Ephesians 1:7: in him we have redemption, and the forgiveness of sins by his blood, part 9.

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This story happens after Generator Rex Finale, and Ultimate Alien finale, while Omniverse never ever happen.

And I agree with Albedo about Ben having the Omnitrix, I don't trust Humans and I am a human.

This chapter is a parallel universe version where the doctor first meet the Daleks (from the Daleks first appearance ehh... 'the Daleks') never happen.


Three entity must collect a team of super powers team, and use their talents to the Omniverse, but with a team with members like Albedo, NoFace, Charm-Caster, and Breach. Idea with help with Gunman. Replacing Gabriel with Ezekiel.


The Dark Lord of Chaos chapter 9 . Jul 15

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Danny vs A Monthchapter 9 . Jul 15

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Breach then asked, "Uhh what is going on here?" She asked confused as to why it was unable to escape.

"Long story but according to Albedo they need electricity from the floor to move around." Hope said to four arm female EVO.

Albedo then said looking down at his Ultimatrix, "And there chaos will be our opportunity." He said before raising the Ultimatrix plunger and brought it down.

A unknown cell: Dalek city, Skaro no one P.O.V.:

Albedo body started to alter his body at super speed, his body ball up so that he could take the Dalek inner form, before the Ultimatrix manage to create a metallic carriage with two weapons for Albedo to used at his nonexistence discretion.

The Dalek then said, "You are not a Dalek, you will be exter..." Albedo used his blaster to destroy the real Dalek.

Albedo sounding like a Dalek said, "We must go through the halls and find a way to escape from this dreaded place."

Hope then said, "So you will tell them that you will be moving us as prisoners to somewhere else, assuming that you won't turn human again like Tennyson ."

"I can if you keep quiet and not waste the limited time that I have in this form." Albedo said, very irritated and annoyed with the 'humans' and their incompetent.

"No need to be cruel about it." Breach said, not noticing something off about her new friend who she knew so little about.

Albedo found her comment annoying. It would be so easy for him to kill her just aim his left arm up and fire, it would be so easy...but he had to keep her alive if he didn't those beings would not helped him to become his Galvan form instead of this superior form...no inferior form. Albedo didn't give it much thought, "Follow me this form cannot be kept indefinitely." He said completely unemotionally.

They have little desire to follow him but they had far less desire to stay here for who's know how long or worst be killed by those metallic monsters. "We're coming."

"I agree that tactile retreat is in order." NoFace reluctantly said, he would have love using these Daleks to start up his grand army or ending them outright but first he needed to fulfill his desire to survive.

Albedo was hovering above the floor wanting to make sure there was no trouble in their way. Breach took the limited time of peace to test her power here wanting to get out of this place. "Darn it." She said, mad.

"When we have opportunity, I'll see if I can combine non dark magic with your portals." She said, noticing something about Albedo that she didn't trust was it because he look like Tennyson, because that he looked like their capture or maybe because of his short temper.

"That sounds like a perfect plan B." Breach said so happy trying to keep herself happy due to her mental problem.

"We need to discover a way to destroy these enemies of ours." NoFace said blood thirsty for these metallic menace.

"YOUR BLOOD THIRST IS IRREVERENT TO US." Albedo yell at him, to him NoFace was just to quick to anger and fight against an enemy that is superior to him. The shape shifting human was annoyed with the EVO.

NoFace would just teleport away but it was weaken due to the nanites in his body could not regenerate without nanites from around him.

"WE MUST GET THROUGH THIS PLACE QUICKLY, THE SOONER WE FINISH THIS MISSION THE SOONER I CAN RETURN TO MY OLD FORM." Albedo said, he was determined to get out of here as humanly possible, he was going to be furious if his mission involves killing or saving these Daleks.

They manage to get to the elevator with Albedo, who managed to opened up the elevator, and once they got in the elevator he made it go down before he was force to be a human again. "Not this awful body again, I like the other one better."

"I think that we need to consider a new employer." Hope said, not liking who sent them to this god forsaken place.

"At least here is somewhere, better than where I was." Breach said.

NoFace wanted to run and kill every Dalek but a general never abandon his troops, whip them to death maybe but not abandon them. "We have to continued the tactical retreat."

Albedo heard one coming deciding that if he run that would be the best possible option. He hope that he could out before the others so they can be cannon fodder. "What are you waiting for?" he asked still running.

"I am coming." Charm-Caster said wanting to get away before something goes wrong, and that would mean she get shot.

Breach was far more interested in looking around it was so familiar to her, bland, no ounce of creativity just like her old home.

NoFace was ready to fight, but decided he would throw Breach over her shoulder, "Come with me." He said knowing that it would be best for them if she stay alive, no need for cannon fodder until they got problem. "Where are we going Albedo?"

"The forest they are unable to move without the energy that come from the floors." Albedo said, preferring that he would survive the current threat.

NoFace looked back at the city, "We will return." He said, "I will drink Daleks blood before I leave this planet." He vowed by the blood.

To be continued...

Next time: The team meet the other locals and must finished these Daleks threats. The Daleks ready to finished off the warrior started centuries ago.