Pokemon Movie 12

Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Everyone remembers the disasters that happened when Dialga and Palkia fought in Alamos Town and when Zero attacked Giratina, causing Gracidea being in danger. Despite those disasters being over, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were still angry with each other. And there was another disaster that was yet to come, and it involved the legendary pokemon called Arceus.

Arceus was a god like pokemon and it's said in the legends Arceus was the creator of the whole pokemon world and created Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. But right now Arceus was angry. In the past, thousands of years ago, Arceus lent a special jewel called the Jewel of life to a man named Damos. There was a condition that Damos would return the jewel to Arceus. But on the day the jewel was to be returned Damos betrayed Arceus and attacked it with an army of pokemon. The betrayal made Arceus really angry and it attacked, killing Damos in the process. After the attack Arceus had fallen asleep after using up all its powers. But now he was about to awake and he had revenge on his mind. 'Human beings must be brought to justice!' he shouted, in telepathy.

In the present time the gang had come to a beautiful area called Michina Town. With how the area was so peaceful and lots of space, the gang agreed this was the perfect place to relax for a while. Ash released his pokemon Monferno, Grotle, Gliscor, Buizel and Staraptor. Brock released Sudowoodo, Happiny, Croagunk, Nuzleaf, Shieldon and Cranidos. Dawn released Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Buneary, Drifloon and Clefairy. Tomo released Staravia, Shellos, Glaceon, Castform and Ledian. There was a big stream in the area and the gang decided to have a swim. They changed into their swimwear and jumped into the lake. The pokemon who could swim and liked the water joined in, while those who didn't like the water and couldn't swim stayed on land. And Gliscor, Staraptor, Drifloon, Ledian and Staravia had a fly around.

Suddenly some watermelons floated down stream and Ash and Dawn caught them. "Yum" said Tomo, looking at the melons. Just then a boy and a girl turned up, saying the melons were theirs. The melons had been in a net to cool down in the stream, but they escaped the new. Ash, Dawn and Tomo were disappointed because they would have liked to have some melon. The boy and girl, whose names were Kato and Kiko, said they could have some melon, but under the condition of having a tag battle with them. Ash and Dawn looked at each other and agreed to battle Kato and Kiko.

So Ash, Dawn, Kato and Kiko got ready to battle each other. Brock agreed to be the referee while Tomo watched with all of the other pokemon. Ash and Dawn sent out Pikachu and Piplup to battle, while Kato and Kiko sent out a Heracross and Beautifly to battle. Dawn started off by telling Piplup to use bubble beam, which hit Beautifly. Heracross charged with megahorn, but Pikachu countered with iron tail. Next Pikachu and Piplup attacked with quick attack and peck and the two bug pokemon were hit by the attacks. Heracross and Beautifly attacked back with hyper beam and solar beam, but Pikachu and Piplup dodged the attacks. Beautifly went in with silver wind and both Pikachu and Piplup were hit by the attacks. Pikachu fired a thunderbolt, which broke the silver wind attack. Piplup charged in with drill peck, but Heracross countered with megahorn and sent Piplup flying into the air. As Piplup was helpless with in the air, this was a chance for Beautifly to attack him with shadow ball. But Ash had Pikachu protect Piplup by hitting the shadow ball back with iron tail. Once Piplup safely got back onto the ground he fired a whirlpool attack and Heracross and Beautifly were trapped in the whirlpool. Then Pikachu used thunderbolt, which zapped the two bug pokemon while they were all wet. Heracross and Beautifly were defeated at one, making Ash and Dawn the winner of the battle.

With the battle over, Kato and Kiko shared their melons with the gang and all of the pokemon as promised. After the melons were finished with, and the rest of the pokemon were returned to the pokeballs, Kato and Kiko showed the gang around Michina Town. Kato and Kiko also pointed out the gang should visit the famous ruins of Michina Town that were built thousands of years ago. The gang agreed because the ruins sound interesting. Kato and Kiko had to get back to their home farm, so they gave the gang some instructions of where the ruins were and left.

The gang made it to a big lake from Kato's and Kiko's instructions. The ruins were located on the top of the highest mountain in Michina Town. "It looks amazing" said Dawn. "I wonder what these ruins were built for?" said Tomo.

Suddenly a strange ripple came out of the water and a vortex of water came out. The gang didn't like the look of this. Ash had Pikachu attack it with thunderbolt and the vortex broke apart. But then all of the wild pokemon in the area started to run away. "Something's happening" said Dawn. Something happened all right; more vortexes of water appeared and a black hole appeared in the sky too. "Let's move" said Brock. The gang started to run away before the black hole could suck them up too, but Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe were sucked up. Piplup tried to attack the vortex with bubble beam but it was no use.

At that moment a boy and girl turned up. "Now Dialga, come forth," said the girl "please save these pokemon for me". It was then Dialga came out of its dimension and it saved Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe. The gang couldn't believe their eyes; they were not only seeing Dialga again, but they noticed the girl had been talking to it. After helping Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe, Dialga used the roar of time move to break the vortex and black hole apart. Ash, Dawn and Tomo were grateful to Dialga for saving their pokemon.

