Bella was getting annoyed with being stuck with Alice and her annoying ways...

Yeah! She was just about ready to get out her lighter and barbecue her sparkly butt. All this happened because Edward didn't want Bella seeing the wolf pack, though she tried hard enough to. Was he thick or something?

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Bella didn't want to be here. Apart from the usual complaining she did when Alice decided to pay 'Bella Barbie'. She wouldn't give in, she kept fighting.

Here was the problem...

Ever since they came back from Italy, Edward has been so controlling; it didn't seem like that at first, he used plausible reasons, such as, 'Jacob will be busy with pack stuff, chasing Victoria...' He had even tried taking her out to distract her but that just pissed her off. Although now she thought about it why didn't she say anything?

But then she remembered whenever she had tried to bring up the subject of how controlling Edward was being or how Jake wouldn't hurt her (which was true, course he wouldn't.) Edward had given her the full force of his liquid gold eyes which easily made her fogey as to what she was doing.

It was like looking into whirlpools of gold and she couldn't think because her brain was going fuzzy.

He had even gone as far as disabling her truck! It was about two thirty in the morning and Bella was sure she could make it to the rez before Edward found out, or she could at least get a head start.

However when she reached the truck, it wouldn't start and she was about to inspect the engine when Edward magically appeared in the other seat causing her to jump.

He asked her where she was going, and with no other option she had spilled her guts. She even asked him how he had known she was going to do this, and of course he had replied that Alice had a blank vision of her future.

She couldn't believe that she hadn't thought about Alice and she mentally slapped herself for not thinking her plan through. Then mentally slapped herself again for thinking her plan through.

Funny enough the next day her truck was working just fine, she had confronted Edward, even called him out on it. But even more strange was the fact that he had freely admitted that he had tampered with her truck, she was furious but still took no action.

Snapped back into reality by a gasp from Alice, she turned to her hyperventilating pixie friend who turned her around to look in the mirror. Usually maybe she would have probably gawked at the girl looking back at her; but now she just stood there staring blankly at the mirror.

Of course Alice took dozens of pictures, all of which Bella also hated. She hated cameras full stop! They were like horrible machines that capture you and keep you locked in their lenses forever, although she felt like some kind of nerd thinking like that.

Alice ran out the room and claimed that she was just going to the store to get some things for their sleepover. She was running getting a paper and pen to write down things they could do with Bella. She decided to buy about four sets of masks, chocolates, popcorn and magazines.

Gosh! She didn't need all this stuff. Alice skipped out the door telling her she wouldn't be long and that if she needed anything she was just a phone call away.

So now Bella was stuck in a big empty house by herself.


Great, now I can sit here and wallow in my self-pity like some kind of loner, of course I actually am. Now that is just plain sad.

Ever since I saved Mr. Sparkle butt from Volterra things have been weird. Like doing the usual things such as, kissing him or telling him 'I love him' have become a real chore.

I mean he won't even let me see my best frigging friend! Talk about psycho! To say it's starting to grind on my nerves would be an understatement.

But I still proceed to do nothing about it, and really inside its tearing me up because I miss Jake so much...

I know he thinks I'm ignoring him, but I AM NOT BY CHOICE! I was brought out of my thought by the sound of heel's clicking against the floor. I looked up to find Rosalie staring down at me.

"Come on Bella, let's go" she said walking over to the kitchen and picking up my coat.

"Where are we going?" I was highly suspicious, I mean this woman goddamn hates me with a passion.

She sighed and walked over to me helping me off the sofa.

"I am going to help you see your dogs, so unless you want to stay here we best be leaving." She explained.

Suddenly everything seems so much better. I jumped off the sofa, resulting in me falling off, which queen of the ice thought was funny due to her tinkling laughter.

She practically dragged me into the car, almost ending up in a trip to the hospital. I buckled up, an exited buzz filling the small space.

"Rosalie, why are you helping me?i though you hated me." I whispered quietly.I was curious cause she didn't like me at all and yet here we are.

