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Title: The Legend of the Pirates of Black Water

Rating: M

Pairings: Puzzleshipping and Egyptshipping

Also for these 2 chapters only Librashipping and (even though it's technically Heba) Crosshipping, with alitte Puzzle and Egypt on the side….

Warnings: Yaoi, cussing, violence, ecchi, suggestiveness, lemons


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Damn…its hot….

Atemu tossed and turned on his king sized bed the satin red sheets were bunched and scrunched showing how restless he had been the night before. All through his sleep –if you could call it that- he saw flashes of red; red scales and a long serpentine body. Red and white lighting flashed all around the strange creature.

Yami was already awake in the room next to his fathers he hadn't faired much better in sleep than Atemu. All he could see was dark swirls of magic, shadows…strange shadows that moved. There blurred bodies acted out a scene that was almost… human, he felt it was memory… a faded one. One that wasn't his…


Yami's eyes snap open as his head turns towards his fathers room, he was just walking past when he heard his father moan. It sounded pained, that made Yami worry. The door was cracked and he reached to open it but froze as vision of the God- Slifer the sky dragon flashed in front of him. It's two mouths open the top one glowing a yellow color before a bright beam shot out of it.

His hand clenched into a fist… "Mother…" Yami felt tears prick his eyes, it hurt… It hurt so much… how could he… how could she… no. How could they do this to him? How did everything go so wrong? Where did it all go wrong?

Atemu groaned again snapping Yami out of his grief. He sucked in breath through his nose the unshed tears disappearing. He wasn't angry at his parents, no, but he wanted to be. He wanted to scream, yell, and kick at his father till he was black & blue. But what good would that do? What would it change? It couldn't bring his mother back and they would never have the same life that they use to have.

Yami was heartbroken, just thinking about his mothers smiling face full of love made his blood boil and chest hurt. Did she ever really love him? He saw the look that she had given his father that day, she was completely disgusted by him. She never even once turned to look at Yami though… like she couldn't even bear to look at him, like he didn't even exist.

He breathed again to calm himself down, oddly enough he found himself picturing Yuugi, those big beautiful blue eyes framed by light blond bangs, long black hair that faded into a violet color. His smiling face…Yami felt himself physically relax. Then the picture altered all of sudden… to woman it looked like….

She had the same blue eyes as Yuugi but her hair was long with silverish blonde tint. Her cloths were strange covering her entire body; all he could see was a blue tight fitted shirt with a white talad with a strange blue symbol on the front… she was smiling at him. The wind blew through her long hair almost taking off the blue and white hat on her head. She laughed silently holding the article down firmly on her head. She spoke but not sounds came out. She started to fade back into Yuugi…

Yami's eyes snapped open, he reached his hand up to hold his forehead… what the hell was that?


Yami came back again an opened his fathers bedroom door to see Atemu in a fetal position shaking with a cold sweat running down his body.


Yami froze, he had already lost one parent, to lose his father too…

He felt sick but found himself dashing forward to his fathers side anyway. "Father," he grabbed Atemus clammy arm shaking his father harshly. "Father, wake up! You have to wake you now!"

Atemu curled into himself more shuttering at his sons touch, "…hot." Atemu started panting. Yami stopped shaking his father. He looked around the room frantically looking for something, anything! He saw an empty bucket, he grabbed it dashing out the door. Water…he needed water!

He rushed out the front of the villa not even seeing the well a mere 10 feet in the opposite direction..

Start praying for Atemu now people.

Back on the western side of The port city of Libertad Atemu wasn't the only one having a hot flash. In a small potions shoppe near the edge of town the shades were closed making it dark as night inside the small store. The closed sign had never been switched to open. Heba just wasn't up for it today.

He had been replaying the same scene from the morning in his head over and over again. He had closed his eyes not even knowing that he had fallen asleep. His right hand clutched his left arm it had started to burn again but Heba hadn't noticed due to his slumber.

The mind link was there though as the eye of Ra appeared on his forehead glowing a light purple color….

In his mind the sunny dreams of the past started to bleed black as day bright field of flowers turned into a black void full of flowing magic. The different magical streams circled and moved all around Heba as a banshee like roar ripped through Heba's subconscious. Heba looked up at what use to be the sky dark indigo and violet magic circles appeared in this 'sky' and all around him disrupting the calm magic flowing around him.