But more trouble came. Giratina came out of its dimension and attacked Dialga. It was still angry at Dialga. Dialga ended up being pushed into the lake over and over. "Please stop Giratina!" shouted Dawn. "Yeah Dialga saved Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe for us!" shouted Ash. It was no use; Giratina was so angry it wouldn't listen.

At that moment the girl put her hands together as if she was about to say a prayer. "Now transcend the confines of time and space" she said. The girl was surround by a yellow of energy, while blue lights of energy also surrounded her; she had some of special powers. Giratina was surrounded by red lights of energy; that meant it was full of rage. The girl tried to speak to Giratina, but Giratina's rage made Sheena break out of the energies that surrounded her. "Giratina's rage is too strong" said the girl.

Ash couldn't stand it anymore and he bravely ran into the lake with Pikachu to stop Giratina. "Giratina, can you see we are right here with you?!" he shouted. Giratina was still not listening and Ash got pushed back by a wave of water. "Giratina!" shouted Ash again. Pikachu shouted too. This time Giratina heard the shouting and he saw Ash and Pikachu. He seemed happy to be seeing them again. "You remember us don't you?" Ash asked Giratina. Giratina did remember and it wasn't in rage mode anymore. Dialga got back up and flew into the air again and the girl activated her special powers again and this time she was able to talk to Giratina. "You have misunderstood Dialga," she said "please don't battle". Giratina understood and went back into its dimension.

"Looks like Giratina gets it now" said the boy. "Yes but I didn't see it in its heart" said the girl. "Seen what in its heart?" said Tomo "and what was that you just did?" The girl explained she had a special ability to connect her heart with the hearts of pokemon and was able to speak to them. "Then you can connect with Dialga and Giratina?" asked Brock. "Yes and it lent me some of its strength too" said the girl. Ash was amazed by this. "Is your power like using aura?" asked Ash. He demonstrated his aura abilities to the boy and girl. They were amazed by it. "Kind of but not quite" said the boy. The boy and girl introduced themselves as Sheena and Kevin and they were guardians of the ruins of Michina Town. The gang introduced themselves. Ash thanked Sheena for helping them out. Sheena went up to Ash and stroked Pikachu's cheeks. "Long ago there was a thunder creature and its master and they changed the fate of this town" she said. "Thunder creature?" said Ash "are you referring to Pikachu?" "I have a feeling our meeting may have been fated," said Sheena "would you mind coming with us?" Ash was confused by Sheena's words but he agreed to go with Sheena; after all she did save Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe.

But then the water vortexes and black hole appeared again and Dialga got trapped in the water. Strong winds appeared too and it was getting dangerous. Just then Palkia appeared and it attacked the vortexes and set Dialga free. "Wow since Palkia just saves Dialga you can defiantly see they are not fighting again" said Ash. "I agree" said Dawn. Sheena activated her ability again to thank Dialga and Palkia for what had happened, and then the pokemon went back into their own dimensions. The gang couldn't help but think how amazing it was Sheena was able to synch with pokemon like that.

Sheena and Kevin led the gang to the ruins. The ruins looked pretty beat up as if they had been attacked a long time ago. The group walked to a chamber underneath the ruins. In a room was a strange pendulum module, with five coloured round orbs attached to it. One was green right at the bottom, a blue-green one above it, a big orange one in the center and a blue one and a purple one surrounded it. It was called the Time-Space Axis. Kevin explained the device was able to indicate the condition of every minute change in the time-space continua. So that meant the device was able to know what was happening with dimensions and such. Sheena explained they used the device to investigate those places where time and space had been disrupted. "Wait do you mean you know of the incident at Alamos Town where Dialga and Palkia fought each other?" asked Ash. "Yes we watched those strange things at Alamos Town happening" answered Kevin. "We were also there when that incident near the glacier happened too" said Sheena. "That incident happened because of that villain Zero attacking Giratina's world," said Ash "but we don't know what caused Dialga and Palkia to fight".

Before anyone said anything, the blue orb collided with the purple one. Sheena explained the orbs were really different worlds. The green one at the bottom was the pokemon world, the blue-green one was Giratina's dimension, the blue one was Dialga's dimension and the purple one was Palkia's dimension. She also explained that the orange orb was Arceus' dimension. "Oh I've read about Arceus;" said Ash "the legends say that pokemon created the pokemon world and was said to have created a lot of legendary pokemon. So it's like Arceus is a god of all pokemon". "What an incredible pokemon" said Dawn. "There is an omen that predicts Arceus will awaken from its long slumber," said Sheena "massive whirlpools of energy are beginning to form around Arceus as it begins to awaken". Sheena and Kevin explained the whirlpools were distorting space and brought Dialga and Palkia's dimensions together despite they were supposed to remain eternally separated. That was why Dialga and Palkia fought with each other in Alamos Town; they thought each other were trying to threaten its territory. It was also the reason why Giratina got angry at Dialga and Palkia for fighting and for disturbing its world. "Wait back up here," said Ash "are you trying to say that the incidents between Dialga, Palkia and Giratina was all Arceus' fault?" "Yes and no," said Sheena "there is more to this story".

Meanwhile Arceus was awakening from his slumber in his dimension. Eleven of its plates were surrounding his body. He got ready to travel to the pokemon world.

