Warnings: Contains yaoi boy x boy, Lemony goodness, Slight Profanity and moreeeee!

' ' For thoughts

" Is dialouge

Italics is kinda like emphasis

Oh and this is my first story! Sorry for any errors you see. I also need a beta.

Heating up

Riiiinggg..Riiinngg. "Sebastian!" Ciel called out to his loyal demon butler. In Less than one second later there were three knocks on the door to Ciel's study, and a familiar Jet black-haired red-eyed butler stepped in.

"You rang young master?", Sebastian asked. Ciel sparkling wide blue eyes eyed his gorgeously seductive butler before responding. "W-well yes.." Ciel stuttered. "Do you know why it's so c-cold in here? I'm s-shivering like c-c-crazy!" Sebastian noticed the slight chill in the room, but he didn't know why. "Young Master, it is quite chilly in here but im not sure why. Would you like me to prepare a bath for you?" Ciel had to ponder on the thought before answering. "A bath couldn't hurt...right. Go ahead". Sebastian bowed. "Yes, Young Master".

While Sebastian went to go prepare Ciel's bath ciel shifted uncomfortably from the coldness while thinking. 'Sebastian has been talking longer to bathe me nowadays. I've also noticed that his touch slightly lingers while he lathers me, and while he dries me. Could he...? No.' Ciel shook his head the thought. Just after Ciel finished his thought Sebastian came back to take him to his bath. "Your bath is ready Master", he stated with a nonchalant look. Ciel studied him before responding "Ah..Okay, take me to my bath then.", Ciel ordered. Sebastian took Ciel by the shoulder and guided him down the hall to the bathroom