Just a little bit of humor that came to find after I realised Eren and Mikasa are both 15. I am thinking about doing a version with Mikasa as well, but I am spending the majority of my time on my DBZ x SnK crossover.

Attack on to catch a predator

Captain Levi, screen name : Titantoucher69, began talking to our decoy Eren Jaeger aged 15

Levi: I am going to be honest I am attracted to you and would like to make love to you
Decoy: Kool, like for real
Levi: I am a little violent though I will warn you, I might want to cut you, suck on your blood a little.
Decoy: That sounds a little... Rough
Levi: I like rape
Decoy: I'm not sure what you are on about Levi heichou

Levi walks into the sting house "Eren I brought the beer, you in here?"
"Yeah I'm just getting changed, have some of the brownies on the side."
"Eren, you sound different that I expected."
Chris Hansen walks into the room
"Am I different from what you expected?"
"..." Levi's face contorts as Hansen proudly towers over him.
"Take a seat right over here please"
They move across the room, Levi sitting on a stool whilst Chris Hansen stands tall across the table, trusty transcripts in hand.
"Why are you here?"
"I was just here to teach Eren how to fight Titans."
"Oh really? From the transcripts of your conversation I have it seems you had other matters on your mind."
"I was just g g going to drop by and tell Eren that I was not serious in our conversation."
"So why did you bring condoms?" Hansen gestured to the contraceptives on the table nearby, next to be beers Levi had also brought with him.
"Errr I always bring condoms with me."
"So it doesn't have anything to do with your conversation I have here" Hansen gestured to the transcripts "I want you, I want you to take me in your mouth whilst I blank your blank. " who says these kinds of things to a 15 year old boy?"
"He is 15? He said he was 18 through the chat."
"I have the transcripts, he said and I quote "I have just turned 15 and dream of joining the scouting legion someday." You were willing to perform a sex act on a 15 year old boy?"
"I wasn't going to... I wasn't thinking straight."
" I mean some of the things you sent to this underage boy were extremely graphic, I mean is sending a minor this picture appropriate? Especially from someone in a high position from the scouting legion?" Chris Hansen gave Levi a piece of paper with a blurred out picture on it.
"I did't know I sent that picture" Levi was visibly shaken, not pushing the picture away, refusing to look at it.
"Come on Levi, I have the transcripts, if you didn't mean to send that picture, then why would you send right after "do you like how big it is Eren?" To a 15 year old boy?"
Levi didn't respond, the shame overwhelming him, Chris gathered his papers and got Levi's attention once again.
"Well I have to tell you that I am Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we are doing a story on Internet predators who meet underage teens for sex on the Internet."
Levi's face visibly paled, bullets of sweat falling down his forehead
"... Are... You filming?"
"Yes we have been filming" the camera crew walked into the room, with Levi covering his face with his Scouting Legion cape.
" I don't want to be on TV"
"Well maybe you should have thought of that before you contacted an underage teen boy for sex, shouldn't you?"

Levi quickly rushed out covering his face, only to be apprehend shortly after by the military police.