Back with the group Sheena was explaining that Arceus held a grudge on humanity which would threaten to destroy humanity. "Something happened with Arceus before didn't it?" said Ash "I know fully well that a legendary pokemon would never attack a human without a reason. What caused Arceus to become so angry at humans?"

A watery screen showed off pictures of a story about Arceus and Michina Town and Sheena and Kevin told the story. Thousands of years ago meteorites appeared that threatened to destroy the whole world. Arceus appeared and sacrificed himself to destroy the meteorites and save the world. Arceus had carried 16 life plates around with it that could be used to counter all possible attacks. But Arceus lost the plates when it collided with the meteors and it was near death. But then a man named Damos saved Arceus by returning the plates to him. Michina Town was a wasteland back then and had no hope of coming back to life again. Arceus saw this and became overcome with pity. So he removed the powers of water, grass, ground, electricity and dragon from the life plates and combined them all together to create the jewel of life. Arceus trusted Damos and bestowed him the jewel of life, even though this meant putting his own life in terrible danger. Thanks to the power of the jewel of life Michina turned from a wasteland into a fertile paradise. But then one day it was time for the jewel to be returned to Arceus when the moon covered the sun. However Damos broke his promise and instead of returning the jewel of life, he attacked Arceus. It was said that Damos believed that if he returned the jewel of life, Michina Town would go back to being a wasteland. Feeling betrayed, Arceus fell into a rage and destroyed the shrine. Then in order to heal itself from its injuries Arceus went into a long sleep in its dimension.

The gang couldn't believe that story. "No wonder Arceus got upset;" said Ash "he gave up a part of its life to help Damos and trusted him with all its heart. But Damos went and betrayed him so the incidents with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are all Damos' fault". Brock, Tomo and Dawn agreed with Ash. Sheena explained that Damos her ancestor, which shocked the gang. Then she presented a metal ornament stand and revealed the jewel of life. "What a beautiful jewel" said Dawn. Next Sheena and Kevin revealed a stone plaque with a message their ancestors left a long time ago. It read 'Return thus to Arceus the jewel of life, placate its rage lest destruction visit this land'. That meant the ancestors realized their mistake of breaking the promise to Arceus. Sheena wanted to return the jewel of life to Arceus and calm its wrath at last.

Suddenly the time-axis started acting up. The orbs representing the pokemon world and Arceus' dimension were moving about like crazy. That meant Arceus was coming.

Outside dark grey clouds appeared all over sky and then Arceus came out of his dimension. 'The time has come,' said Arceus 'prepare for justice!' He had been angry since Damos' betrayal and vowed for revenge ever since. He released an attack called judgment. Judgement was a bit like draco meteor but more powerful and dangerous. Michina was hit by the attack and a bridge and an archway tunnel was destroyed and so were the ruins.

Before Arceus could release another attack he heard footsteps. At first he thought it was Damos, but of course it wasn't. It was Sheena; she, Kevin and the gang turned up. "Arceus please you've got to stop" said Sheena. 'Who are you?' asked Arceus. "I am a descendant of Damos," answered Sheena "and I know my ancestor did a terrible thing to you". She presented the ornament stand she had been carrying and revealed the jewel of life. "Here I humbly return it to you". She placed the ornament on a rock and explained to Arceus that her family had protected the jewel the whole time so one day they could return it to him. Arceus flew down to where Sheena left the ornament stand and looked at the jewel. But then he stepped on it and the ornament and jewel broke. That meant the jewel of life Sheena had was a fake all the time. Arceus was angry and attacked with flamethrower. The group backed away at once.

Sheena couldn't believe that the jewel had been a fake all the time. "I don't get it Sheena what's going on?" said Dawn. "I don't know," said Sheena "I truly thought it was the real thing all along". "Then where's the real one?" said Tomo. Before Tomo's question could be answered Arceus got ready to attack again because of its rage. Sheena tried to reason with Arceus to tell him she didn't know the jewel was a fake and she tried to connect her heart with Arceus' heart. But Arceus wouldn't listen to reasons and his rage was so strong Sheena couldn't connect their hearts together. 'You shall be brought to justice!' shouted Arceus, firing another judgment attack.

Suddenly Dialga and Palkia came out from their dimensions and protected the group from the attack. 'Are you siding with the humans?' Arceus asked the two legendary pokemon. He was not happy with them protecting the humans from his attack and he attacked them with flamethrower. Dialga and Palkia were hit by the attacks and pushed back; Arceus was more powerful than Dialga and Palkia. Palkia released a aura sphere attack, but the attack didn't even hit Arceus. That was because the plates Arceus had gave him a ability to defend against any attacks its opponents threw at him. Dialga released a hyper beam attack, but again the attack didn't work. Arceus was getting angrier and angrier and he released a twister attack. Both Dialga and Palkia were hit by the attack and they took a lot of damage. The situation with Arceus looked hopeless now and Sheena didn't know what to do. Suddenly Dialga called out to Sheena, trying to tell her something. Before Sheena could find out what Dialga wanted to tell her, Arceus attacked Dialga and Palkia again.

