marriage, but I won't even consider it if I don't have any feelings for you." Some tears were welling inside Rias' eyes as she tightened her grip around Naruto's hand. "I didn't know this would happen…I thought everything would be over by the morning and we would have time to figure out our feelings for each other." Rias let some tears roll down her cheeks as she looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun…"

Suddenly, Naruto turned around and pulled Rias into his arms; he let the girl's head rest against the crook of his neck as he held her in place. Rias cried harder at his actions and started to sob into Naruto's clothes; her own arms made their way around Naruto's waist and held him as tightly as she could. Naruto closed his eyes as he brushed his fingers through Rias' hair; waiting for her breathing to level out before speaking again…

"I-I didn't know Riser would be s-so persistent!" sobbed Rias as she dug her face deeper into Naruto's shirt. "I d-didn't know I would put y-you in such a hard position!" Her voice was muffled because she was speaking into Naruto's clothes, but her hurt tone was clear.

Naruto calmly stroked Rias' hair as he pulled away from the hug; Rias looked up into his eyes as his hands gently cupped Rias' cheeks. His thumbs brushed her tears away as he rested his forehead against her own. Without a word, Naruto leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Rias' lips; it only lasted a second, but it made her feel calmer. The blond continued to kiss Rias time and again on her lips, and each kiss was gentle and sweet.

"I'm going to fight this guy…" said Naruto suddenly in between kisses. Rias' eyes widened in shock, but before she could say anything, Naruto kissed her again. This time the kiss was harder; it had a lot more pressure, and it silenced Rias for the moment. "I don't know who he is and I don't care…" said Naruto again between kisses. "All I know…" Rias was pushed back against the wall of the room as Naruto continued his assault on her lips. "…is that he's standing between us and you don't want to marry him." Naruto tenderly cupped both Rias' cheeks and nibbled on her lips. "So I'm going to fight and take you from him."

Rias managed to pull away from the kisses and looked up at Naruto seriously. "He's very strong and he'll kill you!"

"I don't care…I won't be able to live with myself if I just let you marry him without even trying to get you back." Naruto caressed Rias' cheek with one hand and held her hand with the other. "I want us to have a chance to discover our feelings for each other, and I would rather die than to give up before even trying." With one more kiss on her lips, Naruto walked over to the door along with Rias and pulled it open without a shred of hesitation…

Sirzechs and Grafia were both standing in the hallway waiting for them, and they looked over at them immediately after the door opened…

"I'm going to fight…" said Naruto as he and Rias walked up two the Overlord. "There is no way that I would give up on Rias, and if she's going to be anybody's wife, she would be mine!" Rias blushed a little at Naruto words as Sirzechs hid a smirk. "Please go back and tell this Riser that I am challenging this engagement!"

Sirzechs chuckled and nodded. "I knew you wouldn't disappoint me…" muttered the man before he crossed his arms together. "Okay, I will go back and announce you as the challenger of the marriage", Sirzechs walked over to his wife and turned back to look at his sister and Naruto. "You have about two weeks to prepare for the battle…when the time comes I will have someone notify you the details of the battle."

Naruto nodded and tightened his hold around Rias' hand, "Hai!"

The one hour that Sirzechs and Grafia visited was the longest hour Naruto and Rias had ever experienced, and it was finally over. It has been decided that Naruto would meet with Riser at the Gremory Mansion in the Underworld in two weeks' time, and they would battle for Rias' hand in marriage. These battles had occurred before in history, but nonetheless they were very rare; especially if it involved two of the greatest clans of the 72 Pillars.

Sirzechs had warned Naruto and Rias that many people would be at the battle. The families of both sides would be a given, but given that Rias was the Demon Lord's sister; the other Satans would be there as well. It would be an event that the entire underworld would be watching; it would be an event that would decide the future of both the Gremory and Phenex Families…

It has just been six months since Naruto had been turned into a Devil…and he was about to fight at the pinnacle of the Underworld.

"Naruto-kun…" whispered Rias softly as she rested her head on Naruto's chest.

Naruto relaxed his back against the sofa they were resting on and kissed the top of Rias' head. His hands were lightly petting the girl in his arms as she gradually snuggled deeper and deeper against him. It was warm. Naruto could feel the warmth Rias' body provided him with as she rested herself onto his side; it made him feel content and peaceful despite all that had happened recently. It was a little disconcerting to the young man that he felt so relaxed when in two weeks, he would have to fight someone that may very well kill him for trying to steal his fiancé…

"Why did you agree with everything?" asked Rias without moving away from her position. "You accepted everything so quickly even though it was so sudden for you…" The girl wrapped her arms around her lover's waist and closed her eyes. "Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?" whispered back Naruto as he lightly rubbed his cheek against her soft hair.

They were both silent for a good ten minutes as their thoughts wandered, and it was Rias who broke the comfortable silence. "Are you happy that you met me?" Naruto was surprised at the question and held Rias tighter as she continued. "You have a dream and you were on a fast track to it before I came into your life…do you think you would be happier if you had never met me?"

"Why are you even thinking that?" asked Naruto rhetorically as he kissed Rias' head again. "You are the one who showed to me that there are still many things that science has yet to prove, you are the one who saved me from my ignorance, you showed me a whole new world that I never thought existed…" Rias remained silent as Naruto spoke. "Ignorance may be bliss to some people, but certainly not me." Naruto smiled to himself as he closed his eyes. "I am very happy that I met you, Rias."

