Authors note: Hello all! This is my first foray into writing. I'll be switching POV's between Ana and Christian throughout the story and will really try to update regularly. I've used italics to indicate the characters' thoughts as the main style is like a diary of sorts. I've also given my Ana green eyes because, well, I've got them and don't we all want to be her in some way? She's also been given more of a diverse and strong personality, something I'd like to have seen. They are both a year older since I wanted Ana to have one year out of college to spread her wings a bit.

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May 13, 2011


"One drink, Elliot. That's it." How the hell did I get talked into this? I don't give a flying fuck who his latest flavor of the week is. Fuck! I shouldn't have mentioned that I was thinking about buying the damn club when he mentioned taking his fuck buddy to it. Now here I am, in an elevator going to the fourth floor of some apartment building to pick up Katherine Kavanagh.

"Would you calm the fuck down, bro? It's one drink then we can leave and see this club you're interested in. Why the hell did you ask us to come along if you're just going to complain the whole time?" He's serious?

"I didn't ask you to go you dick. You mentioned going there with this 'girlfriend' of yours when I mentioned that I was going to check it out tonight. Now I'm stuck going with you and your…'girlfriend'." I refrain from calling her his fuck buddy to his face, for Elliot this is definitely more on the serious side and despite my annoyance at having to spend the night with these two, I decide to use it as a means to an end. Kate's father owns Kavanagh Media and having him as an ally and contact doesn't hurt so I'll play nice for now.

I run my hands through my hair as does he, clearly a habit we picked up from our dad but one I'm unaware of unless I'm with Elliot or Carrick.

"And her roommate."

"Who's roommate?"

"Kate's roommate Ana is coming with us." He's full on grinning now and I want to punch his mother fucking throat.

"This is not a double date, Elliot. What the fuck is wrong with you? You can't tell me that you've invited someone else beforehand?" I'm furious; there's no time for security checks of any sort. He is so damn annoying I swear if he wasn't related to me I'd have ditched him years ago.

"It's not a date. She has a roommate, she's new to Seattle, Kate asked her to go, you know, to have fun. It's what people in their 20's do. They go out and drink and dance and have fun. And stop putting the word girlfriend in air quotes. She's different and I think this could actually go somewhere so do me a favor and don't scare her away by being…yourself."

He's pissed and I don't give a fuck. He should have told me but here we are, standing in front of the door as it swings open and an exuberant blond jumps into Elliot's arms and kisses him, right there in the doorway. Classy.

"Hey baby, this is my brother Christian. Christian, my girlfriend Kate."

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you, Elliot's told me so much about you and I'm so glad we get to finally meet." She speaks so fast it grates on me immediately but for Elliot's sake I shake her hand and plaster on the best fake smile I can.

"A pleasure, Ms. Kavanagh." I can see Elliot's eye roll but I ignore him. I want this night to end.

"El, I'm afraid there's been a change of plans. Our neighbor, the ones who moved in the same time we did, well the wife went into labor about a half hour ago." She's looking at him with those puppy dog eyes and I know he's falling for it. Good, let's go.

"What does that have to do with us, Kate?"

Is this woman going to invite us in or are we going to have our drink in the hallway?

"Sophie! Hold on sweetie, I'll get your baby doll for you. Oh, hi. I'm sorry, I didn't hear anyone knock." I see a small flurry of activity and then the clearest green eyes I have ever seen are staring at me.

Who. The. Fuck. Is. This? Holy shit she's beautiful. I can actually feel my eyes widen with shock and when she looks at me I'm pretty sure I audibly gasped. Fuck.

"Hi Elliot, it's good to see you again." She smiles at Elliot and then turns to me again and sticks out her hand, "Hi, I'm Ana, you must be Christian." The sound of my name on her lips makes my dick tingle and my heart ache all at the same time but I remember where I am and shake her hand, electricity zinging my palm.

"Hello Ana, you're Kate's roommate?" Of course she is you idiot. Why else would she be here, dressed like that? Wow, dressed like that. I'm instantly regretting giving Elliot such a hard time, this would be so much easier to play off if he didn't think I was so against it but all of the sudden, I can't wait to get a drink and dance with this woman.

"Christian Grey, meet Anastasia Steele, my roommate."

