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If you believe that please see a doctor for gulliable-itis

I was being interviewed. It was something I have done a million times. But this time it was different.

"Frankie," Okra said, "We're all dying to know about the incredible event that happened in your life recently."

I smirked poised to make a joke.

"You want to know about how I got new bed curtains," I teased.

Okra laughed.

"Well I'm sure that's fascinating," she said, "But I would prefer to here about the reunion with Francine."

"Good," I said, "Because that's what I wanted to talk about anyway."


My wife and I had just gotten back together. She stopped drinking. I put my family first. Finding out your twelve year old was killed in NYC really puts things into perspective. On this particular day, 8 months later I was having a really bad day. Have you ever had the kind of day where everything that could go wrong does and anything that doesn't go wrong will? Well that was the kind of day I was having.

I'm not like my friends. I love them but we could not be more different. Our differences caused some serious disputes. However, I will say that they are loyal to a fault. Whenever you need them, they'll be there for you.

"Hey Frankie," Bobby said, "Do you want me to stay for awhile?"

I smiled gratefully.

"Thanks," I said, "But I wouldn't be much company today."

"I didn't ask if you wanted me to stay so you can entertain me. I was thinking I could keep you company. I really don't want ya to be alone"

I promised to call him but said I needed to be alone. I told him we could get together tomorrow. He reluctantly agreed.

I put my key in the door, turned the knob and stopped dead in my tracks. The sight that met me when I did that was a sight I will never forget. It was a dusty sight. It smelled like it was from the gutter. But to me it was the most beautiful sight in the world. I couldn't believe it.