I started a new story! yay! XD Enjoy! :P

Rachel couldn't believe her ears. She held back a giggle. Kurt dropped the phone on which he was talking to Mr. Schue with and fell on his knees laughing. Rachel just couldn't hold it in anymore. She burst out laughing and joined Kurt on the floor. After a minute of laughing Kurt finally picked up and Mr. Schue continued,

"Anyways, this thing with Sam has been going on for more than a week. The other glee-clubbers are growing annoyed by it. I know this is a lot to ask but if you guys could come to Lima and help, that would be great." Rachel gave him a look that said, 'no way,' but Kurt gave her the puppy dog eyes. 'Damn them,' she thought. There was no way Rachel could resist and gave in. Kurt silently cheered and said, "We would love to help Mr. Schue, we'll be there tomorrow."

"I can't believe I gave in." Rachel moped.

"Well, suck it up, 'cause we're going to Lima tomorrow. Which reminds me, go call your dads, and I'll call Burt. Can you take care of the tickets, you always know where to get the best tickets." Kurt replied. They both went their separate ways after that.

In Lima, OH.

Rachel and Kurt walked down the hallway looking fabulous as ever. Rachel dressed in a gold sequined top, simple back pants and black pumps, while Kurt was dressed in a dark blue blouse and simple gray pants, and black dress shoes. Rachel and Kurt continued walking down the hall until they noticed Sam and Evan. It seemed as in Sam was changing into his Evan persona. They walked up to him and waited util he noticed their presence. Marley who had been talking to him motioned behind him. He turned around and quickly noticed their presence; he then changed into Sam by taking off his glasses and cashmere sweater off his shoulders.

"Rachel! Kurt! Hey, what are you guys doing in Lima?" He greeted. Rachel and Kurt looked at each other then Kurt spoke,

"Well, Mr. Schue called us and asked us to come back so we can help with your problem." Sam looked confused, he didn't have a problem. Well, according to him. Rachel then said,

"It has to do with this persona you created, Evan was his name?" Sam chuckled and replied,

"He's not a persona, he's my twin 's not a problem. And yeah, his name is Evan, Evan Evans to be exact."

"Well, to everybody else in the glee club it's a problem and we're here to help. I think it's time to meet this Evan to see how serious this is, don't you think Kurt," Rachel said back and looked over to Kurt. He nodded.

"Fine, but let's go to the choir room," Sam gave-up. Rachel and Kurt smiled to each other and each grabbed one of Sam's hand and pulled him to the choir room as best they could.

So um... yeah. I started a new story! I thought that Evan was funny so I decided to go with it! :D Leave a lil' love in the love box. ;)It's short but with time it will get longer. :D