She smiles at me and then leans down to pick up a small child. What the hell is going on? She's got a child? Elliot looks just as confused and he takes a step back in surprise.

"Right, like I said, our neighbor went into labor and Sophie's grandparents are about four hours away. So, since they know nobody in Seattle yet, they asked if she could stay here until the grandparents got here which is still a little over three hours away. I'm sorry, baby, I was so looking forward to going out with you guys."

No! No, no, no! I cannot let this woman get away so quickly. Shit!

"Listen, there's no reason we should all miss out, the three of you can go and I'll stay here with Sophie until her grandparents come. I'll meet you out." Ana says sweetly but my palms are sweating and I'm about to blow a gasket at the prospect of a night with my brother and his 'girlfriend' sans Ms. Steele. Oh no, baby, now that I've seen you, you may as well strip, blindfold yourself and enjoy the ride. Actually, no blindfold, I want to see those eyes.

"Oh Ana, you're sweet but that just plain sucks. You and I will watch Sophie so Christian can check out the club. Elliot, why don't you go with your brother and then we'll meet up in a few hours?"

Elliot looks crestfallen and I'm sure I do as well. Without taking the time to think I blurt out, "Why don't Ana and I stay here and wait for the grandparents. This way you can take your car Kate and I'll have Taylor bring us later." I'm shooting him an icy glare, if he fucks with me now, I will kill him.

To his great credit he quickly wipes the incredulous look off of his face and smiles at Ana. "Does that work for you, Ana? Sophie seems to have taken a liking to you anyway." Thank fuck he got the hint.

"It's fine with me but Christian, you don't have to stay! I doubt you want to spend your Saturday night babysitting with a stranger!" She smiles shyly, her plump red lips capturing my stare. The tingle becomes a throb.

Oh Ms. Steele, you'd be amazed at what I'd do right now to spend some more time with you.

"I'd really rather wait until it's a bit later to get a real feel for the atmosphere and also get a better look at the bar receipts." I lie easily. I couldn't give a fuck about the alcohol tab or the atmosphere. I just want to know how the place operates and see if I can turn a nice profit off of it but at this point, I only care about seeing how Anastasia operates. I wonder if she's a screamer.

I can see the hesitation on her face and I can literally feel the confusion coming off of Elliot but he's remained uncharacteristically quiet. As a last ditch effort I give her my best smile and shrug nonchalantly, "It's up to you of course but I'd rather wait a bit before heading over there. I can always go home and pick you up later." This way, I'm ensured a reunion with her no matter what her decision.

The kid is still looking warily at me but thankfully Ana has stepped aside so that I can enter the apartment. At least one of them has manners.

"If you're sure you don't mind, it may work out better if there's two of us here. I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to children." She blows upwards to move the hair out of her face and I find myself pulling my hand back, wanting to do the exact same thing for her.

"Perfect, it's all set then. I'll tell Taylor. Elliot, you and Kate head over and we'll give you a call when we're on our way." Now go.

Elliot is still looking at me like I've grown another head but I stare him down and he blinks before saying goodbye to Ana and taking Kate's hand. I see her whisper something in her ear but Ana just giggles and waves her away. Good girl.

As soon as the door shuts I take off my suit jacket and unbutton my sleeves before loosening my tie, never taking my eyes off that tiny black dress as she moves around the apartment settling Sophie in. It's just short enough to be sexy and the beaded tight material shows off her body well. But it's the top that's killing me. She's blessed with above average sized breasts, real, if I'm not wrong and I never am. The edge is low enough to tantalize but covers enough to not cross into slutty.

"I'm going to go change into something more appropriate for babysitting, do you mind just keeping your eye on her for a quick minute?"

My eyebrows shoot up, this is way out of my comfort zone but I offered to help so I guess I have to actually…help.

"Sure. Did you eat dinner yet?" I know she hasn't since that was the first thing on our agenda tonight.

She reaches behind her and I know she's starting her zipper and fuck me if my cock doesn't begin to jump around. Is it inappropriate to offer to do that for her? I promise myself that I'll peel her out of that dress one day and glance back down at the kid.

"I didn't but I'm not all that hungry. If you want I can make something quickly, I'm famous for my sautéed potatoes. We don't have much else right now. If that doesn't sound good we can run to the store or get some takeout but it's already close to her bedtime."