"It's not that I hate you Bella, I mean I have never really liked you but I don't hate you. See you have a chance to stay human, and that chance was taken from me. I know that Edward has you right where he wants you, and you are just not strong enough to break out of his hold. Maybe this will help, not only that but you can have everything I ever wanted and you are just willing to give it all up to stay cold and hard for eternity." She explained.

Wow! I never knew Rosalie was so deep, but quickly forgot that when suddenly I felt weird, like that feeling you get when someone is watching you and it creeps the hell out of you. I couldn't help but keep looking back the whole ride, thinking that maybe I would see a flash of white.

But no, all that I could see was the never ending green.

We finally pulled to a spot and that I recognised; this was the treaty line.

"Bella I am going to try and not think about this around Edward, I will cover for don't stay out too late k?" She asked.

"I can't find the words to describe my gratitude for what you have done for me!" I have been stuck in castle doom for so long that I did the one thing that seemed appropriate.

I hugged her, she sat frozen.i was about to pull away when i felt her marble cold arms wrap around me. I think this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

I pulled back and what shocked me was the small smile that graced her face. She waved and drove off once I'd left the car, I walked around aimlessly, of course only I would come here without not knowing where I was as some people would be able to tell with the scenery, I was hopeless.

After wondering round for what I would expect was a good 20 minutes I found a familiar trail of which I'm sure led to the black's!


I tapped on the door a few times and stood back.

"Um, hey Billy!" I greeted, wow I'm on a roll right now!he he sarcasm.

"Hello Bella, if you're looking for Jake he should be round Sam and Emily's." He told me. Of course why didn't I think of that?

"Thanks Billy" I said as I walked in the direction of my new destination. It didn't take long,but then again my standard would be longer than most,what with all my casualties...

To be truthful I was nervous, because people round here don't exactly like me right now... I just stood on their lawn for about a minute, contemplating what I was gonna do, but then I thought, what the hell? Let's roll with the music.

I just walked right in, which was followed by deathly silence. So reassuring...

Embry thought it would be good to break the silence with what I would describe as the stupidest comments at the time.

"Hey look it's the vampire girl!" His voice hollered through the room.

Thank you Embry, remind me to hurt you later. That was followed by a few moans and grumbles and then of course a big bear hug from my best friend.

"Can't-breathe-Jake" I gasped out.

"Sorry!" he set me back on my feet and grinned at me, puh-lease he wasn't sorry.

Emily waked over to me."bella you must be hungry. here just let me grab you some food."she said which was answered by a moan.

"But Emily were still hungry" whined Jared.

"Jared your always hungry" Emily quipped, while handing me a plate with way too much food on. Do you think I'm fat or something? This would last me like three days! I just made myself comfortable on the stair case, which Jacob protested to by planting me on his lap.

I just crossed my arms defiantly and pouted, he let out a laugh. I could feel his chest rumbling with each chuckle; but two can play at that game... I picked up a piece of egg from the fry up Emily had made, and slapped it on his face, I howled in laughter. However Sam didn't want his floor covered in food, so kicked us out.

"Hey! Be nice" Emily scolded.

I looked back at my plate to find it missing half its contents. I turned to Jake and snatched the piece of bacon out his hand.

"That is mine" I pouted again, he just smirked at me and brought himself close to my head.

"What you gonna to about Shorty?" he breathed huskily in my ear, involuntary shivers ran down my spine.

He just gave me a smug look and carried on playful banter easily came back when Paul quipped a remark that was obviously meant for me.

"So Bella, is that vamp of yours keeping you locked away?" he asked mockingly, a growl worked its way up Jacob's throat. I couldn't say no, because it was true. He was keeping me locked away and I couldn't say yes. I just chose not to reply, I just looked away.

By now the room was silent,no one made any more sound,all attention on me.

Suddenly Jacob turned to face me; it hurt because I could see the concern in his eyes and the pleading look. Begging me to tell him that what he just heard wasn't true.

