Hello lovelies! I know, it's been an age.. But I back with a Halloween present! It's fluffy (and perhaps a bit rushed.) but i hope you enjoy :) The others will be updated as well, as well as a new one in a different les mis verse and as always the possibility of the sequel!

Warning: Fluffy.. and sexy talk

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Later, at the reception, holding her close during their first dance and then laughing as he waltzed Sarah in his arms as Éponine did the same with Ben, he smiled to himself and sent a prayer to Thénardier, thanking him for the opportunity to marry his love twice. A vicious cackle rang through the small house, followed by two surprised shrieks, one followed by laugher and one that soon reduced to whimpers.

"Henri Combeferre, I told you that doorbell wouldn't be a good idea!" Éponine shouted up the stairs, her large dress swishing around her legs as she went into the living room to retrieve her little 'objects'.

"Oh, my poor little Clock, did the mean bell scare you?" Éponine cooed as she reached down to lift her whimpering clock into her arms. The little boy, dressed in the brown and gold Cogsworth costume (complete with little hat and mustach which Jehan drew earlier.), nodded his head rapidly before burying it into his mother blue frock.

"Mama!" Her little teapot called from the ground, flexing her little fists open and shut, arms up and demanding to be held.

"Oh, my little pot, that scary bell doesn't scare you does it?" Sarah shook her head and giggled in response.

"That's my brave little tea pot!" Combeferre cried, swopping the little girl into his arms, evoking squeals of delight.

"Careful Henri, she's been getting her grubby little paws into the candy jar, she could throw up all over your suit and what would Jehan say if that damned suit he worked so hard on got ruined before he could come back to take pictures?" Éponine scolded her husband; the latter simply shrugged, pulling his princess and his queen closer.

"What goods being a beast if you can't play with your enchanted objects?" he pouted, pressing a kiss to her brow. She smiled, moving her head just right to meet his lips.

"Aw, gross! Why do I hafta wait for Courf to show up before I can go out, all the good candy's gonna be gone by the time I get out there!" Now nine year old Gav complained, entering the room.

He refused to take part in the family's group costume of Beauty and the Beast, insisting he was too old for Disney movies (though, Éponine had videos of him thoroughly enjoying every 'baby' movie she (more Courfeyac) put on for the twins.), instead opting for Captain America (much to Enjolras' horror.).

"Gav, they'll be here any moment, and you're not old enough to go out by yourself."

"Not to mention how offended Courf, Grantaire, and Bahorel will be if you left without them." Combeferre added, taking a now sniffling Ben from his mother's arms.

"My poor little man, did Daddy's bell scare you?"

"Dada." Ben sniffled, once more burying himself into a parent's clothing.

Suddenly the screech filled the hall one more time, sending the little boy into another fit.

"Henri, that doorbell better be gone after I get the door." Éponine growled, setting Sarah onto the floor and moving towards the door.

The little girl, wanting to follow her mother pushed herself onto her two stubby legs and shakily followed the swaying blue skirt towards the door, only to fall five steps later.

"Oh ma belle fille, you're getting better!" Combeferre smiled, moving forward to lift his daughter back to a shaky standing position.

"Up!" She cried, clapping her hands.

Combeferre laughed, placing Ben down to greet the guests at the door.

"Trick or Treat!" Courfeyac shouted, opening his satchel and shoving it in Combeferre's face. "I demand sustenance!"

"Courf! Finally! They're not letting me go and all the good candy's gonna be gone!" Gavroche ran forward, but his sister's hand stopped him.

"Gav, do you see Taire or Rel?"

"They should be coming soon, though Taire may be a little late, he was trying to wrestle Enj into a costume that wasn't a French hero." Jehan replied, airily waltzing into the home, his plait full of flowers and his purple outfit rustling along the way.

"Now, where are the birthday babies?" Courfeyac questioned, moving in with his boyfriend and, when finding the twins standing (clapping in Sarah's case) on the rug, he put his hands on his blue vested hips in a very Flynn like way.

"There are the birthday twins!" He cried, sweeping them into his arms. "Best steal of the evening!"

"Coof!" Sarah cried, clapping more. Even Ben smiled.

"Careful honey, if she pukes on your Flynn vest I will go all frying pan on you." Jehan threatened quietly, bringing a gulp forward from his beau.

"You said the other's were coming?" Combeferre asked, checking outside to see if any trick-or-treaters were coming to the door yet (An event he was sure would set Gav off.).

"I think so, Marius is all wiggy about going out."

Éponine snorted. "She's barely four months along, he needs to cool it."

Jehan shrugged. "Well they're on their way, Bahorel, Feuilly and Azelma were actually right behind us. Grantaire said he'd be here as soon as Enj put on his outfit and Joly Bousset and Musichetta should be here soon too I think."

