Author's note: Random thing that popped into my head and wouldn't go away :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim or any characters.

"Skank!" Zim cried and Dib froze. He pushed aside his irritation and focused on Zim's word choice.

"Skank?" He echoed. Zim nodded, antenna bouncing freely on his head. They were inside at the moment, having a lover's tiff. Dib barely remembered what had started it. "Do you even know what that meant?" Zim nodded again, waving his hand casually.

"You are as they call one a 'prostitute'." Dib blinked.

"And what makes you think that?" The Irken scoffed.

"You sell your body for what you want, right?" Red eyes narrowed at him. "In your case instead of money, you're paid with Erth's safety." Dib pushed down the rage that filled him. What Zim was saying was technically true since now they were 'mates' Zim couldn't destroy Earth. The code of Irken mating forbade him from hurting his mate thus Earth couldn't be destroyed since it'd cause Dib emotional pain. Dib turned on his heel heading for the door. He needed to calm down and he couldn't do that around Zim. The Irken seemed to wilt as Dib stepped closer to the door. "Wait!" He called and Dib froze. He'd at least hear him out. A small clawed hand grabbed at his sleeve. "Zim's sorry." Dib sighed, feeling the anger drain from his system. Zim really knew how to play him. He turned, meeting red eyes.

"Zim..." He began only to get cut off.

"Zim will never say it again." The Irken nuzzled closer to him, green head pressing into the crook of his neck. "Zim loves the Dib-human..." Dib found his arms already pulling Zim into a hug.

"If you ever do, I'll leave." He promised before lifting Zim's chin to kiss the Irken's thin lips. "I love you too."