He looked left and then right, this time he was ready…

She roared again, the mighty roar turning into a low hissing sound. He felt 'her' close in around him, she was circling him. Azure eyes opened to his right, Heba eyes her from the side… something was wrong. She would usually face him in their inner world (I know Asakura now I am referencing Bleach), he looked into her eyes. She looked worried.

Her eyes casted down for a moment before she let out a low growl, Meaning, they weren't on good terms yet. Heba flinched when he felt her scales brush against his lower leg. It was a soft touch though… she let out a hmm that sounded content.

Ok now he was confused, as long as Heba could remember this best had it out for him since day one. Why was she suddenly changing her damn tune? She purred rubbing his leg with her head. Heba's hand flexed as if he wanted to pet her. She whined as she brought her eyes up to his, they stared for a short while. Then she turned forward a light appearing in front of them. A small circle that looked like a viewing portal had opened.

In it a scene was playing out for Heba; red and white lighting flashed then he saw it the flick of a red scaled tail go cross the frame. A low toned loud roar was heard, he felt his dragons scales fluff up as his heart speed up.

What was this feeling? He looked over to her, she didn't look back at him her eyes were fixed on the viewing portal. Another roar brought Heba's attention back and what he saw made his jaw drop he was looking at a god; Slifer the sky dragon to be exact. He heard her purr beside him then movement. Her long black body circled around the picture of the mighty dragon, if Heba didn't know any better he would have swore on his families graves that she was looking at Slifer in a very loving way….

Heba eyes widen in realization. "No way," he spoke catching her attention. He moved forward as if to touch the screen, she hissed and he drew his hand back. "What," he glared at her. She stared at him for a moment then huffed while turning away.

Heba smirked, "you like him," he stated. She snorted small electric sparks igniting out of her nose. "Don't give me that," Heba approached her she flinched away and Heba stopped. He sighed then held himself self-consciously. "Fine…why are you showing me this…Luster," he looks her dead in the eye.

She snorts again moving her short taloned arm, the scene in the portal moves. Heba's eyes grow larger, that was the Pharaoh! Atemu was there in a mid-link with Slifer… but that would mean….

Heba paled, Slifer was the Pharaoh Ka monster….like…. his head slowly turned from the scene to look at his dragon; Black luster dragon, "…no." He said and she wined. It was Heba's turn to scoff. Oh he would be damned.

He looked back up at the dragon his breath caught in his throat. She was….she was seriously giving him the dragon version of puppy dog eyes. Her Azure eyes were already as big as his head, but for her to make them even larger, all he could see was her eyes.

He looked back at the picture Slifer –it was like he was going wild. Going so wild that…

Heba flinched when Slifer lashed out at Atemu, the man was obviously only trying to calm the powerful dragon. It looked like it was to no avail though. Slifer would be a hard creature to handle, he cast a look at Black Luster Dragon- the dragon species was just hard to handle to begin then you add their high strung attitudes. Heba's arms tightened around him.

Why should he care what happens to him? To Slifer….to black luster…Atemu…


That voice….

He looked up, what he saw made him take a step back. Biting his lower lip…what the hell kind of bullshit is this…

It was Rebecca…or well her image…. He glared back at Luster.

How dare she…

Rebecca's eyes- the eyes that she had given their son- where looking at him….How many years had it been. Heba's jaw clenched…

Her long curly sunny kissed golden blonde hair floated all around her; she was wearing her lavender hoop shirt it moved around her while her dark purple corset made her waist tinny and hips large- that was the style in her culture in England.- The dress was simple made with durable fabric inorder to cope with the cold rainy weather of the large island. It made her pale skin- that she also gave their son- glow at any time of day.

Her image reached out towards him, a smile on her face…

"You're a piece of work… you know that?" Heba glared past Rebecca at the black luster dragon. Heba clenched his fists. "How dare you!" He yells at her. Rebecca looks at Heba drawing her hand back a fearful look on her face. "What kind of shit is this Luster?" Heba points at Rebecca.

The dragon simply stared at him.


"What do think that I'm going to do exactly?" a twisted smile appeared on his face. No, this was not happening. The next time that he was planning on seeing Rebecca was in the afterlife. "By showing me this-," he points to her again. "You took her away from me! You took her away from Yuugi! His mother!...My mother…." His voice had started out strong but the more he talked the weaker his voice began and the more he looked down and away from Rebecca.

He took in a few breaths then snapped a glare at Slifer even Atemu. He points, "for this," he starts. "You want me to forgive you! Forgive and forget, is that what you want?" The dragon shrinks back as the image of Rebecca fades. "How many people in my life have you taken away from me?"

