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Title: Legend of Black Water

Pairings: Egyptshipping(AtemuxHeba) Puzzleshipping(YamixYuugi) More if they come to me…

Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst, Friendship/Family, Humor

Warnings: YAOI, CUSING, SUGGESTIVENESS, VOILENCE. (There will homo and heterosexual relationships in this flic)

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The Legend of the Black Water Pirates…

Ra had set for the day the normally hot dessert was frigid. This mattered not to those who lived inside the palace. The giant walls made of marble stone shielded them from the harsh elements. The young prince, the next Pharaoh of Egypt, was being unruly as ever with his early bedtime. His mother had finally gotten him settled enough with promises of a bed time story.

The young woman cheered her throat as she began the tale….

This is no story, a legend as it may be, but you would do well to remember this tale. For if you ever find yourself out at sea and hear a high pitched hiss you will know that black water is upon you. What can you do? All you can do is pray, pray that her long lost love Captain Mutou is near sailing-

"Boring!" and obnoxious voice interrupts his mother. She looks over the edge of the scroll to eye her young son. "I mean…." he says more meekly this time. "Please Mom," he puts his little hands together in a begging motion, though there was still a cheeky little grin on his face.

"Yami Sennen," she scolds. "If I've told you once, I've told you thousand times. Do not interrupt me again. It's rude." Once she is finished scolding her son she looks back down at the scroll in her hands. "Now where was I-, oh yes-"

"Please Mom!"

"Oh be quiet, don't make me get your father involved." She smirks in victory as her son sends her an angry pout.

"Get me involved in what?" She almost drops the scroll in shock.

"Atemu!" she hisses.

He blocks her weak smack playfully, "I'm sorry," he didn't sound very apologetic.

"Are you a King or a Ninja?" she asks.

He thinks a moment, "Both." She rolls her eyes as he sits next to his son. "Please continue," Yami opens his mouth, "be nice Yami." He cuts his son off, so Yami just returns to pouting.

"Let's see…I'll start here…" she started in a low voice gradually getting louder.

Black Water roamed the seven seas swallowing ships and their crews whole never to be heard from again. However, there was one man who came back. His full name was never recorded but we remember him as Captain (Chaos) Mutou of the Black Water Pirates. His ship, that he named after the mighty Anaconda snake was sleek and deadly. He and his crew would swoop out of now where The Anaconda biting down into the other ships hauls crippling them.

Atemu made a chomping noise next to his sons ear, making the young boy jump. Before he could even whine his mother continued, after she giggled at them.

Then he would raid the other ship his motley crew right beside him. There was The Red Eyes Bandit a cruel man with lust for blood and always carried a bottle of rum on his hip. One Eyed Pegasus a shaman if you would he drowned himself in magic cruses. He would often challenge his Captain in magical duels trying to prove that he was the better mage. Madman Hafez, quick and nibble as a ninja, he would often play spy using his multiple personalites to add him in his job. The most ruthless pirate of all had to be the Captain himself, Chaos Magician. A powerful and mysterious mage with the, so thought, untamable Black Water at his command. Together with the creature of Black Water and his dark magic they ruled the seas. Even the Blood Pirates wouldn't dare tango with the pirates of Black Water.

She looked to see if her son was still listening but found him fast asleep resting on his fathers tan leg. Atemu chuckled as she rolled the scroll up. "Why didn't you tell me he fell asleep!"

Atemu repositioned Yami on the bed, tucking him in. "You looked like you were having so much-ouch!"

"Don't even both finishing that statement," Atemu turned to see his wife Teana tapping the now closed scroll on her shoulder.

"But I-"

"Nope," she turns to leave.

"How can you-"

"No," she says leaving the room.

"Who in Ra's name is the Pharaoh here!"

She poked her head back in the door frame giving him a quick look over. "Well you're not wearing any jewelry or your crown. So I would say, not you." She gives him a cheeky grin as she turns tail and runs.

Atemu huffed charging after his 'so called' wife. He blowed the torches out as he walked out of his sons room. He made a motion to the guard outside the room before following after Teana.

Yami let out a sigh of relief, he had heard that story a hundred or so times. Pirates…magic….fairytales. Didn't she know that he was far too old for that stuff anymore, he was nearly 7 and three quarters. When would his parents realize that he could do the same big people stuff that they did.

Despite this last thought the young prince fell asleep dreaming about the Pirates of Black Water. Fighting them off one by one to claim the treasure that Captain Mutou called 'Unica amor'. Whatever that meant…..