Ash couldn't take it anymore and decided to step up. As talking to him wouldn't help, Ash had Pikachu use thunderbolt. The attack hit Arceus; as he lost the plate of ground and electric from creating the jewel of life he wasn't able to defend himself from electric attacks. Arceus still wouldn't come to his senses and he attacked with twister and a hyper beam attack. But then Giratina came out of its dimension and protected the group. Giratina had come to help. Arceus attacked with blizzard and the creation trio were hit by the attack. Palkia fought back by using its ability to bend space to stop Arceus in its tracks. At that moment Dialga glowed a greyish-blue and then Sheena and the gang glowed the same colour and they suddenly disappeared. Dialga was using its ability of time to send the group to the past. Kevin was left behind in the present.

Sheena and the gang were travelling through some strange dimension. "What's going on?" asked Dawn. "I don't know but I think Dialga has something to do with this because I can feel its power" said Ash. Suddenly the group were back in Michina Town, but a solar eclipse was happening and the ruins were not ruined. "What's going on?" asked Brock. "Dialga must have sent us into the past," said Sheena "back to the day of the fated promise with Arceus". "Dialga must have sent us here to fix everything" said Ash.

At that moment Arceus appeared; it was time for the jewel of life to be returned. A man appeared and he asked Arceus to follow him into the temple; it was Damos. Damos was holding a sceptre with the jewel of life inside. While Damos was walking to the temple, he secretly hid the jewel of life back into the sceptre while holding the fake jewel of life from before. Damos placed the fake jewel of life on the metal ornament stand, Sheena had in the future. "Not take it" said Damos. Just then a lot of pokemon turned up; there were Nidoqueens, Nidokings, Linoones, Explouds, Nosepass', Electrikes, Manectrics, Baltoys, Claydols, Absols, Luxrays, and Probopass' and they all attacked Arceus with shock wave. "No, what are you doing?!" shouted Arceus. Sheena and the gang showed up and they saw everything. "Just like the legend said," said Sheena "Damos never returned the jewel of life and he attacked Arceus instead". "So that's Damos" said Tomo. Damos was walking away from the attack. Ash stared at Damos. 'Hang on he looks hypnotized' he thought. Ash felt there was something not right with Damos. In the temple there was another man giving orders. He had Arceus attacked with a big chandelier and boulders. The group didn't like this one bit. Arceus tried to get back the jewel of life, but he felt something was wrong when he saw it. Damos revealed the jewel was a fake and he had the real jewel of life with him. Arceus was attacked by shock wave and some more boulders again. "Michina will forever flourish and it will never be a wasteland" said Damos. Arceus went into a rage because of the attack and he attacked back by firing a judgement attack. The pokemon ran away to safety, but the two men fell off the temple and to their deaths. Arceus kept on attacking the ruins in anger with hyperbeam.

"It's too dangerous here" said Brock. "What shall we do?" asked Dawn. Sheena used her ability to call Dialga and asked it to send them back further into the past. Her plan was to go back to the time before the betrayal happened to stop it from happening again. Just then the group started falling, but they were teleported just in time because they hit the ground.

In the present time Palkia and Giratina were still fighting Arceus, while Dialga was using its power to send Sheena and the gang further into the past. It wasn't easy for Giratina and Palkia because Arceus proved to be very powerful; especially with the remaining plated he had left to help. Poor Giratina kept on getting pushed into the water. Suddenly Dialga collapsed from exhaustion. Kevin could do nothing but watch and hope.

Meanwhile the group had been sent back into the past before the betrayal could happen. "Dialga did what you asked" Dawn said to Sheena. Suddenly a reddish-brown and grey pokemon that nearly looked like a turtle and ram combined together turned up. This was a legendary pokemon called Heatran and it was a fire and steel type pokemon. A group of soldiers turned up too and they surrounded the group. Another man turned up; he was the man who was with Damos in the temple before. His name was Marcus and he was a leader of Michina Town. He had a Bronzong with him. Strange thing was Bronzong and Heatran had some strange armor on them. This armor was a cruel armor that made pokemon under control of human's orders. Marcus ordered Bronzong to use hypnosis and the gang got hypnotized, except Ash. Ash's psychic power prevented Bronzong from hypnotizing him, but Ash pretended to look hypnotized because there was something about Marcus that he didn't like. "You people are clearly not of this land" Marcus said to Sheena. Sheena explained to Marcus they were from the future and had come to stop him and Damos from attacking Arceus. Marcus was surprised by Sheena's words. "I know about what's going to happen in the future, please believe me" said Sheena. Again Marcus was surprised by Sheena's words, but decided to listen to what Sheena had to say. He ordered some of his men to have the gang wait into the cell, and have Sheena come with him.

Unbeknown to everyone a female Pichu, with three spikes at the tip of her left ear, saw everything. She felt something was wrong and decided to help and went into a secret tunnel of the ruins.

Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe were placed in a prison cell where all of the pokemon before were in. Then they snapped out of the confusion. Piplup asked where they were, but Pikachu and Growlithe did not know. Once they noticed they were in a prison cell, they became worried about their trainers. Just then a small rock came out of the wall and Pichu came out. Pichu told the pokemon to follow her because she knew a way out of the prison and the way to get back to their owners. Pikachu, Piplup and Growlithe were delighted and followed Pichu into some hidden tunnels at once.