Heba starts to glow a light purple color, the shadows shift as his inner world beings to change. The ground becomes foggy and small sparks of purple lighting begin to poop.

"I sealed you away for a reason Luster-"

The dragon hissed at him lunging forward to take a swipe at him with her sharp talons. Heba dodges by back flipping out of the way. Heba gave her a cocky smirk crossing his arms across his chest.

"You want me to help him? To save him? Ha!" He sends out a slash of purple magic Luster bats it away with her tail.

Heba looked at the portal again…

"The things…" he takes in a breath. "The things that you have taken from me can never be replaced!" He yelled at her sending a purple hued lightning bolt at her. She circled her body around so that the lightning bolt went through the small ring that she had made.

She roared, Heba roared back at her and the dragon backed up.

Slifer struck Atemu again in the picture, Heba didn't even flinch this time. "Whatever is going on between them is none of our business," Heba told her while they both looked at them. "You believe that he came from the shadow realm in order to find you, don't you? Because you think that you were kidnapped, because you were forced into this life! What about me huh?! I didn't ask for you, for this." He motioned between the two of them.

Their eyes connected.

"He is now connected with the Pharaoh, just like you are too me….there is no turning back for him-" Luster roared at Heba, her breath blew Hebas' hair around as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"I will not help them," she growled. "I can't even help you."

Luster's growling stopped. Heba's magic started to flow out of him in soft currants instead of electric shocks.

Heba landed near Luster looking up at her, his anger seemingly gone. The darkest around the two started to crack rays of light purple light started to break through the darkest. The darkness started to fall away revealing Heba's true inner world. A full lunar moon hung in the sky as the darkness shattered showing the lush forest around them.

"I will not help you get to him," he whispered to her as he started to disappear. "Do not call me again unless it's important…"

She let out another banshee roar as she was denied. Rebecca appeared beside her stroking her mussel. "I'm sorry…"

The dragon only shook more as she was further tormented.

Heba stirred from his sleep as he brought himself back to reality. Opening his eyes he groaned closing them again. He rested his face in his hands as he cursed. An image of Rebecca flashed before his eyes. This was just a never ending cycle of pain. Rebecca… She would be so disappointed in him right now.

He raked his fingers through his hair. What was he supposed to do? Go 'oh sure anything for you Luster', Heba huffed. Unlike his father Luster Dragon was the only Ka that he had, which only irked him even more. That meant that there was high chance that she was really his true Ka monster and not just a hand-me-down.

Atemus' pained expression popped into his head. He growled wanting to slap himself silly. He needed a distraction; he went back to holding his head in his hands.

Moments passed….

Heba slammed his hands down on the counter top before he made his way to the door. He need to loosen up and he knew just where to go to do it. He looked up to the sky, the sun was still high which meant it would still be along while till the nights festivities picked up.

Heba huffed as he made his way down the dusty street, he didn't even bother to lock the door just encase Yuugi came home….

In the center of the port city on the far left side of the harbor was another potions shoppe, but this one had more a voodoo vibe to it. Instead of herb based potions mixed with magic this magician used blood and guts. Also a lot of other things that none of us want to know.

The shoppe was very tribal looking dead palm tree leaves made up the roof top and the whole structure looked like it was made up of three large triangles, from a distance the building looked like a small cluster of beige sales. It was two stories tall a ladder was propped up at the front on the building leading to the balcony above.

Malik was lounging on the railing of said balcony. He took the heal of his hand bopping it on the side of his head a few times, he swore that there was still some water in there. He briefly thought of Heba.

A chill ran up his back, "Scary magician…" he pouted muttering to himself as he looked out at the piers. He watched sailors load and unload the cargo, making repairs, one or two were starting a cast the sails since it was high tide and few where docking aswell…

Was that Yuugi!

He would recognize that porky pine head anywhere. He was about to jump down from the railing when another cold chill went up his back as an image of Heba standing over him eyes glowing appeared in his head. He vein pooped in his forehead as he was once again cock blocked and said man wasn't even here to do it.

Marik looked up the sun and shielded his eyes, it was practically mid-day by now, what was Yugi doing over by the docks, shouldn't he be helping his father with shoppe? Marik followed Yuugi with his eyes- more like eye humped his ass as he walked down to the far edge of the docks. He watched as he plopped himself down on the outer wall letting his feet dangle over the edge of the wall a firm pout on his face… damn he was so cute when he was upset.