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As we leave the palace we cross the golden dessert duns and over the vast waters of the Mediterranean sea, an uncharted island is where we end our journey. A place kept hidden away by thieves and royals alike. The lost island of Toda Vale, the legendary port for pirates.

For such a small island the culture was vast the small towns that were scatter across the twenty-five mile long island each had a different vibe. None them compared to the port city of Liberatad. This large port was always bustling from late at night into the early mornings. People hear didn't judge, for almost everyone had something to hide. No one asked who you were, or once where they took you at face value. You proved your worth here nothing was given to anyone. Thieves found refuge and royals found relief from the pressures of their duties.

As Ra peeks over the horizon the sea breeze rustles the palm trees to live making the coconuts bonk against eachother making a natural tune. An interesting house/shoppe was at the edge of the port city. The palm trees shaded most of the home and its strange looking garden. It had a personal dock leading out to the harbor a small fishing boat was tided at the end of the dock. Inside a young was very excited….

"Dad," a young boy whispers in his sleeping fathers ear. "Dad," his father just scratches his nose. "Come on Dad you said that you would teach me today."

No response.

The young man stands up from his leaning position over his fathers 'corpus'. He huffs putting his hands on his hips, blowing his blond bang up in the air only for it to fall back into his face.

He glares at it for a second but then smirks. "Last chance Dad," he says as he picks up the bucket that he had gotten earlier just for this occasion. A low purr is heard beside him. "Oh calm down Lyger," he says looking at the young lion lying at the foot of his dads' bed.

"Oh Dad," he sing-song's. He gives Lyger one more devilishly innocent look before unceremoniously dumping the bucket of water on his fathers head.

"The hell!" said man jumps up, his black and violet hair flaring around him. He looks at his hands and the tips of his long hair soaked in water. He hears laughing to his right. His head snaps right and then down.

Only to see his son sprawled out on the floor laughing his ass off. He wipes his blond bangs out of his face. He leans over his son casting a dark shadow over him.

He stops laughing.

Amethyst meets blue, as father darkly smirks down at son.

"Uh-oh," the younger gulps.

"Uh-oh," the older mocks back. He jumps to his feet, making a run for it. Amethyst eyes glance over to the large cat at the foot of the bed. "Lyger fetch."

The large cat jumps up onto the railing of the loft that was the fathers room. It let out a roar that was quickly followed by a 'so not fair' from his son. "You will learn one day wont you Yuugi." The father chuckles as he gets out of bed to ring his hair out.

"Don't push me, don't push me," Yuugi hisses at the large feline as he nudges his masters son up the stairs. "Learn what," Yuugi huffs folding his arms across his chest.

"That when I say we're getting up at the crack of dawn, that means noon-ish," he laughs at the look his son shoots him. "Now," he says releasing his damp hair to point to the bed. "Clean it up."

Yuugi's arms drop to his sides as his mouth falls open, "You can't be serous!"

"Oh but I am," he says brushing past his son to walk through the archway that led to his wash room to change into a dry shenti. He topped his new dry white shenti with a violet sash. He graced his wrist and forearms with silver bands his left arm was however covered with a black cloth, hiding his tattoo. Yuugi had never seen what was under that cloth, he had tried too!

"You- But you- You can use magic! I can't! This will take me all day!" Yuugi whines as he waves his arms in a very animated manor.

He gave his son a very serious look before walking up to him, staring him in the eye. Then promptly flicking him on the nose. "I, Heba Mutou, do not kid, AND you should have thought about that before you dumped a bucket of cold water on my face." He winked at his son before turning to walk down the stairs.

Yuugi turned to glare at the bed and muttered, " stupid bed."

"It's not the bed's fault! Now get too it breakfast in an hour," Heba yells up to his son.

"How do you- wait one hour!" Yuugi runs over to lean on the railing.

"Well yeah," Heba says picking up his fishing pole. "I have to catch it first."

"What! No way! Just go to the market!"

"I don't want to."

"I'll go to the market."

"You have to clean my bed."

"I don't want to."


"You're mean."

"And you still sleep with a night light."


"Clean it."

The front door closed ending their conversation. "Ass," Yuugi says turning back towards his fathers bed.

"Yuugi!" the front door swings open. A glare meets a weirded out look. "Jou," Heba says seriously.

"J-Jou," Yuugi gulps, maybe his best friend would forgive him. He was only nine after all and Jou was thirteen. The front door closes, looks like breakfast was going to take awhile.

Lyger purrs up at Yuugi from his cat bed his tail flicking back and forth behind him.

"Oh shut up," Yuugi says popping his shoulders as he walks over to the bed.


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