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Chapter 4: a turn for the worst

-as I was inside the lab currently having a very prod happy old asshole looking at my head I saw my growlithe head outside to do something.-

?'s P.O.V

-an older man in his late 30's is sitting in a big comfortable looking recliner made with an expensive looking satin cover. In front of him was a big wooden desk made out of mahogany. Upon the desk was a brand new looking laptop. Pulled up on the screen of the laptop was a picture of Dave with a newborn growlithe at his feet that was all sorts of fucked up color wise. In the picture Dave was holding an old samari headband that was awarded to him for being the best in the tournament of blades (well lets see how should I explain it. . . imagine a bunch of angry dudes running around in a big empty room with wooden swords attacking each other till only one was left being conscious.) from when the man was younger. The man's hand resting on one of the arms of the chair tensed as he gripped onto the arm and let out an angry low growl as he looked at the picture. If anyone had happened to look at the bottom of the picture they would see that a middle aged man was unconscious with a scar running over part of his exposed back. If anyone had happened to look closer yet they would have seen the split skin from a blunt object hitting him just beside the left eye with a little blood pool beside it. If the people who had noticed that would have looked closely at Dave's bokuto they would have seen the small streak of fresh blood on the end of it. The guy switched to the next picture by clicking the wireless mouse he held in his hand. The next picture shown was a newspaper clipping about the fire in Dave's forest. As he looked at the picture he smiled happily. After contently staring at the picture for several minutes he moved to the next picture of Dave standing in front of Oak's lab carrying his stuff from his partially burned cabin. At this the man frowned deeply and closed the photo viewing application and shut down his computer. As the screen went black the man's image was shown in the now mirror like screen. The face was the same as the one that belonged to the man who Dave had beaten last in the T.O.B (tournament of blades). If one had looked they would have noticed the man's name while his computer was being shut down. The icon above his name was a picture of Dave with a red line drawn across his throat and a knife jabbed into one of his eyes. Just below the icon was the word Gehenna. If one thought about the placement they would have noticed that it was not a word but a name. A hand then shut his computer. Then Gehenna got up from his chair and grabbed a sword that was leaning against the wall. The sword and sheath he picked up were both all too familiar. In his hand he held zangetsu and its sheath. With one swing Gehenna opened a rift in the dimension and hopped through it as it closed.

Dave's P.O.V

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" I screamed. "I'm gonna beat you ass old man if you keep hitting my head." I threatened oak.

"Well now that that is done I know for sure. You may have hit your head a few times rather hard and you may be experiencing a headache from all the damage and abuse your head took. I believe that as long as you don't go looking for a rock to bash your head against again you should be fine. There is no sign of a concussion or brain damage. Then again you would have to actually have a brain to damage in the first place for that." Oak said as he closed his eyes with a finger pointed at me like a cocky son of a bitch who is asking for a broken arm.


-Oak ran out of the door as I got up and chased him while being so fucking pissed at him that I made a raging garyados seen timid. I didn't see Oak spin around the door into the small indent in the wall covered by a holograph though so I threw around books and shelves trying to find him until I was completely worn out and laying on my back staring at the ceiling gasping for breath. I closed my eyes as I tried to calm my breathing with Oak managing to sneak past me into the room he had run out of from me. Then I heard a loud yelp from a canine that was cut off mid yelp as if the canine making the sound had died. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end from the sound as I dashed into my room past Oak causing him to dive out of the way in fear as I got my katana and ran back through and out of the door. What I saw caused me to drop to my knees and scream. In front of me was my growlithe with her throat sliced halfway through with a section of hair on her face shaved off with what had to have been a type of sword blade. In the bare skin was a deep and wide gash right beside her left eye. On the ground in front of her body was a message. The message was written in her own blood and was addressed to Dave. It read, "DEAR DAVE, I HAVE TAKEN FROM YOU SOMETHING YOU HELD DEAR JUST AS YOU DID TO ME YEARS AGO. IF YOU WANT TO SETTLE THE SCORE THEN COME AND FIND ME. I'M WAITING. G F S"

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