As Marik continued to stare Yuugi down he didn't notice the bane of his existence walking down the street towards his families shoppe.

As Heba came up the curses an' potions shoppe he looked up to see Marik Jr. dangling over the edge balcony railing. His butt was poked up in the air as he bounced his right foot on its ball. A little thing the boy always did when he saw something that he liked.

Heba thought of this morning and scrunched his face up the boy was lucky that the only thing he did was take a quick swim in the sound. Heba huffed as he solidified his resolve. He walked into the shoppe the door giving out a light ding.

"Bem-Vindo," Marik's voice came from the back somewhere. He was portably making something, Ra knew that the man never did any real work. Heba took the liberty to flip his open sign to 'closed ' as he made his way to the back.

Marik was in the back checking up a few of his 'experiments' as he heard footsteps coming closer to him. Customers weren't allowed in the back…well…most. He thought with a smirk.

"Para ai," Marik called back hoping that they understood him, if not he would try a different language. The footsteps didn't stop. "Proprio li," he try Italian this time. They didn't stop… "Si fas est," come on latin was universal there.

He jolted down a few quick notes before peering into one of the green bubbling concoctions on his work table. He let himself get lost in his thoughts for a moment… well Heba was trying not to be heard too. He pushed the bread curtain that lead to the back aside. He smirked when he saw Marik mixing strange things again.

He had let himself be heard earlier but now…not so much. He walked silently up behind Marik wrapping his arms around the taller mans abdomen.

Mariks body tensed as he looked back and down to see nothing but a large puff of black and violet. He smirked letting himself relax. He dropped his work and turning around in Hebas arms.

"Marik I-," Heba was cut off when Marik kissed him forcing his tongue deep inside of his mouth. Heba was shocked but moaned as Marik's tongue massaged his. After a while he started to fight back their tongue swirling around each other as Heba sucked on Mariks tongue a few times. He nipped at the mans tongue once when Marik didn't comply to him. He was answered with a growl and quick slap to the ass. Heba whined at the tingling sensation it left.

Marik pulled away from the heated make-out session licking his lips. His eyes were dark and his smile was curve upward in a fiendish way. " 'Bout time," he licked his lips once more.

"Hold-ah!" Heba yelped as Marik picked him up by his hips, Heba instinctively wrapped his legs around Mariks waist. Heba placed his hands on Mariks shoulders as he looked up at him. Mariks hands went from his lower back to holding him up by his ass. He gave Heba butt a squeeze with both hands making the Mutou's eyes narrow.

"Ah," Marik cuts him off when he sees his mouth being to open. "I've been cock blocked twice today captain and I'll be damned if it happens a third time." Heba opened his mouth again so Marik kissed him stick his tongue back down his throat. The only thing that Heba was going to use that mouth of his for was either sucking dick or screaming out his name. Marik smirked in the kiss, Heba felt Marik smirking and whined.

Marik released his abused mouth, "don't even start, you walked into my bed this time captain…"

"…I thought I told you to never call me that-ah!" Heba hadn't noticed but Marik had been walking him towards the back of the building where the family lived. He was unceromiusouly dropped onto the bed as Marik started to strip. "Wait a minute! What about your wife?"

They both paused as Marik eyebrow shot above his bangs, "are you serious?" he asked letting his shenti fall to the floor.

Heba couldn't help but look at Marik's cock… it was huge after all… he was bigger than Heba and that was the only thing that really embarrassed him about doing these kinds of things with his Gunner.

Heba blushed looking to his right- Marik's closet doors became very interesting all of sudden. "No not really…" He felt the bed dip as Marik crawled up to him.

"Good," Marik brushing the back of his right hand on Heba's cheek. "Because that bitch is long gone…" Heba turned to look at Marik only to assaulted as Marik crushed their lips together in another fierce kiss. He pushed Heba down into his feather stuffed mattress. He broke the kiss, using his index finger trace Heba's swollen lips, "no more talking," he lightly kissed him again. "The only things wanna hear are your horny gasps and my name…got it...slave."

Heba's lips twitched into a smirk…so that's how he wanted to play today.. alright he was game. Heba made a purr like noise as he grabbed Marik wrist guiding three of the mans fingers into his mouth so he could such on them. Marik growled as Heba's tongue weaved in between his fingers. The sucking noise went straight to his dick.

