Sara got home from work that night and threw her jacket on the couch and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. The day had been pretty good. No confrontations with Dante, no horrible visions from the Witchblade and no Nottingham.


Spoke too soon.

Sara whipped around and standing behind her, feet apart, head bowed and with his arms behind his back was Nottingham.

"God Nottingham, don't you ever use the front door like a normal person!"

To Sara's surprise, Nottingham gave a strangled laugh.

"I would if I could Sara, I would if I could."

"What the hell does that mean? Are you trying to tell me that it is physically impossible for you to use the door or something?" Sara said.

"Yes." He said quietly and reached out to touch her face. Instead of touching her, his had passed through her cheek. He let his hand drop back down to his side and took a step back.

"Ian?" Sara looked at him, fear filling her.

"I came to say good-bye Sara. I can no longer protect you and watch over you."

Sara stared at him, the words not making any sense for a second. Then all of a sudden it hit her. At the same time that she realized she had lost him she also realized what she had lost, a protector, a friend and maybe something more.

Nottingham stood there watching her. When Sara looked up at him through her own tears, she saw the tears in his eyes. They stood like that for an eternity and yet only for a fraction of a second.

"Good bye, Lady Sara."

"Good bye Ian."

After he had faded away, Sara collapsed on to the couch, her tears falling silently down her face as she stared up at her ceiling. When her phone rang, she just let the machine get it.

"Pez? Hey Pez, it's Jake. We got another homicide and you'll never believe who it is. Ian Nottingham. Anyways, I'll try your cell. See ya soon partner."