Bonus Chapter

Hidan had managed to strong arm his way into Mar's work place, and he wasn't about to fuck it up. Watch your language, she says. Put the damn shirt on, she says. No touching me in ways people will misunderstand, she says. Hidan wasn't entirely sure about that last one, but judging from the looks on Tobi, Deidara and Sasori's faces she probably had a good reason for it.

And so Hidan found himself sitting in front of the counter, blocking the register that no one ever uses, flipping through a magazine that Konan had found for him. Fifteen solid minutes of listening to him whine about how boring it is leaning againt the counter had spurred her into action. The pharmacy next door had had an issue with bikini chicks in it, and well... Hidan had a bit of a reputation. There was a reason why none of the partner pairs got down time simultaneously. A mountain range a few miles from the base had been demolished after Deidara saw something he really wished he hadn't.

The other girls behind the counter were launching barbed questions at his hostess, which she was ignoring in a rather impressive manner. Those bitches were lucky he was determined to be on his best behaviour, or Hidan would have gutted the lot of them already. There was a bit of an iffy moment when someone had asked how he managed to get his hair that awesome silver color, and Hidan had told her it was his natural hair color now go away. His glare had been more than enough to get the bitch to back off, but she'd immediately gone to Mar to ask if the carpets matched the drapes.

Mar had turned a lovely crimson color as Konan stepped on Hidan to keep him from gutting the poor girl regardless of the consequences. "How the hell should I know?!" Sure she'd seen him in a towel, but the towel covered those bits! Seriously! "Well, since you're sleeping with all of those boys you're shacking up with... I just figured you'd have noticed. Unless you were a bit busy." The wicked smirk that bitch gave Mar made her turn a purple color. "I saw nothing, I did nothing. Drop it." Hidan snorted as Mar fled to the other end of the counter, pretending to be busy stocking bags. "She's totally lying." The obnoxious one said, Dan- something or other.

"Let's stop harassing them, and get back to work." The tall one said in her bored voice, staring at the clip board every had spent at least five minutes staring at that morning. Mar had explained that the break schedule was posted there, as well as whoever else was in the store. "But why the f- hell does it take five minutes to read the damn thing?" Hidan had asked. It wasn't even that long of a list. "Because people be bitching about their times and try to wheedle their way into a better spot." Mar had said as she rolled her eyes. "Seriously, I have lost faith in humanity."

After flipping through the magazine for the tenth time Hidan made a frustrated sound deep in his throat and tossed it above his head onto the counter he was leaning against. "When are we leaving already?" Mar dropped another issue onto his head. "When I'm done." After Mar had moved back to the counter behind the registers, up against the wall, another girl walked up to him. Judging by her lack of uniform she was a shopper, and judging by that gleam in her eyes she was interested in getting to know him better. Hidan groaned as he realized that he was going to have to try and do this without making a scene. Neither drama nor crime.

"I'm gonna go stretch my legs or whatever." He muttered as he slouched away, hands shoved in his pockets. The footsteps coming from behind him proved that the dumb bitch had followed after him, like Hidan had thought she might, and he got ready to be as horrible as possible without drawing attention to himself. "Look, I don't care who you are, or what the fuck you want, but I'm not interested." Hidan spun on his heel to give her the coldest look he could muster. "What, you got a girlfriend or something?" Bleach blonde and busty. Hidan wouldn't have been surprised if 'tramp' had been stamped across the back of her pants.

"Or something, now get lost." He didn't have time for this shit. He was supposed to be keeping an eye on Mar while Konan worked her way around the store. Now this chick was getting the fuck in his way, and Hidan was already pissed because he was bored. "Either you have a girlfriend or you don't. Even if you do, she'd never hafta know." With this last statement blonde bitch glided over to Hidan and started to snake her arms around him. With the most amusing 'oh shit' look on his face, Hidan shoved her off of himself and stepped back a few paces.

"Listen you ugly-ass bitch." Screw mister nice guy, nothing ever goes right for mister nice guy. "Even if I didn't have a fucking girlfriend I wouldn't go anywhere near you. Only Jashin-sama knows what the fuck diseases you have, and I like my dick just the way it fucking is. Now get your skanky ass the fuck away from me before I really lose my fucking temper." This entire rant was said in the softest steel-edged voice he could manage, because even in the middle of a rage fueled rant Hidan really would rather avoid getting in trouble with Mar. Blonde bitch's face morphed from mildly 'not-so-unattractive' to hideously angry as he talked and by the end of Hidan's little speech she looked livid.

Bitch raised her hand as if she were considering a nice smack across the face, but the look on his face quickly made her change her mind. Slutty, yes. Suicidal? Not so much. With a furious huff, she turned on her heel and marched off in the opposite direction. Hidan scowled at her back for a minute before turning and walking back up the where Mar was smiling at the customer she was helping. "Feel better?" She asked as he settled himself back into his corner. "Oh, yeah." Hidan answered as he picked his magazine back up. "You've no idea."

A/N- A few people said they wished they had seen Hidan at Mar's place of work, and it just popped into my head. Sure, Mar thought Hidan had behaved himself, but like the tramp said what she doesn't know... lol