Without speaking, Rias pulled back from their cuddling position and sat on Naruto's lap. Ignoring the slightly surprised look on Naruto's face, Rias wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him firmly on his lips. Her breasts were firmly pressed against his chest as the quiet room was sounding with their gentle moans…

Rias pulled back from the kiss as a trail of saliva connected their lips. "Then are you happy about how we turned out?" asked the girl as she rested her forehead against her lover's. "We could have just been Master and Servant…but we crossed that line; are you happy about that?"

Naruto chuckled and pecked Rias on the lips. "Again, why are you even asking; isn't it obvious?"

"I want to hear you say it…"

The blond smiled and held onto Rias' slim waist as he spoke. "Becoming lovers with you is the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I wouldn't change it for anything." Rias had some tears in her eyes as she listened. "Nothing has ever felt so right, and I will make sure that we will be able to continue to live like this for a long time."

Rias let loose a few tears again as she hugged Naruto as tightly as she could. "I-I'm happy that we're like this too!" Naruto smiled and returned the tight hug. "We'll go train as hard as we can for the next two weeks, and when you win I'll be yours forever!" Rias grabbed onto Naruto's cheeks and slammed her lips onto his again.

Naruto returned the kiss with equal vigor and started to shift his body down on the sofa. Soon Rias was lying on her back on the sofa as Naruto lay on top of her. Their lips were still connected and moving vigorously as their tongues battled each other. The passion between them was even greater than the night before; any sort of uncertainty was abolished and their feelings were clear. In the few hours since they woke up after their first night together, their relationship had progressed more than the six months they spent together.

Naruto explored Rias' mouth as his hands reached down to tug at her blouse. Last night's initiatives were all taken by Rias, and now the blond wanted to act like the man that he was. With a strong pull, Naruto ripped off Rias' waist coat and his fingers were pulling off the buttons on her blouse. Rias moaned when Naruto's hand reached into her bra and fondled her large and sensitive breasts. Their new found feelings for each other had amplified their lust for each other, and Rias could feel Naruto's enthusiasm brush against her thigh.

"Naruto-kun~" moaned out Rias as Naruto broke away from the kiss and started to nibble down her neck.

The blond hastily shrugged off his blazer and threw it to the side. "I want you, Rias…"

Rias ran her fingers through Naruto's hair as he continued to ravish her body. "I'm all yours, Naruto-kun; take me like you did last night!" Rias reached down and did her best to unbuckle Naruto's pants, and finally succeeded in doing so after a few seconds. She help Naruto kick his pants off and moaned a little when she saw the large tent forming over his boxers.

With his eyes, Naruto could see perfectly were Rias was reacting to his touches, and his hand reached down to the place where she would feel it the most. The blond pulled off Rias' silk panties with one fluid move, and his finger found their way to her most sacred place. Rias cried out in pleasure as Naruto reached two fingers inside her to stimulate one particular area; she felt as if she was losing her mind.

"N-Naruto!" exclaimed Rias loudly. "Faster!"

Feeling very passionate and rowdy, Naruto pulled his fingers out of Rias' pussy and immediately leaned down to give the wet entrance a strong lick. Rias arched her back in pleasure as her lover's tongue made its way inside her; stimulating the same sensitive spot as before…

"I-I want you to make love to me…" moaned out Rias as she tried to level her breathing, "Hurry!"

Naruto understood what Rias was trying to say and immediately reached down to the hem of his boxer…but he heard something on the other side of the room.

"Ara Ara…you are sure quick to act, Buchou."

Both Naruto and Rias looked over at the other side of the room and found that someone had opened the door. Them much to their shock and embarrassment, everyone was standing at the entrance looking at them, each with different expressions…

Akeno's reaction was to be expected by Rias; the Queen had a small blush on her face as she looked on at the scene with a smirk on her face. It was Akeno who first teased Rias amount Naruto's physical endowment after she spent the night sleeping in his bed, and she actually felt very turned on at the scene.

"I wanted to be the one to take Naruto-kun's virginity, but I seem that you beat me to it, Buchou…"

Asia had an utterly terrified look on her face as she covered her eyes with her hands, "Oh God-!" The girl had a monster blush on her face as fell to the ground with resounding headaches.

Koneko also had a small blush on her face as she pointed at Rias and Naruto, "Rias-buchou, Naruto-senpai…that's usually where I sit."

Kiba just stood still in his position not really knowing how to react…but he did try to hold the ever surprised Issei in the same spot.

'NARUTO!" cried the possessor of the Welsh Dragon as blood spewed out of his nose. "YOU FUCKIN LUCKY BASTARD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!"

After everything that has happened in the last few hours, Rias had no patience or desire to explain everything to her peerage; especially since things were becoming so heated and heavenly. With a snap of her fingers, a red magic circle appeared under the sofa…

"We are continuing this in your room…" Rias pulled Naruto down and kissed him firmly on the lips as the light continued to grow, and in a few seconds they were gone; teleported back to Naruto's room…

The remainder of Rias' peerage stood still at the entrance looking at the empty spot where the sofa once sat…

"Ara Ara…"

The End!

The next chapter will be about the training of Naruto, and most likely the start of the battle!