As for Ash, Brock, Tomo and Dawn, they were led to a prison for humans (Ash still pretended to look hypnotized) Once they were placed in a prison cell, the hypnosis on Brock, Tomo and Dawn wore off. "What happened?" asked Brock. "You were hypnotized by that man's Bronzong" said Ash. "What!" gasped Dawn "hey where is Piplup?!" "And Growlithe too!" shouted Tomo. "And where is Sheena?" said Brock "Those magical creatures are safe," said a guard "and the girl is talking with Master Marcus". The guard's name was Tapp and despite being a guard, he was actually a kind and understanding man; not a rough, mean one. "Marcus?" said Tomo. "He's the man with the Bronzong," said Ash "but who on earth is he?" "He's a back stabber," said a voice "Marcus was an underling of mine, but he tricked me and threw me in jail".

The voice was from Damos, who was in the same prison cell with the gang. The gang recognized his at once. "You're Damos" said Ash. "You know me?" said Damos "but you're not from here". "Why won't you return the jewel of life to Arceus?!" shouted Tomo. "And why are you setting a trap for Arceus too?!" shouted Dawn. Damos was surprised by Tomo's and Dawn's questions. "I am doing nothing of the sort!" he snapped "I have every intention of returning the jewel of life to Arceus". "That's a lie!" shouted Tomo. "It's the truth!" Damos snapped back "that's why Marcus put me in jail to keep me from doing that very thing". "Damos is speaking the truth," Ash said to the others "when we saw him and Marcus before at the temple I noticed he was hypnotized. It's clear to me now that Marcus used hypnosis on Damos to control him like he used hypnosis to control you lot. The things that happened in the past were all Marcus' fault!" The others were surprised by Ash's words. Marcus was confused by what Ash just said. "Hold on," he said "what in the world are you talking about?" "We came here from the future" said Ash. Ash demonstrated a pokeball to Damos, and Dawn explained in the future they call magical creatures, pokemon. Damos was surprised, but he did believe them.

Meanwhile Sheena was with Marcus in a dining room and she was telling him about coming from the future, and about Damos not wanting to return the jewel of life to Arceus. She also told Marcus about his and Damos' future death by Arceus. Marcus believed everything Sheena was telling him. Sheena had no clue that Marcus was the real villain.

At that time Pikachu, Growlithe and Piplup were still following Pichu in the hidden tunnels. But Piplup got distracted by the smell of food coming from another tunnel. The smell was from a kitchen, and in the kitchen a Chikorita was cutting up some vegetables with its leaf and a Cyndaquil was keeping a fire going with flamethrower. Both Chikorita and Cyndaquil had armor on them and they were being controlled by a soldier. Piplup noticed a basket of berries and wanted one, but he slipped off the edge. Pikachu, Pichu and Growlithe tried to help, but they all fell into the kitchen. The soldier gasped when he saw the pokemon. "Stay back!" he shouted. Growlithe barked at the soldier and the soldier ran away in fright, seeing Growlithe had no armor on him. Despite being a soldier, the man was a coward. Pichu and Pikachu used iron tail to get the armor off Cyndaquil and Chikorita, and the two pokemon were free from being controlled. Then Pichu, Growlithe, Piplup and Pikachu went on their way.

In the present Palkia and Giratina were still fighting against Arceus, with Kevin watching everything. Dialga was still knocked out from its attacks and from using so much of its power from sending Sheena and the gang to the past.

Back in the prison cell in the past, the gang told Damos about his future betrayal to Arceus, and about how the people of Michina saw him as an evil man from then on. Damos wasn't happy to hear this because betraying Arceus was something he would never ever want to do, especially after everything Arceus did for everyone.

Damos began to tell the story about how Arceus saved the world. Some time ago a huge meteor shower headed towards Michina Town, and there was an enormous meteor as well. Damos looked on hopelessly as the meteors headed towards the ground. "If this keeps up it would be the end of the world" he said. Suddenly Arceus appeared from its dimension, and charged towards the meteorite. With using the power of all sixteen plates Arceus broke the meteorite into lots of pieces, preventing the destruction of the world. But Arceus took very heavy damage and the plates scattered everywhere.

After the meteor shower was over, Damos searched for Arceus. Arceus was lying on the ground with lots of pokemon around him; it looked like Arceus was dead. Damos quickly used the ability to transcend time and space to connect with the heart with Arceus' heart. At first it looked like Arceus was dead, but then a light came out of Arceus and it pointed the way to one of the plates. With no time to spare, Damos quickly ran over to the plate, picked it up and carried it to Arceus.

At that moment the plate moved into Arceus' body by itself, just like magic. The all the other plates gathered and went back into Arceus. With all the plates returned Arceus woke up, alive, well and healed. He noticed Damos. 'Human,' he said 'are you the one who saved me?' "Oh no Arceus, it was you who saved us" said Damos. He was grateful to Arceus for saving the world from destruction, and Arceus was grateful to Damos for saving his life.

