Chapter 1: Alone

It was years ago since I was not alone, everyone always looking at me. I look like a demon instead of a normal boy with my snow white hair, blood red eyes, and shark-like teeth.

No one seems to want to come near me, except my family. The only thing wrong about that is my brother left for a college in England 2 years ago, and my parents are almost always on travel for some reason I do not know much about .

You would think a rich boy from New York would have a lot of friends, right? Well that's not, the case for me.

No one seems to want me to the point where my mother even made a deal with another wealthy family, from Japan. That I would marry their daughter who is 16 just like me.

And I only have 2 reasons why I will not marry her.
1: I do not know her, and 2: She probably wouldn't even come near me because of my appearance.

I sighed as I walked out of my room and stood in the hall. I wish that I was born with a normal appearance, or that there was one person who would not see me as a monster. I wish they would see me as a normal human being like them.

I sighed again and started walking down the stairs to see my mom talking with my future wife's parents.

As I was walking down the stairs I noticed that the woman looked at me and actually smiled at me. She had long slightly dull blonde hair that was pulled up into an elegant bun with a red and black designed comb, and a pair of warm forest green eyes that sparkled with excitement. The woman was small and lithe. She wore a strapless red, black, gold, and white Kimono. The dress made her look like royalty and she held herself like so.

The man standing next to her glared at me and made the warm feeling the woman gave me go away and left me feeling alone all over again. He was wearing a dark grey tux with a black tie. His red hair hung down at about chin length and his ice blue eyes were giving me the creeps.

"So is this the young man who is going to marry my daughter?" The woman asked me with her smile.

"Yes ma'am I am the one to marry your daughter." I shyly told her standing next to my mother.

"He's not going to marry my baby girl! He looks like a demon!" The tall man said with a disgusted look.

"Oh Spirit be quiet, he doesn't look like a demon he is just unique. I have never met a man or boy who looks like him! My Maka would like him very much." The woman told my mother, smiling at me making me feel good again, so I smiled back revealing my shark-like teeth.

i heard a gasp and quickly closed my mouth and hide behind my mother. I know I just killed the deal between my mother and this family, but I wasn't happy about it like I should be. The woman was nice to me and even called me unique, she didn't run away and scream or even stare at me with disgust.

"Kami he has shark teeth how could you want to give Maka to someone like him he's a monster and an octopus head?" Spirit asked his wife still staring at me with a look of horror.

"Spirit he isn't a monster! He is a unique boy who I think deserves our Maka's hand in marriage." She leaned down and out stretched her hand towards me, "I think your smile is handsome, and you are not a monster! You are just a unique young man, who I think my daughter Maka would be glad to have as a husband." Kami smiled again and I gently shook her hand.

"Shall we discuss an arrangement for the two to meet each other and get to know one another a little better?" Kami asked my mother.

"Yes, would you like to meet their daughter Maka Soul? It would be a great opportunity to see if you would be compatible with one another?" My mother looked me in my eye.

"Yes I would be happy to meet her." I said to her.

All the adults walked down the hall to discuss the marriage. Leaving me alone at the bottom of the staircase to ponder about the girl.

I just hoped she didn't see me like her father did. I don't think I could deal with it very well if I were to marry someone who is afraid of me.

It was the day I was in my room in front of my piano , I almost always came here when I did not know what to do any longer. What if she does not like me or she's afraid of me? I hope she not feels the same as her father, so it just becomes difficult for us to come together if she is disgusted by me.

"I do not know what to do anymore, what if it does not work . I do not know if I can trust this girl. " I asked myself.

Suddenly, someone covered my eyes and whispered in my ear. "It's so rude to talk like that behind your future wife's back jerk. I have always believed that the two should trust each other when it comes to marriage " just as she said it she removed her hands from my eyes and stood right in front of me. That's when I got a good look at her, she looked very like her mother, but there were some things that were not the same .

Firstly her hair was a little darker with some red on the tips giving off a look of confidence. Second was her smile, it was so different than her mother's smile. Then there was of course her eyes, the one thing I noticed first. They were an emerald green mix with jade green. they were absolutely mesmerizing. And of course , her body also very beautiful. She was a very beautiful woman, but I did not deserve such a beautiful woman. Right?

I can not understand why her parents ( or mostly her mother ) would give their beautiful young daughter to someone like me.

I was taken out of my thoughts when she start talking "My mother told me that you are very special , I can see that she is right. "

I looked up and asked "So you do not think I look like a demon?"

She looked at me one more time and then said. "Hey, every demon needs an angel right? " She finished in the sweetened fashion which made me blush.

So I had to smile and her eyes widened. I closed my mouth and put my head down. There it was again, the face I have come to grow used to, now I really screwed it up. Then I follow her hands and they took a hold of my face. As she guided me to look up at her, she was smiling.

"My mother was right about you. You are really something special, you 're not like anyone I've ever met before in my whole life." She complimented me.

She look very happy about it , but why? This girl is also revealed to be something very special. Could be that my wish came true? I have finally met a person, who is not my family, that thinks I am something special! Someone who does not see me as only a monster, and I found that what she says is right, "Every demon needs an angel."

It looked like I just found my angel!