Speaking of which… Marik smirked pulling his fingers from Heba's mouth. Heba gave him a questioning look making Marik smirk even wider. "I want you to pleasure me first…" Marik crawled over Heba towards the back of his bed he plopped down looking at Heba- who was at the end of the bed- then with his eyes motioned towards his ever growing length.

Heba gave him a short glare but sighed in compliance… he did promise the a blow job after…. He looked at the thick organ… why didn't he just agree to the straight out sex that was to come from it anyway… Heba mentally kicked himself before crawling up in between Mariks legs.

He went down to where he was level with before looking back up at Marik. He stared at him for a moment before smirking up at him. "Yes…master…" without breaking eye contact Heba slowly licked the head before grasping his balls in one hand. Marik's breathe caught if only for a moment before he threw his head when Heba ducked his head down deep throating him all in one go. Swirling his tongue around the long member as sucked long and deep.

His right hand still massaged Mariks balls as he slowly pulled all the way up then quickly went back down, then slowly back up. He payed extra attention to the head as he sucked hard on it few times before grazing his teeth over it.

Marik let out a long moan…that's right this guy was such a sadist. Heba left hand that had been placed on Marik knee moved to his shaft as Heba started to pump him hard while still sucking his head and massaging his balls.

Between the personal euphoria and tight coiling filling in his Marik's stomached the man managed to put three finger in his own mouth lathering them all up. He did not want to come on blow job… no that was too easy for Heba.

He tilted his head up from the its thrown back position. All he could see and hear was Heba sucking of his cock. Damn the way he was making slurping noises made him sound like he was starving. Once deemed his fingers were wet enough he reached out for Hebas belt that held up his shenti. He had to sit up some making them change their position abit. So Heba was now laying on his chest cock in his mouth instead of on his elbows.

He paused for a moment giving Marik a curious glance. Marik glared down at Heba when he stopped. "Did I tell you to stop slave," he smacked Hebas ass hard gaining a muffled noise from Heba thanks to his dick.

Marik yanked down Hebas shenti making the others eyes go wide. Licking his fingers one last time he circled the tight entrance a few times pushing one finger in. He felt Hebas body shiver and tightened as the other sucked harder on his cock to distract himself…or maybe hinder Marik…the latter didn't know which. None the less Marik started to slowly pump his one finger in and out after the mussels loosened up a bit.

He added another finger, making Heba whine at the discomfort. Marik smirked, Heba wasn't going to be walking anytime soon at least not once he was finished with him. He made a scissoring motion with the two fingers. Heba's body frozen… Marik kept going….he curled the fingers in and out before twisting them around in the tight hole. Heba body shuddered as he moaned around Marik's dick.

Marik smirked adding a third finger, Hebas breath caught. He was almost ready…

Marik made the scissoring motion with three finger this time… Heba whined and moaned sending tremors throughout Mariks body… shit it was getting harder to hold back. He pulled his fingers out to Heba's displeasure.

Heba was however soon push up, releasing Mariks cock with a pop. Marik cupped Heba's face with one hand his mouth still and an 'o' shape. Marik attacked his lips once as he pushed Heba down onto his back. Heba skillful work his shenti from around his ankles as Marik brushes their erections together as they continued to make-out.

Marik released his lips and sat up, he wiped the drool of the edge of his mouth. As he stared down at Heba his eyes were dark and hazy, he really couldn't hold back anymore. Heba looked up at him with half-lidded eyes panting drool running down the edge of the his mouth… lips plump and red.

Marik hoisted one leg over his shoulder and Heba wrapped the other around his waist. Marik licked his lips on last time. "Get ready to see stars…" He positioned his head in front of Heba's entrance….

"Ah-ah," Heba let out and Marik pushed into him didn't go slow or fast he just pushed right in… once he was completely sheathed Heba was able to take in a single before he pulled back out slamming into him again. "Ah-ass," Heba hissed making Marik chuckle.

He repeated the rough treatment a few more times until Heba's inner walls became slick with pre-cum and blood –hey it had been awhile he's going to be a little raw- but Heba was prepared for that the moment he agreed for this.

As he was ramming into him he was getting a little frustrated, besides the first sound that Heba made he was quiet now. Marik glanced up to see Hebas face he saw his problem. His little captain was biting down hard on his own fingers. Now that just wouldn't do now would it? It was such a hassle to hold him down in any way though.

He would deal with that in a moment though, he speed up his plundering as he grabbed Heba's twitching cock stroking it in time with his own thrusts. Marik hissed as Heba hips meet his thrusts. It took everything that he had in him not to cum when Hebas inner walls tightened around him as he climaxed. Heba let out a long muffled moan through his fingers.

