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A/N: Same verse as In the End. This is the prequel to it.

Who Knew That

It had been three months since the virus had been destroyed. Three months since Summer had offered them a place to stay until they could get jobs and a place of their own. Three months and Tenaya still couldn't call Doctor K's creation anything but Master Venjix. That in itself was an unwelcome reminder to them all what exactly had been done to her. Some days, she couldn't remember that she was even human to begin with. Something felt wrong. It just was.

In a way, it had been easier back when they were all fighting. Take orders, screw them up and fail. Or return triumphant and not get destroyed. Now, it was trying to integrate into a world where it was hard not to see humans, as anything more than flesh and bone, inferior and yet superior at the same time. People looked at her and remembered how close her side, no that was wrong, Master Venjix's side had come to succeeding. She didn't fight for him anymore, she was her own person. A cyborg, part human and part machine but Tenaya was no longer just a puppet, she was herself. She had a brother, she had friends. Granted she could count them on one hand but she was no longer simply a tool for a means to an end for anyone or anything but herself anymore. Tenaya was no longer Tenaya 7, 9, 11, 15 or numbered at all. No Tenaya was free.

But being free came with a lot of complications. First and foremost, her programming. It was still there and yet it wasn't. Doctor K had conjectured that it would go away with time, that it was just the lingering residue of being under Master Venjix's control. Still it was a minor annoyance.

It was the part that forced her to refer to Doctor K's creation as Master Venjix. It was the part of her that dismissed the very idea that she could have any happiness because it was irrelevant to any of Master Venjix's plans. In fact, it told her that any feelings she had were illogical and were only there to be used and discarded as needed. And perhaps the worst part was that when she got angry, really truly angry, it had almost caused her to kill her brother. Thankfully that had only happened once. But it still bothered her that she had almost succeeded. If not for Summer's interference, she might have.

She had been put into voluntary solitary confinement for a week so that Doctor K and the twins had a chance to examine her. Their conclusion, it had been a glitch.

And now, two months after that incident. Tenaya still couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Fundamentally and seriously wrong, she just couldn't put her finger on it.


Tenaya stared at her hand and concentrated. It didn't so much as twitch.