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this is the second chapter for the secret uchiha (technically the first cause the other one was a prologue) and this is where the story begins now I feel I might confuse readers so I am going to relieve something spoilers there is going to be a moment when you read that says genjutsu mode now what I mean is this is what the people who are under the a genjutsu sees now their are instances where a person is under a genjutsu and there is no genjutsu mode so I wanted to point that out well enjoy reading this and tell me what you think cause this is my first fanfiction

time skip 11 years

I wake up to the sound of footsteps I get up to see what's going on I step out of my chamber and walk down the hall I then see Deidara sensei and Sasori sensei I call out

"Deidara sensei Sasori sensei" they both look at me

"oh it's you Urama." Sasori said

"ya so where are you to going?" I ask

"we're going to capture the one tailed jinchuriki" Deidara said

"oh I see" I said with a sigh I've known since I was young what happens to captured jinchurikies

"don't worry about it too much Urama" Deidara said as he patted my back

"ok then tell me something why can't I join the akatsuki." I asked

"because you can't." Sasori said

"but why haven't I proved enough I have been trained by all of you I have completed all of your tests so why?" I said with an annoyed tone

"look Urama you are too young I mean you are 13 years old also you are too kind hearted you couldn't kill without mercy" Deidara said

"well that's enough chit chat Deidara we've got to go." Sasori said then Sasori and Deidara started to leave but then Sasori stopped

"oh that reminds Nagato wanted to speak with you."

"ok I will go see him Sasori sensei."

"oh Urama don't forget to practice what I taught you."

"ok I will Deidara sensei." with that they left and I went to go see Nagato sensei I reach a big twin door room I open it and see Nagato sensei hooked up to a machine and standing next to him is Konan sensei Nagato looks at me

"come here Urama." he said I nod and walk to him

"Urama I have a mission for you." my curiosity perked

"what mission?"

"I need you to obtain a scroll for me."

"what's so special about this scroll?" I ask he then smiles

"that scroll holds information that will help the goal of the akatsuki." he said

"if it's so serious why not have one of the official members do it?" I ask

"because they need to not know the akatsuki had anything to do with this."

"I see I understand Nagato sensei." he smiled again

"Konan give him the map." he said Konan handed me piece of paper

"this will show you where the scroll is." she said I take it and look at the map

"when do I head out?"

"now." Nagato said I give a bow then turn to leave

"oh wait Urama." I turn around and look at Nagato

"I feel I should remind you to keep your identity a secret remember you don't exist so please keep it that way." I nodded and with that I left I got my gear ready I donned on a black hooded cloak which was given to me by Itachi sensei I then grabbed my mask which is uniquely shaped it looks like a skull this was given to me by Kakazu sensei I then put on the mask I then strapped my sword which was given to me by Kasame sensei to my back I use the summoning justu and summoned a giant crow I then jump on its' back and headed out when I got to my destination it was night I saw the building where they kept the scroll it was a two story building I then saw the 200 ninjas guarding it I quickly asses their skills with my sharingan most of them were jonin level but a few were anbu level this should be interesting I jump on the first guard and take him out then others were alerted they rushed at me I easily took them out with the help of my sharingan I can predict their movements I dodged their jutsu's with ease I then put them under genjutsu

genjutsu mode

the guards look up to see a blood red sky then they feel a surge of pain then in horror they see spikes stabbing out of them the spikes protrude out of them they scream in agonizing pain

genjutsu mode end

having taken down all the guards I make my way to the scroll the scroll is in a case as I go to grab it something catches my eye and I move my head out of way then I see a kunai that almost hit me I look over and see a figure it was another ninja but this ninja was different than the others instead of the usual garb this ninja is wearing a black cloth mask that covers the bottom half of the face this this ninja is wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black fingerless gloves that go all the way to the elbows I also notice this ninja has a medium size katana with a metal loop at the bottom of the handle strapped horizontally on the back and with my sharingan I asses this ninja's strength it's stronger than the other ninjas I fought

"give me the scroll." the mysterious ninja said

"why do you want it." I ask

"I was assigned to retrieve the scroll." the person said I pick up the scroll and look at it then back at the ninja

"well unfortinetly I can't give you the scroll you see I am also under orders so if you want it come take it." as I said that I put the scroll in my cloak the ninja sighed "fine I guess you have a death wish." then the person bolted at me I quickly threw sherikens at lightning fast speed the ninja in one swift movement unsheathed it's sword and deflected the shurikens being thrown when the ninja got through all the shirikans the ninja stabbed me straight threw with the sword but then my duplicit turn into a bunch of crows which left the ninja confused this gave me enough time to quickly weave my hand signs for my fire ball jutsu I released a massive fire ball at the ninja but the ninja countered with a water dragon which created a lot of steam which I used to my advantage I weaved my hand signs and launched a barrage of water sharks moving at fast speed but the ninja managed to dodged them by jumping which I predicted I then fired a fireball that took on the shape of a massive fire dragon this hit the ninja directly when the flames dissipated the ninja wasn't even so much as singed how that was a direct attack oh I see this ninja must have used a water style jutsu as a shield from my fire this ninja is pretty intuitive

"I understand now." the ninja said I look at the ninja then surprised when the ninja said "release." and them my genjutsu was broken

"I wonder when did you figure out that was genjutsu?" I ask

"at first I didn't know but after that last fire jutsu I realized something was off even with my water shield I should of at least gotten some kind of burn but I didn't that's when it hit me this was a genjutsu you used to see my abilities. But I am curious when did you cast the genjutsu on me?"

