AN: This is the third part of the Dipper's Mirror Trilogy. In keeping with the "mirror" aspect I'm doing each of the three parts in reverse order. Part 2 will also be a crossover with Adventure Time - it will, in addition, be Part 2 of my Marceline's Odyssey Trilogy. Confused? That's okay, so am I. But this idea was so awesome I couldn't keep it in my head too much longer.

Science? I don't need no stinking science! Sanity-free storytelling, that's the order of the day from me!

R&R and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Dipper opened the closet and pulled the library book off the shelf. It was the first book he'd bothered reading since moving out west, other than the mysterious journals. Dies the Fire was written on the cover. For a second, Dipper tried amusing himself by failing miserably in his attempt to read the title in the mirror on the inside of the door.

Trying his best to tune out the faint sounds of Sev'ral Timez from Mabel's iPod, he settled on his bed and flipped the book open. It disturbed him a bit, seeing the depiction of a world where the power went out permanently. Especially since the book was set in and around Portland, not too far from Gravity Falls.

Lightning flickered in the distance, way over the mountains. The thunder took more than a minute to follow, very loudly. Must be some storm, Dipper thought, closing the book and reaching for the lamp to turn it out.

Except it went out all by itself when his hand was only inches away.

"Ugh! Dipper!" yelled Mabel. "I was trying to write in my diary here!"

"Sorry, Mabel," said Dipper, even though he hadn't done anything. He gingerly reached forward in the dark and grasped the lamp. But for whatever reason, it wouldn't turn on. "Huh," he said. "The storm must have knocked out the power."

Mabel laughed. "What storm? Hey, wait a second. My iPod's not working! What gives?"

"Your iPod...what?" Dipper was in a bit of a daze. He could hear a faint rumbling rising from underground somewhere. What's going on? he thought. Earthquake?

But it wasn't an earthquake. It was just the generator behind the Mystery Shack reactivating. The lamp came back on. Again, entirely on its own. Mabel's iPod came back on too. With a small squeal of delight, she put the earbuds back on and sat back down on her bed.

Dipper pulled a flashlight out from under his bed and turned it on. Nothing wrong with it. So what was going on with the power?

He stayed awake for hours that night, just waiting for something else to happen. At around midnight, the flashlight fizzled out once again, only to turn back on within a minute. It happened again at 1:30, by which time Dipper had finally given up trying to stay awake.

The next day, the power continued to go out intermittently, never for more than a minute at a time. But because of the fact that virtually everyone in town had a semi-permanent weirdness censor, nobody really noticed this. Or the fact that no airplanes were flying overhead. No cars were visiting the Mystery Shack. No supply trucks were coming to replenish the town's supply of soda pop and salty snacks. The phones weren't making any calls except local, and throughout the internet only the sites for the Gravity Falls Town Hall and Library could be accessed.

But nobody seemed to notice. All just another day in the life.

Or so they thought. And thought and thought. For the next fifteen years.