Despite Michina Town was saved from being destroyed, the land was now a wasteland thanks to the meteorites. It looked hopless to make the land flourish again. Damos was worried that the people will never survive the winter. Arceus looked at the land. 'Damos do you wish to revitalize this land?' asked Arceus. "Yes" answered Damos. He showed Arceus a memory of what Michina looked like before the meteorites hit. 'Very well, I shall lend you my strength' said Arceus. Since Damos saved Arceus, Arceus decided to help Damos in return. Arceus revealed his sixteen plates to Damos and explained they kept him alive and was part of his being. Then the plates of ground, water, grass, electricity and dragon were combined together to make a beautiful round jewel. 'Use this jewel of life for the greater good and to make the land rich and fertile,' said Arceus 'but without that jewel my life is diminished. Damos I trust you with my life'. Damos was grateful and thanked Arceus with all his heart and promised Arceus with all his heart he would give back the jewel of life.

The power of the jewel of life made plant life grow again in Michina and Damos saw to it that everyone in Michina, both humans and pokemon, all worked together to keep it alive. One day Arceus told Damos to return the jewel of life to him on the day when the moon covers the sun. Damos understood and promised to do so, and then Arceus went back into its dimension. Days went by and Damos built the shrine dedicated to Arceus, to show his gratitude.

"And today the moon will cover the sun" said Damos, finishing the story. "Then today is the day of the promise!" gasped Ash.

Meanwhile Sheena told Marcus more things about what happened on the day Damos attacked Arceus; about the pokemon using electric attacks and using a big boulder. Marcus asked if Damos used silver water and Sheena revealed that he didn't. "I believe you," said Marcus "we must return the jewel of life to Arceus". He presented his staff to Sheena and revealed the jewel of life to her; he stole it from Damos when he threw him in jail. Then he opened a door which led to a tunnel which led to the part of the shrine which lead to the temple. With no one noticing, Marcus secretly took the jewel out of the staff and hid it in his robes. "I shall entrust you to return the jewel to Arceus" Marcus said to Sheena. Poor Sheena had no idea that Marcus was really the one who didn't want to return the jewel of life to Arceus, and the one who created the fake jewel of life before.

At that time Pichu, Piplup, Growlithe and Pikachu were still walking in and out of rooms of the shrine. Right now they were passing a room where silver water was being made; this was part of Marcus' trap. Then Pichu led the others to a room where the soldier's equipment was kept. The key for the prison cell was there and Pichu wanted the key. The four pokemon made a ladder with each other, by one pokemon holding onto another pokemon's tail, and Pichu grabbed the key. Suddenly the door of the room opened. The pokemon feared it was a soldier, but it was only a Totodile. The Totodile had no armor on it so it was a friend. Growlithe pulled up Pichu, Pikachu and Piplup and they went back into the tunnels, waving goodbye to Totodile.

In the present Giratina was getting beaten by Arceus. Things were getting bad by the minute. Kevin was worried.

Back in the past, Damos said he must go and give back the jewel of life to Arceus. "But how are you going to get out of here?" asked Dawn. "I have friends as well" said Damos. It was then a stone on the floor was pushed up. It was Pichu; shehad been getting the key for Damos because she was his friend. Pikachu, Growlithe and Piplup came out of the hole too and they ran to their trainers in happiness. Ash, Tomo and Dawn were happy to see them. Pichu spoke to Damos. "Oh they helped you out too did they?" he asked Pichu. Pichu nodded yes. "Damos you can see into the hearts of pokemon as well right?" asked Dawn. "Of course he can, he's Sheena's ancestor" Brock reminded her. Damos used the key to get out of jail. Tapp just sat there, pretending to not see anything happening. Damos thanked the gang and went upstairs to get to the temple. The gang followed him.

Soon the solar eclipse happened and Arceus appeared from his dimension. He went into the shrine to the temple to get back the jewel of life. By now Sheena was there, holding Marcus' staff, and Arceus noticed her. "My name is Sheena and here is the jewel of life" said Sheena. 'Where is Damos?' asked Arceus. "Damos isn't coming," answered Sheena "he wasn't going to give the jewel of life back to you". Arceus couldn't believe it. Sheena opened up the staff to give back the jewel, but it wasn't there. She couldn't believe her eyes. Then Marcus commanded all of the pokemon in the shrine to attack Arceus. All of the pokemon struck Arceus with their electrical attacks. Then a hole was opened up on the ground and Marcus ordered the silver water to be released. The silver water dragged Arceus to the ground and it hardened up, stopping Arceus from escaping while the pokemon continued their electric attacks.

At that time Tappa and the gang arrived at the scene. Tappa didn't like this and neither did the gang. Now Sheena realized she had been tricked and Marcus was the real villain. Marcus revealed the jewel of life he had hidden before. "How could you do this!" she shouted, angry with Marcus' trickery. "Thank you for telling me about the future my dear, because now history is about to change" said Marcus. Arceus got more and more attacked by the pokemon and water. "Stop it all of you!" shouted Sheena.

Just then some silver water was about to knock her off the plank, but then a hand grabbed her and got her away from the silver water. It was Damos. The gang noticed that. "Come on," said Ash "we must stop Marcus and get the jewel of life back to Arceus". The others agreed; Dawn and Tomo went to help Ash, while Brock went to help Damos and Sheena. Right now Sheena saw Damos and through their special ability she now understood that the betrayal was not his fault. Damos was surprised to meet his future descendant. "I did something foolish" said Sheena. "No," said Damos "I should have realized Marcus would betray me like this".