"well honestly I am impressed not many people have been able to break out of my genjutsu and to answer your question I had you under genjutsu the moment I placed the scroll in my cloak." I answered then I stretched out my arms

"and it worked I figured out your an adept with water style." the ninja look at me

"I also figured out your also an adept with fire style and you can use water style aswell besides I know more than just water style." the ninja said with a superior tone I laughed

"likewise." I responded so now the real fight begins I unstrap my sword as the ninja did the same and at the same time we rushed at each other as I swung my giant sword down the ninja raised it's sword to block my sword was pushing the ninja away the ninja backed away causing the momentum to make my sword stab into the ground I then used the leverage and the momentum to land a kick the ninja blocked it I then spin around and use my other foot to kick the ninja again I managed to knock the ninja back the ninja quickly regain composure then started weaving signs at fast speeds with my sharingan I see the chakra but I don't know what style this is then all of a sudden trees were uprising from underneath me wrapping around me I couldn't move the ninja came in for the kill I quickly pull out my hidden scythe which ripped my left sleeve I used my scythe to cut away the wood that was wrapped around me I then swung my scythe at the ninja which manage to only graze the ninja but it was enough to draw blood the ninja started to weave another jutsu this time at an extremely fast pace I had a hard time keeping up then a giant wave of water appears coming right at me I weaved my signs for my giant fireball jutsu and launched it at the wave I managed to cancel the wave but then I was hit by an invisible force that felt like wind it shredded my cloak and crack my mask to the point pieces crumbled off and I was hit good enough to be bleeding but not that bad the ninja came at me the ninja was channeling it's chakra into the sword the ninja started slashing at me and I was completely unarmed so I was dodging the strikes but the ninja wasn't letting up not giving me an opertunity to weave signs damn this isn't good I might just have to reveal all of my techniques but given the circumstance I have no choice

"almighty push." I said and a sphere form around me blowing every thing away from me even the ninja was blown back but that wasn't it when the ninja got up I used a small clay bird I made and detonated it next to the ninja the ninja's mask was blown off and reveled the ninjas identity to my surprise it was a woman

"I'm impressed you have been my equal in this fight may I ask what is your name." she said this left me in bind I am not suppose to reveal my identity

"can you give me yours first?" I ask

"sure I am Hiyiko Senju now who are you." well now I can't say no it would be shameful not to I took off the rest of my mask and said

"my name is Urama Uchiha." she smiled

"well then Urama shall we end this."

"of course Hiyiko let's end this." I said but then she vanished I look up to see Hiyiko throwing a giant shurikan at me I dodged but the shurikan caught the rest of my cloak completely tearing it all off I look to see where she was but I didn't see her then it hit me I look over to where the shurikin landed and I saw her she had the scroll she used the transformation jutsu to turn herself into the shurikan then she used a clone to throw the shurikin at me to rip off my cloak to get the scroll she gave me a devilish smile

"well I guess this is my win I look forward to seeing you again." then a blast of a blinding light appeared and when it faded she was gone I grab both my sword and my scythe I then summoned my crow and started flying away I then reached inside my shirt and pull out the real scroll my back up plan work by using the transformation jutsu I turned a piece of wood into the scroll then I placed that one in my cloak while I placed this one in my shirt and it worked

"actually it's my win." I said to myself with a satisfied smile I then headed back to the akatsuki lair when I got back it was day I got inside the lair I then unsummoned my crow I imedetly saw Deidara and Sasori and I saw all the other members figures standing on two giant hand I also saw another person he was floating in the air having some sort of chakra being drained from him I assume he is the one tailed jinchuriki

"Urama it's you." Deidara said

"ya it's me." I said

"what happen you look like you were in a really bad fight." he said

"well I was." I replied

"that's enough talking Urama come to where I am and report about your mission." the shadow of Nagato said

"ok Nagato sensei I will be there." I said I then used the teleportation jutsu and I went to Nagato

"so Urama how did the mission go?" he asked

"it went well Nagato sensei." I said as I threw the scroll then Konan caught the scroll she opened it and showed it to Nagato he smiled

"excellent Urama but I am curious you look as if you had gotten in a tough battle were those ninjas who were guarding the scroll that challenging?" he asked

"well those ninjas weren't a problem it was the other ninja that was the problem." Nagato looked at me with curiosity

"what ninja?" he asked

"well there was this other ninja who was sent to retrieve the scroll." I said Nagato then stared at me the air in the room tensed up

"this ninja that fought you was there any distinguishing features like maybe a headband or something to tell what village this ninja came from?" now that I think about it there was no indication as to what village Hiyiko was from

"no there was no such thing." I answered

"I see did you find out this ninja's identity." he asked

"no." I lied why did I lie I had no reason to lie and yet I feel that I should lie about this

"I see thank you Urama you have been most helpful." he said

"wait Nagato sensei I have a question."

"what is it Urama."

"what is in the scroll?" I ask he looked at me with a dead serious face

"why do you want to know?" he asked

"because obviously this scroll is very important I mean there was 200 ninjas guarding it and there skill levels were from jonin to anbu and then the fact that some other ninja was after it and that ninjas skill level was equal to me so I think I deserve at least that." I finished Nagato contemplated for a moment then he said

"fine I will tell you inside this scroll it tells you how to harness all the tailed beasts power and turn it into the ultimate weapon that is what the scroll is for and that is why I told you it was important for the akatsuki's goal and that is what is in the scroll." he finished

"I see so how long will it take to extract the one tails?" I ask

"three days and from what Deidara and Sasori said there are others trying to rescue the one tails jinchuriki."

"then you should let me stall them." I said

"no need Kasame and Itachi are both doing that." he said

"well is there anything I can do?" I ask

"no there isn't anything." he said

"I see." I turn and walk out

"wait Urama what are you going to do?" he asked

"I am going to do some training after my encounter with that ninja I know I have to get stronger." I replied

"ok as long as that is what you're doing." he said I then leave