They were both panting, Marik was still hard inside Heba. Heba could still fell the ripples of ecstasy follow over his body. After a few minutes he noticed that there was still something long and hard inside of him. He felt movements above him. He heard a ripping sound, his eyes widened.

Heba looked up into Marik's eyes –they were full of mischief – that was never a good sign for him. With his dick still inside of him Marik lifted Heba up – he moaned at the movement because Mariks' length went further inside of him.- while he was still inside Heba he turned the other man around so that his chest was against Heba's back.

"What are you-ouch!" Marik smacked his ass for talking again.

"Did I ask you to speak," he smirked down at Heba. Heba looked behinds as Marik pushed him forward so he landed on his hands and knees. Marik took the piece of cloth in his hands snapping it a few times.

Oh shit… Heba knew where this was going.

"No wa-ah," he was smacked again then Marik put on hand between his shoulder blades pushing his face into the mattress all the while still managing to stay inside of him. He then grabbed both of Heba wrists tying them together in one fell swoop.

Heba tried to twist his wrists at the restraints but found that Marik still knew how to tie that sailor knot of his. Marik chuckled leaning down close to Heba ear.

"Now this time I get to hear you sing for me," his breath ghosted over Heba's ear and down his neck. He shivered, why does he always seem to make matters worse for himself? Heba tried to press his face into the mattress but Marik made him turn his head to look at him.

They stared into each other eyes until Marik captured Heba's lip again. While their tongues were battling Marik started slowly pump in and out of Heba again. He wanted to make him cum one more time before he got his release- who knew how long it would be before he got Heba back in his bed anyway? Answer if he had his way it would be every night.

Heba pulled at his restraints again, Marik placed one hand over the bonds as he released Heba's mouth. He smirked down at his flushed face and swollen lips. Marik smirked grabbing onto Heba's hips now as started to move fast and faster.

Heba tried to hold it in by biting his bottom lip all it took was one slip up and he was sing like a knight'n'gale. His body shook and wiggled under nether Mariks touch. His vision blurred he almost swore that he saw stars at one point. Then-

"AH!" Heba meowed out arching his back perfectly before falling back into his face panting shallowly.

Marik chuckled…found it. He angled himself there again getting him another mewl from Heba…damn how he loved that sound. Heba was so out of it at this point he was completely lost in the heat of the moment he didn't even see the person that was now standing in the door way.

"D-dad…" Marik Jr. choked out. Marik glanced up from Heba to growl in a feral way at his son. The look he gave Marik Jr. was get-the-fuck-out… Marik Jr. just nodded closing his fathers bedroom door… which he neglected to do earlier.

Guess this answers his questions as to why the shoppe was closed and where his father was. The image of his father ramping into Yuugi's dad was still fresh in his mind… was there soap for the brain? Cause he could really use some right now, he never wanted to see his father doing the nasty…especially with…with…with…HEBA!

A light bulb went on over Marik's head as a devilish smirk appeared over his face. If Heba was here… than that means the Yuugi would be all alone. He had a devilish idea…sure it might cost him his life but… revenge was worth it sometimes….right? That and he'd be getting something good out of it. He went to his fathers desk and rummaged around in the draws he pulled out a small blue bottle.

He pointed his ears down towards his fathers room and smirked when he still heard the movements and moaning. Now was his chance, he put on his shawl and slipped out the door running towards where he last saw Yuugi a huge smile on his face.


Rose: Well I was going to make this one longer adding in some of the Librashipping but that will have to wait till next chapter –wink- I figured that you guys had waited long enough.. my classes end on the 16th and don't start back up to the 7th so I should be pumping some stuff out between those times again.

Marik: I'm happy –grins-

Heba: -kicks Marik- I bet you are!

Rose: Now boys lets play nice in the sandbox with either other-

Jou: Liar you stepped on my sand castle!

Rose: -smirks- Nice Jou…. –Marik laughing ass off in background-

Jou: Wha'da I say? What!

Yuugi: Rose apologizes for the long wait and we all hope that you are enjoying the story so far...:)

Rose: -hugs Yuugi- ALRIGHT EVERYONE!



Write ya'll later,

Rose ;)

Bem-vindo- Welcome (Portuguese)

Para ai – Be right there (Portuguese)

Proproi li –Be right there (Italian)

Si fas est – Be right there (Latin)

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