As Ash, Dawn and Tomo ran to confront Marcus, Brock rushed in to help Sheena and Damos. Silver water was heading towards Sheena and Damos, but Brock released Sudowoodo and ordered him to use hammer arm. Sudowoodo created a hole on the floor and the water went down the hole. "Good work return" said Brock, returning Sudowoodo to the pokeball. Marcus was admiring his work and holding onto the jewel. "Now Michina will flourish," he said "the end of desolation". He believed that if the jewel was given back to Arceus, then Michina will go back to being a wasteland it was before.

At that moment Ash and Pikachu turned up. "Give back the jewel of life to Arceus right now or else Marcus!" shouted Ash. "It's too late for that," said Marcus "it belongs to us now". He ordered Heatran to attack Ash and Pikachu. Heatran blew a flamethrower attack, but Ash and Pikachu dodged it. "Quick Pikachu thunderbolt" commanded Ash. Pikachu released a thunderbolt attack and it hit Heatran. Bronzong came forward and released a flash cannon attack. But then a bubble beam countered the attack and then a flamethrower hit Bronzong. It was Piplup and Growlithe; Tomo and Dawn turned up. "You will all thank me for this one day" said Marcus. "What for?!" shouted Ash. "Because I am saving the future," said Marcus "Arceus will perish here which means there won't be a way for Arceus to appear in the future ever again". Marcus' plan was to kill Arceus. Ash was cross. "If you think killing Arceus will save the future then you're a fool!" he shouted "doing that will never bring peace to Michina ever!" Marcus' didn't take Ash's words to heart.

By now Arceus was getting Angry because of the trap and attacks and the thought of Damos betraying him. Damos was looking at the pokemon attacking Arceus; he had to put a stop to their attacking right now. He turned to Sheena for help. Together Damos and Sheena used their special ability to connect their hearts with the pokemon. They told the pokemon that Arceus sacrificed himself to save everyone and they asked the pokemon to stop their attacking. The pokemon stopped their attacks at once; the armor may have controlled the pokemon physically, but it didn't control their hearts. Marcus couldn't believe the pokemon stopped the attacks. Next Sheena and Damos tried to talk to Arceus, but Arceus had a lot of rage because of what happened. "Arceus please look at me" pleaded Damos. But Arceus' rage was so bad that Sheena was pushed back and was snapped out from her ability.

Meanwhile Ash, Dawn and Tomo were still trying to get back the jewel. They were having help from the Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile from before and a swarm of Rattata who also lived in the shrine. Ash towards Marcus to get the jewel but Marcus pushed him back. Marcus ordered Heatran and Bronzong to attack again. But Heatran and Bronzong didn't obey him; they weren't going to let Marcus to control them anymore. Pikachu and Piplup set them free from the armor with iron tail and peck and then all of the pokemon turned to Marcus. Ash charged at Marcus again and this time he punched Marcus on the face. Marcus ended up letting go of the jewel. The jewel rolled towards a hole and Chikorita tried to grab it with its leaf, but the jewel was quite heavy and Chikorita dropped it. Ash bravely jumped down to where the jewel was falling, grabbed a wooden pole that was stuck in the wall and grabbed the jewel with his feet. "Pikachu!" he called. Pikachu heard him and jumped down from pole to pole and landed on a wooden platform just below Ash. Ash let go of the jewel and Pikachu caught it. Ash jumped onto the platform and praised Pikachu for capturing the jewel. "Come on Pikachu, let's go" he said. They had to return the jewel to Arceus immediately. Marcus wanted to get the jewel back, but the pokemon stopped him. "You're not going anywhere!" shouted Tomo.

Ash and Pikachu ran to where Arceus was, but Arceus was showing no sign of life to take back the jewel. Because of the silver water, Arceus was dying. Ash held out the jewel to Arceus and pleaded with him to take back the jewel but it was no use. Suddenly Ash and Pikachu began to fade away and so did Sheena, Brock, Tomo, Growlithe, Dawn and Piplup. Because Arceus was dying in the past, the future Sheena and the gang came from would not exist. So that means Ash and the others were dying too. It looked hopeless now. But Damos was not giving up; he was still trying to connect his heart to Arceus, no matter how much rage Arceus was showing. Damos pushed himself harder to get his spirit to Arceus. With a lot of effort Damos finally got through to Arceus. Arceus woke up from his rage and saw Damos. "Please take the jewel of life" said Damos.

It was at that moment the jewel of life floated out of Ash's hand and towards Arceus. The jewel turned back into the plates of ground, water, grass, electricity and dragon and they went back into Arceus. Because the jewel had been returned Arceus was coming back to life and so were Sheena and the gang. A bright light surrounded Arceus and he came out of the silver water, alive and well. He noticed Ash. 'Who are you?' he asked. "I'm Ash and this is my partner Pikachu" answered Ash. Pikachu greeted Arceus.

