Chapter 1: A dark betrayal

"Why!?" screamed the weak and beaten foot soldier who was just thrown across the dark and shady room. W-Why are you doing this!? He gasped as he is on the floor, leaning against a brass wall. There are peaceful people in this city; you can't jus-"The pleading soldier was cut off. "Of course I can." Chuckled the shadowy figure that slowly walks into the room which the soldier was tossed into. The soldier could hear the rattling of chains from each step the evil being took as he crept into the room. "I can do anything I please." He continued, "I am your god now. He sneered, "And as for my righteous judgment." The shadowy figure then reaches to his belt and pulls out of what looked like to be a hilt of some sort. "I hereby sentence the people of Cloud City.." His dark hooded head lowers and his voice, sinisterly deeper, "..To death." That being said, he then activates the device in his hand. "Starting with you." He chuckled.

A red gleaming laser blade extends from the hilt. The scared soldier gulps at the sight of the horrid blade. "Lightsaber." He cringes. The red ominous light from the blade then revealed the shadowy figure from the darkness of the dim brass control room. Although the red glow from the blade left a faint red color on his clothes, the soldier could tell that everything on the man was indeed black. The Sith before him wore a black tattered tunic underneath a ragged cloak that was as black as the deepest abyss of space. From his belt, he could see two large linked chains on both sides of his waist that attach from the front to the back end of his sleek black leathered belt. The dark fiend was definitely not looking for a stealthy approach to anything with the chains; however, the dark man liked the idea of the rattling chains to strike fear into his victims hearts as he approached them.. It worked. The soldier could not see the dark warriors face, however, for it was shadowed out because of his beaked black hood from which he wore over his head and covered a part of his face. "You're no god!" The soldier finally had the strength to say. "You're the reaper himself!" The hooded man laughed grimly. "..Charmed."

The Sith then reached out with his right hand and grabbed the broken soldier with the mystic power of the Force, levitating him off the floor of which he sat in defeat. "P-please.." The soldier pleaded. "M-mercy!" The dark 'reaper' then crept closer to the dangling soldier and then said in a blunt monotone voice, "..No." While having the lone soldier suspended in midair, he then smashes his body across the room. Grabs him again with the force and throws him the opposite side of the brass room. Finally, the evil man grabs him once more, the soldier tries to grab onto a control panel computer desktop to keep him from being thrown again but accidentally ends up pulling on a lever which then activates a fuel exhaust system in the brass piping in the room. One of the pipes was damaged when the dark Jedi tossed the ragdoll soldier into them alongside the wall, releasing the exhaust fumes into the room. "Perfect.." The cloaked man sarcastically grumbled. Forgetting that his lightsaber still on in his left hand. The intense heat of the blade was enough to spark the exhaust fumes which then exploded into a wall of fire. Acting quickly, the Sith force pulled the shocked soldier to him to shield himself from the fiery blast while the fiend could make his quick escape out the door. The dark warrior made it out without a single scratch or burn; the soldier, however, was not so lucky. 'Mercy.' The thought tickled his mind as he walked away from the burning room. "I'm not capable of mercy…am I?" He thought. "Hmph, I am Darth Sadoness, I no need to show mercy." He grunted allowed.