"Did you hear that Chetta has to tell us all something?" Courfeyac mused, chuckling slightly as Sarah tried to reach his boot clad legs.

"I did, I hope it's something good, Lord knows I haven't heard anything interesting in days." Éponine quipped.

Noticing people on the doorstep she practically ran for the door, not wanting to set Ben off again.

Wrenching open the wooden slate she was met by a rather pale Marius and Pumpkin Cosette.

"Hello! We're here and we've got presents!" Cosette cried, waddling in, her growing belly sporting a smiling jack-o-lantern.

"'Sette, I don't know how much a pumpkin fits in with Sleeping Beauty." Éponine chuckled, particularly to Jehan's look or horror to the tainting of his creation.

" That's why I requested blue, I wanted baby to be in it somehow," She smiled, turning to her husband. "Come Marius, you've got to give the presents to the birthday twins!"

"Cosette please, you've done a lot of walking, please slow down darling." Marius pleaded, but his requests met rolling eyes and deaf ears.

"Calm down Marius, she's only half way there, and if Ép can deliver in a café, 'Sette could deliver on the moon! Hey!" Courfeyac cried as hand connected with his skull.

"I was just saying." He mumbled, looking gloomily at Combeferre who was shaking his head.

Though Courfeyac's bad mood only lasted a few more seconds for two things occurred in very close succession to each other.

The first was the arrival of the second of the three adult trick-or-treaters to arrive; Bahorel, clad in red overalls and orange checkered shirt complete with red wig gelled up, followed by Azelma who sported a teal hoodie and brown ribbed skirt and candy in her hair and Feuilly in a blue workman's outfit carrying a gold hammer.

"Courf, Gav, we are going to wreck the candy scene tonight!" Bahorel laughed, beating the air with a giant fist.

"You've been waiting all night to say that haven't you?" A voice from behind him drawled, causing everyone to turn and focus on the couple behind the threesome. Courfeyac and Bahorel fell to the ground in laughter.

Grantaire had arrived in a full brown outfit that included a furry shirt and leg warmers and antlers upon his head. By his side was a less than happy Enjolras who was baking in the grey and woolen ice harvester garb.

"This is rich!" Courfeyac cried from the ground, wiping away tears.

"SO worth the wait!" Gav laughed, buckling over when he saw his sister snap more than one photo of the pair.

"Ok, I think we've had our fun." Enjolras bit out, moving to deposit their gift to the twins on the ground only to retrieve Ben in the process. "Ben, don't you agree?"

"Ras!" The little boy squeaked, reaching his pudgy hands to grab the little grey hat atop the leader's golden curls.

"See, he's clearly the only one with any sense around here." Enjolras huffed, bouncing Ben gently to prompt the boy to nod as well.

"Ugh! C'mon guys, all the good candy's gonna be gone and we'll only get baby Ruth's!" Gavroche cried, swinging his orange pumpkin around for emphasis.

"Oh no!" Courfeyac swayed, falling dramatically into Combeferre's unsuspecting arms. "What ever shall we do with only Baby Ruth's!"

"I for one think Baby Ruth's are fine, but yes Gav, all of your chaperones are here, so you may go." Éponine spoke, pulling her brother into a tight hug (to which he fought slightly.) and opening the door for them.

"Be safe! Don't take candy from strangers!" Enjolras cried out the door.

"Enj, I believe that's the point of Halloween." Combeferre sighed, patting his friend on the shoulder.

"Have they left yet?" A voice called from the back of the house.

"Boo!" Sarah cried, lifting herself once more onto her stubby legs and attempting to run to the unlucky fellow dressed in brown pants, green shirt and matching beanie.

"Hello there Sarah." Bousset replied, lifting the girl into his arms. "Happy Birthday!"

"Bousset, how did you get into our house?" Éponine questioned, one hand clutching her chest, the other comforting a shaking Jehan.

"Left the back door unlocked, thought we'd supply a Halloween scare." Musichetta cackled, coming in from behind her lover clad in a shimmering blue dress.

"I tried to advise them against it." Joly insisted, bringing up the rear in brown pants similar to Bousset's, though he sported an orange shirt and flannel with an orange beanie.

"I'm glad someone in our group is against breaking the law." Combeferre sighed.

"And yes but they only just left, you can still catch them." Jehan supplied.

Bousset gave a thankful nod and handed Sarah to Musichetta (who gladly accepted.) before walking towards the door, only to trip slightly in the process.

A small chorus of laughter broke out amongst the costumed group standing in the family room that is until the shrieking bell rang out and Ben began to wail.

"Combeferre I don't care what time of year that is, once those trick-or-treaters have their candy that bell is coming off." Éponine ground out, taking her wailing son from Enjolras' arms.

"Would've been easier if you took them out this year." Azelma drawled, picking at her candy skirt all the while avoiding Jehan's scolding hand and glare.