Just then some more silver water came through and it was about to hit Ash and Pikachu. But then they were surrounded by a protective barrier. It was Arceus; he was also lifting them in the air. 'Ash and Pikachu,' said Arceus 'are you the ones who saved my life?' "It wasn't just us," said Ash "everyone here did it". Ash and Pikachu were lifted to where everyone else was standing. The others were happy to see Ash and Pikachu again. Arceus looked at everyone, including Damos. "Arceus please forgive me" said Damos. 'I saw it in your heart' it's alright' said Arceus. That meant Arceus understood Damos was not responsible for the trap.

Marcus was upset that his plan failed. "This is the end," he said "Michina will now become a wasteland. For us there is no future". He still foolishly believed that Michina will never be alive again without the jewel of life. Suddenly the temple started to collapse because of the silver water and everyone, including Marcus and the pokemon, started to fall. But Arceus used his powers to save everyone and set all of the pokemon free from the armor. Marcus was nowhere to be seen though. (I don't know what happened to Marcus when he fell so I can't do that bit, sorry readers)

After that Arceus got ready to go back to his dimension to sleep because he had used up all of his strength. He bid farewell to Damos, Ash, Pikachu and to everyone else, and then he went back into his dimension. As soon as Arceus left a blue-silver light surrounded Sheena and the gang; Dialga was calling them and it was time to return to the future. Damos felt a bit sad seeing them leave because he wanted to talk to them more, but he understood it was not to be. So Sheena and the gang vanished, leaving Damos to think about the future of Michina.

Sheena and the gang were brought back into the present time. "Are we back?" said Brock. They were back alright because the creation trio were hurt from battling Arceus and Arceus was still on a rage. History hadn't been corrected yet. Arceus had just released a judgement attack. "No Arceus!" shouted Ash. Arceus heard Ash's voice and looked at him. 'Who are you?' said Arceus. Arceus then remembered what happened in the past and remembered Ash and Pikachu.

It was then the judgment attack was stopped and then as if by magic the ruins were fully fixed up. The wall was fixed and so was the bridge. The bridge now had a picture of a Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita; this was a remembrance to the Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile who helped out in the past. And the lake went back to normal too; history had now been corrected. The sun came out again and the creation trio were healed of their injuries and Arceus had all of his plates back.

"We did it," said Ash, happily, "everything is back to normal". "Thank goodness" said Dawn. "Oh wait a minute," said Brock "since we returned the jewel of life in the past, this place should be totally desolate". But Michina Town was still beautiful like it already was; it was not a wasteland at all. Arceus explained that the people of Michina Town in the past dedicated their entire lives to cultivating and restoring the land. The results were Michina Town coming back to life by the efforts of people and pokemon alike. Sheena and the gang were happy to hear that. (Obviously Marcus had been fearing about Michina's future for nothing and his efforts had been a waste too) Kevin was happy Sheena and the gang were okay and Sheena was happy to see Kevin again. The truth is Sheena and Kevin had romantic feelings for each other.

That evening Dialga, Palkia and Giratina went back to their own dimensions, finally at peace with each other. The gang said goodbye to them and Ash thanked them for their help. Kevin noticed a stone tablet that wasn't there before; it was a tablet that was added when the ruins got fixed. The picture was of Damos, Sheena and the gang with Arceus. It was a stone tablet Damos made in the past and left for everyone to see, especially Sheena. The tablet said 'To all of my beautiful future children who taught me how to believe, I offer all of you now my sincerest hopes and wishes that the future world will become more and more beautiful, and that is exactly the kind of world you find yourselves in'. Sheena cried tears of happiness; before she had been ashamed of her ancestor Damos, but she wasn't anymore now she had learnt how good and kind Damos really was.

'Ash,' interrupted Arceus 'this world of yours is truly a magnificent place'. "It sure is" smile Ash. Brock, Dawn and Tomo agreed. Arceus now understood he was truly a part of the world after seeing the goodness of people and the beauty of Michina Town and it made him happy. It was now time for Arceus to leave. The gang said goodbye to Arceus, while Arceus went back into his own dimension. Sheena, Kevin and the gang were happy now that everything was put to right at last.

Because history had been changed there were new stories about the past of Michina Town. The stories were about Ash and Pikachu giving Arceus back the jewel and the people of Michina working alongside magical creatures to keep Michina alive no matter what. The stories also said Marcus, who survived his fall, was stripped off his leadership and put to work in the fields as punishment for what he did.

In the present time Darkrai continued to watch over the now peaceful Alamos Town. Zero was spending his time in jail, with Newton visiting from time to time and giving him a copy of Infi's data he recovered from Zero's ship, and Shaymin was living happily in his new home. Arceus and the creation trio were living quietly and peacefully in their dimensions now the dimensions weren't disturbed and colliding with each other anymore. As for the gang they said goodbye to Sheena, Kevin, Kato and Kiko and left Michina Town to continue their journey.

Now everything was back to normal, for real this time.

Sorry for the wait. I decided to not have anyone like tomb robbers or any other person raid the ruins and find the sceptre with the real jewel and such. So sorry to those who liked the team rocket scenes in the movie. I don't know why the gang didn't talked about their times with the incidents with the creation trio in the movie, so I added that part myself. Now in case anyone is wondering, the Arceus Ash will meet later at Mt Coronet is not the movie Arceus, it will be another Arceus.