I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters this is just a fanfiction so enjoy


in the dead of night a village lays dead bodies laying everywhere a man wonders through the man who killed everyone the man's name is Itachi Uchiha and as he left his brother Sasuke laying unconscious he turns to leave having killed all of his clan he has no choice but to leave then he hears a noise of familiarity he goes to investigate it and to his surprise he sees a baby laying in a crib crying there was no doubt this child had uchiha blood running through his vains Itachi unsheathed his sword to kill the infant but stops something he wasn't sure what made him re sheath the sword for some reason he couldn't kill the child this put Itachi in an ordeal after a breif moment of thinking Itachi took the infant with him Itachi having joined the akatsuki began to train the Uchiha child secretly with the help of the akatsuki no one besides them knows of the childs existence he is the secret Uchiha