She's standing there with her hands on her hips, the first inch of her dress unzipped and I can't for the life of me formulate a sentence. Fuck, I want her. What's the likelihood she'll fuck me while the kid sleeps?

"Whatever you make is fine." I'm surprised to find that I mean it.

She disappears into the bedroom and comes out in black yoga pants and a baggy cream colored off the shoulder sweater looking cute as fuck. Cute? Oh for fucks sake. Sophie and I have just been staring at each other and she runs back to Ana, her thumb in her mouth and hides behind her legs.

"It's ok, Soph. He's my friend Christian. Do you want to help me make some dinner? Are you hungry?" but Sophie is having none of it and starts crying. Ana shushes her and tries to calm her down, eventually giving up and putting on some dance music. Thank fuck the crying stops and she puts the kid down, sashaying her sweet ass around as she cuts up potatoes, onions, peppers and garlic. She puts on some dance music and tries her best to distract the kid with dancing and singing but it's me who's watching her.

I'm mesmerized, frozen to the floor beneath my feet. I offer to help but she waves me off and I can do nothing but stare at her. She's perfection, breathtakingly beautiful with an ease about her that I've rarely encountered. Either she doesn't know who I am or she doesn't care because she's not intimidated in the least. It's shockingly refreshing.

I look down at the kid and she's watching too, her thumb back in her mouth and when she looks up at me she says, "pretty."

"Pretty, yes." Ana turns and picks up Sophie, spinning her in the kitchen while the food cooks and while I'm not all that thrilled about having just potatoes for dinner, I concede that it smells pretty fucking good. If it tastes good too, I'm marrying this girl. Where did that come from?

When we sit down I can't help but feel anxious, I'm sitting at a table with a woman and a child, both of whom I've just met, and we're having dinner. This seems a little too domestic for my liking but damn this food is amazingly good.

"This is delicious. Are you a chef or something?" she giggles and my heart stops while my dick starts tingling again. My fork is in midair but thankfully she doesn't seem to notice. I want to hear that again.

"Self-taught. My mom can't boil water and my dad would starve if they ever stopped allowing take out. I find it therapeutic, like a hobby. But this is an unfair introduction, potatoes are my staple, you're getting my best dish to start! It's all downhill after this!" She giggles again and I feel…calmed.

I help myself to more while we chat about nothing in particular and before I know it the food is gone and The Kid has all but fallen asleep and is lying on Ana. Lucky kid. She raises her eyebrows at me and puts out her hand, silently asking me to help her stand. No problem, anything for a little contact and some privacy. Shit! That spark I felt when we first met is still there and judging by Ana's reaction she felt it too. She disappears into her bedroom and comes out two minutes later, sans Sophie. Finally, just us.

There's a shift in the air, it's just the two of us and we're still strangers but I'm hell bent on touching her so I've got to act like a normal guy and try the old fashioned way to get into her panties. No contracts this time, Grey. Something tells me Ana would have just about zero to do with that world. I should have paid more attention to Elliot, I have no clue how to be 'normal'.

We clear the table and she washes while I dry, neither of us saying too much. I mentally try to figure out the last time I did dishes and I can't recall. When we finish I grab an unopened bottle of wine and hold it up, lifting an eyebrow. "Wine?"

She nods and gets the opener and two glasses. The vintage isn't too bad but it's not good either. She should only be drinking the best. Maybe I'll take her to Napa. What the fuck is wrong with you? The minute she gets to know you she's history so get in her panties, fuck her brains out and get her out of your system.

We sit on opposite sides of the couch and she tucks one leg under the other while I pour her a glass. The way her hair falls over her shoulders is distracting and I have to shift so that I can hide my ever present erection.

"What do you do, Ana?" I find that I actually want to know and as she answers more questions fly through my mind. I'm eager for any information I can get on this woman.

"I'm a linguist, more specifically a hyperpolyglot. I own a small consulting company here in Seattle and I do translations for businesses and sometimes personal accounts." She's proud of herself and I want to squeeze her she's just so damn cute. Fuck, is she blushing? So she's uncomfortable talking about herself. Interesting.