"I told you Azelma, they're too little, it's only their first birthday, they can go out next year." Éponine responded, rolling her eyes as she rocked a calming Ben back and forth.

"And how would going out in the dark make this any better?" Enjolras reasoned.

"Man, I can't believe it's been a whole year." Musichetta breathed, sitting on the couch and playing gently with Sarah. "I mean, so much has happened in just a year."

"That's an understatement." Feuilly snorted. "I mean, we almost lost Gav, then found out about the twins."

"Then almost lost them and had them in a café" Éponine whispered. Her words were tainted half by fear of remembering that night and half by love for remembering the first night she saw her babies.

"I can't believe we didn't realize it was Halloween until the next day." Enjolras laughed.

"Then the whole thing with your father." Joly continued.

"And getting married." Combeferre beamed, leaning down to kiss his beautiful wife.

"Twice." Azelma chirped.

"Now 'Sette's expecting."

"And so am I." Musichetta spoke, drowning the room in silence, but only for a moment.

"WHAT?" Éponine shrieked, startling a finally calm Ben.

"Chetta that's wonderful!" Cossette clapped.

Multiple congratulations followed and Joly sat beside her like the happiest guy around.

Of course, no one knew how to ask the loaded question of the announcement, but Musichetta does have that creepy intuition of knowing everyone's thoughts.

"We're not sure, but we don't really mind. It's a baby that was created through all of our love and will be all of ours." She smiled.

"Chetta that's beautiful." Éponine spoke, moving to her best friends side to envelope her in a hug.

"Thanks babe." The other replied.

The twins, or at least Sarah, upset from the lack of attention, both squeeled, bringing about more laughter.

"Don't worry babies, once your brother and the other children return we'll have your cake." Éponine cooed, kissing each of her children in turn.

Once Gavroche had returned triumphantly with not only one, but all four buckets brought (of course the boys brought their pails, it is trick-or-treating after all.) filled, they sat down to sing happy birthday to their youngest members.

Both of which basked in all the love and attention, running with cake plastered faces from one pair of open arms to the next.

Despite a majority knowing of the tri-lovers announcement, Bousset again shouted it to the world.

"We're gonna be daddies!" He cried, crushing both Joly and Musichetta to his sides.

"Holy shit we're really expanding." Bahorel boomed with laughter, Sarah clapping from his arms.

The party continued well into the wee hours of the morning, even after the guests of honor had fallen asleep in their parents' arms.

Once the guests had dwindled out, into the dying moon of the haunting night, and the little family was nearly ready to put their smallest three to bed, one trio remained, midnight not quite pushing them out.

"Ép." Musichetta whispered, pulling her aside as their men said their goodbyes.

"Yes Chet?" She replied, pulling her hands closer.

"Will you be the god-mother for my baby?" She whispered. "I know it's early, and it's crazy, but you're my best fri." she was interrupted my a finger on her lips.

"I would be honored babe." Éponine replied tearfully, pulling her friend into a hug as best she could with Sarah asleep in her arms. "I'm so happy for you."

Musichetta smiled tearfully in response, giving Éponine a kiss on the cheek before moving into the arms of her boys and going off into the night.

Éponine mirrored the action and moved into Combeferre's waiting embrace and smiled warmly at him before reaching out to swipe some of Ben's soft sandy curls away from his eyes, moving into the house slowly.

"I can't believe their one Ferre." She breathed as they sat down on the couch, careful not to wake their charges.

"Time flies Ép." Combeferre replied shakily.

"Henri are you crying?" Éponine questioned, nudging his shoulder slightly.

"It's too fast Ép, I mean yesterday their were born and then we were married and now their one and soon Gav will be married and they'll be in college and Sarah will have a boyfriend and Ben will get a tattoo and."

Éponine let out a loud bark of laughter that nearly woke the twins.

"Be quiet, 'm tired." Gavroche mumbled from the love seat, soon succumbing to snoring once more.

"What's so funny?" Combeferre demanded, still wiping stray tears.

"Everything you just said. I mean, Henri, they're one and nine. They're not going to college or getting married or dating and getting tattoos any time soon, and even when they do, they'll still be our babies."

Combeferre contemplated this for a while before nodding slowly.

"And they hopefully won't be our only babies." Éponine nudged gently and Combeferre's eyes widened comically.

"You're not?"

"Well, no, but we can always try." Éponine responded slyly, making Combeferre blush.

"They'll be more of the next generation than us soon if we're not careful." Combeferre gulped, causing Éponine to laugh once more.

"Relax Henri, let's just enjoy our babies' first birthday and their first Halloween."

Combeferre smiled, gently leaning over sleeping Ben to place his lips on his wife's.

"That sounds like a wonderful plan."

And there the little family sat, the parents smiling, kissing, and soon falling asleep watching their babies dream of little ghouls and goblins, candy, and of course, a lot of loving laughter.

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