"Bella?" I turned away from him; I couldn't handle the disappointment in his eyes.

He tilted my chin up; I grimaced, letting him know the real answer.

"No, I-he just-thinks you guys are dangerous for me, I mean I told him you weren't but..." I trailed off. I felt tremors run through Jake's spine. I knew he was angry but i was surprised when he turned some of that anger to me.

"So all those times I asked you to come over and hang out, and all those times you just said you were busy or didn't answer the phone, it was your leech keeping you away?" He accused. I could feel the anger radiating from him.

"I'm sorry I just didn't want to upset-" I was cut off by my phone; it wasn't that my phone rang; it was the tune that played. 'Bella's lullaby' was playing and through the silence I thought I might be sick. I felt my breathe hitch in my throat at what was gonna happen when I answered it. But I had to answer it; I knew who it was that's what I was scared of.

I snapped open the phone.

"Hello?" I asked quietly.

"HELLO? IS THAT WHAT YOU SAY WHEN I COME FORM A HUNTING TRIP TO FIND YOU GONE?!"He screeched through the phone. I brought it away from my ear.

"ISABELLA WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" There was no way I was gonna say I was with Jake.

"Oh err... I'm at a friend's house." I knew he wouldn't believe me.


"Yes" I mumbled.


"Yes Edward" I said a bit louder. I waited for him to disconnect the call before doing so myself. I let out a shaky breath. I looked up and everyone was looking at me. I got up to go.

"Where are you going Bella?" I just looked at Jacob as if he were you didn't just hear that conversation?!

"Edward's picking me up at the treaty line" I said going to get my coat,that led to Jacob grabbing my arm and holding me in place.

"What? So you do whatever the leech says. He says jump, you say how high?" He had an edge to his voice did not hint to help the situation.

"Jacob." I warned; I wasn't in the mood.

"No! Bella do you always do what he says? Does he control you?!" he shouted, I could feel the angry tears welling up in my eyes.

Jacob's voice softened "does he h-hurt you bells?" he asked.

"No!" I shook my head; the conviction in my voice was not matching the truth. He hadn't hurt me physically. Yet. But emotionally, I was like a battered woman.

"Let go Jake" I sighed. I really needed to get to the treaty line.

"No" he whispered. I didn't have time for this! Usually I would give in but this was serious.

"Jake! Let go!" I raised my voice slightly.

"NO!" he shouted.

"Jacob" Sam's stoic look in Jacob came out and he reluctantly let go. "Embry and Quil, escort her to the treaty line." Sam ordered. I looked up at Jake once more the pain I was causing him was getting unbearable.

I walked out the door followed by the two whole time I had my arms wrapped around my torso, keeping me together. This time it wasn't pain because Edward had left this time though, it was because of the pain that I had caused Jacob. Again.

We passed the all too familiar scenery; one that I had become accustomed to in my dark days, one that I wished could once more to be accustomed to. I hated my lack of freedom, but as much as I wanted to leave Edward there was always something stopping me. I don't know what it was but I'm not sure if I wanted to find out.

I honestly don't know how long we were walking for but I wanted to delay getting to the treaty line, though I knew the longer I delayed it the more angry he was gonna be. I walked for walked for a few more minutes before I could faintly make out the shine of silver car.

Only the trouble was I knew exactly what the silver Volvo looked like, it stood proud along the empty treaty line. Realising that something bad was gonna happen,I must have held Embry's hand because i was although i tried to not show how frightened i really was there was no doubting it,it was coming of me in reluctantly let go of his hand.

I slowly walked over to Edward who pulled me closer, to others this would be a loving gesture, but I only knew this was for keeping up appearances.

"Thank you for bringing her back boys, but you can leave now" he sneered; before we got in the car Edward ducked his head down to my ear.

"Don't worry darling, I'll deal with you later" it sent shivers of fear up my whole body. Judging by the way Quil and Embry stopped I knew they had heard it too.

One thing Jacob said kept echoing in my somewhat empty head:

'Controlling much?'