"You have your own company? How long ago did you start it? What do you speak? Do you do written translation as well?" I'm trying to control myself but there is so much I want to know. Her business actually gives me an opportunity to keep her in my life for a bit longer though it mixes business with hopeful pleasure, something I've not done before.

"I do, I started it about four months ago after freelancing for a year once I graduated. I'm fluent in Gaelic, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Mandarin. I'm proficient in Russian, German and Dutch and I just started learning Arabic. Yes, I do a lot of written translation, that's more than 60% of our current business right now, contracts, emails and meeting notes. Oh! And I can speak American sign language."

I'm thoroughly impressed. It was obvious to me that she was intelligent but this is way beyond what I expected. I respond in kind, "C'est incroyable, comment avez-vous appris toutes ces langues?" I'm thrilled when her hands clap together and she smiles, making her happy and making her giggle has now become my nights mission. That and fucking her of course.

"Christian! Vous parlez français! J'ai une oreille pour la langue, c'est tout. Je ne suis pas vraiment bon à rien d'autre, mais il vient facilement à moi. Un bon linguiste peut parler autant que quinze langues si non, je ne suis même pas que le bon moment!"

Fuck. Me. Please. Fuck me, Ms. Steele. I have to get those perfect red lips wrapped around me tonight. I'm at full staff now, the sound of my name followed by her voice in perfect French has me harder than I should be. Belatedly I realize I'm staring at her, open mouthed. I'm just happy I'm not rubbing myself through these pants. I blink and take a sip of wine, she does the same.

"Say something in Mandarin to me." I just want to hear her voice and watch her lips. I have no clue, not even the smallest idea of what she's saying right now but I don't give a flying fuck. Just keep talking. I only know she's finished when she reaches for more wine but I beat her to it and pour it myself like a gentleman. But I'm not gentleman, the visuals I've got banked away of her for later are...definitely not gentlemanly.

Drink up baby, it makes it that much easier to get those sexy tight pants off of you.

"Wait, did you just say American sign language? Isn't that a universal language?"

"Surprisingly, no. It would make things a lot easier for the deaf community if it was but it's kind of the same as us saying that everyone should speak English because it's easier."

"Point well made, Ms. Steele."

"What about you? What do you do besides look into nightclubs?" She's looking at me intently and though I've answered this question only twice in my entire life since anyone I interact with already knows what I do, I find myself annoyed. I want to hear about her, who gives a shit about my life? The less she knows, the better. I want her to stick around, not run screaming for the door.

"I buy companies that are failing or weak and sell them off in pieces. Sometimes I'll handle the merger of two companies and take over as owner." Boring, moving on. When did you lose your virginity, Ms. Steele? Are you wearing thongs or bikinis? Have you ever been flogged?

"Mergers and Acquisitions? That's cutthroat." Fuck, I've lost her already. "As long as you don't try to take my company from me!" She laughs and I want nothing more than to suck on the creamy skin of her neck. Her delicate collarbone has been taunting me all damn night.

"Actually, I was just thinking that I could use your services for a deal I'm working on in China. We've been reliant on the Chinese to dictate and translate and to be quite honest, I don't trust them. The few people I've got on staff here aren't privy to most of the negotiated information so I'm left with a bit of a problem. I assume your company would sign an NDA and a Non-Compete Agreement?" Perfect, sign the NDA and then I can tell you and do to you what I want and you can't say a word. I am so fucking brilliant it pains me.

"Of course!" she rolls her eyes and fuck me if that doesn't piss me the fuck off. Visions of her bent over the couch, her bare ass red with my hand prints all over it scroll in front of me and I like it, I like it a lot.

"I'll set something up then. You'll meet with me and my number two, Ros and we'll go from there." I've never done the hiring, never needed to but in this case, I'll be on top of the entire process. And hopefully on top of Anastasia as well.

Two and a half hours, two bottles of wine and the easiest conversation about everything under the sun later, there is a knock on the door. My stomach drops, I had totally forgotten that there was a sleeping three year old in the next room and as much as I wanted the night to continue, even I could see that the wine had taken its toll on Ana. She's not drunk but she's not sober either. I could see a little stagger in her steps each time she'd go to check on The Kid and despite my earlier plans to seduce her via alcohol, I just can't. She's too good, too sweet, and too kind and even though it kills me, I'll behave and not touch her. Not tonight at least.

Ana jumps up and opens the door, shaking the hands of Sophie's grandparents and congratulating them while I go and pick Sophie up and carry her to her bed next door. My intention was to help but when I saw the tender look Ana gave me as I was holding the sleeping kid, I realized the opportunity this afforded for me. I can play the role of the sweet hearts and flowers guy if it gets me in her panties. I'm instantly disgusted with myself at the thought of misleading and using her and that confuses the fuck out of me too. True, I've never mislead any of the women I've fucked but I've never had three hour conversations with them either. Ms. Steele is fucking everything up in my perfect little world.

"Thank you so much for taking care of her, you and your girlfriend were so good to help out." The woman whispers as she tucks Sophie in. Girlfriend? I don't correct her, something about this woman thinking Ana is mine pleases me and I give her a small smile before leaving the room.

I stroll back into the apartment and she's washing the wine glasses. I have to fight the urge to press myself behind her and kiss her neck. Fuck! Her ass in those pants is incredible!

"Do you still want to check out the club? Elliot texted a few minutes ago and said they were planning on staying for another hour or so." I'm hoping she wants to go, I'd like nothing more than for her to put that dress back on and dance with me, her hot little body pressed against mine. Are those breasts real? Was my initial assessment wrong? They seem too perfect, just not too big for her small frame. I bet they are, she's not the type for implants.

When she turns to me I know the night is over, she's half in the bag and tired. Damn.

"I'd love to but I'm beat. Rain check?"

Hell yeah rain check.

"Absolutely, I'll let you get to bed." Shit shit shit. I'm not ready to say goodnight yet.

"Thank you for staying with me tonight. It was sweet of you and I actually had a really good time. I may regret it when I wake up with a killer headache but tonight's been fun." She's smiling at me and walking towards the front door to let me out. Shit!

"I'll call you about the Chinese deal. Are you free next week to come in and get acquainted with the project?" I try to keep the pleading out of my voice and I think I manage it but I'm not entirely sure. I've never had to play these cards, the women I've contracted to fuck have all been brought to me willingly so this is totally new to me.

"I am. Just call me and we'll schedule something. Here's my card."

I grab my cell off of the coffee table and follow her to the door fighting the itch I feel in my fingertips to skim them down her face. Her big clear green eyes are watching me and I lean in for a kiss goodbye on her cheek. Fuck she smells good.

"Goodbye, Ana. I had a great time, thanks for dinner and for letting me stay." I'm sincere, maybe for the first time ever in my life.

"Goodbye, Christian. I'll see you this week. Drive carefully!" and the door shuts. I feel bereft, lonely and isolated. What in the fuck is wrong with you? I have to force myself to walk to the elevator and hit the button for the ground floor and when I climb into the car, my eyes are drawn up to the fourth floor where I see the light from her bedroom go out. Taylor waits for my instructions, he's just as baffled as I am at tonight's turn of events.

"Escala please."

I lean back against the leather head rest and imagine her in silk, snuggled up under the covers waiting for me to come home from work. What is that all about? Don't you mean naked and writhing underneath you as she screams your name over and over and over? Ah, yes, there you go. I wonder what she's wearing.

The minute we arrive at Escala I make my way to the bathroom and get in the shower, the cold water doing nothing for the hard on I've had all night. Fuck it, I've got no choice here. I can't help but whisper her name when I grip myself and begin to pump up and down imagining it's her small soft hands. I'm surprised that the scenario I wind up on is one of her on her back, her legs wrapped around me. Unusual since I tend to envision whips and chains but this is surprisingly normal. I jack furiously as I think about her pert ass and that taunting collarbone covered in creamy skin and shock myself when I audibly say her name out loud as I come. Well that's new.


~C'est incroyable, comment avez-vous appris toutes ces langues? = 'It's amazing, how did you learn all these languages ?'~

~Christian! Vous parlez français! J'ai une oreille pour la langue, c'est tout. Je ne suis pas vraiment bon à rien d'autre, mais il vient facilement à moi. Un bon linguiste peut parler autant que quinze langues si non, je ne suis même pas que le bon moment. = Christian! You speak French! I have an ear for language, that's all. I'm not really good at anything else, but it comes easily to me. A good linguist can speak as many as fifteen languages so no I'm not even that good yet.~