It happened just as a snap of a finger. The world was gone. Left behind from the blast was more than dust and small slabs of earth, floating about vastly in space. From glances, once, living life would glide by.

Though the planet was closely to die somewhere in the distance future. Just, not too quickly. And for the earth also had help, from a force, deep within the uncharged cosmos.

A force that should have been, founded sooner.

Yet, there was no one to warn them or stop the force. For the sake of those blinded humans.

Who dared not think, that there was nothing, beside themselves that lived throughout the sea of stars.

But what is the point of speaking of this now? The world is gone. Humans that knew better, search for a new home. Not long later, with help of races beyond the stars.

Be that they were soon taken in; as equals or slaves. No point of knowing which, when there is little now to go on.

Sadly to say to make matter more worst. That the death of the planet didn't, happen centuries ago, or mere years ago. In some eyes it felt like it was just yesterday. But really? The very last person, to have ever, remembered seeing the earth, before finding a new home.

It was just over a year ago. And no one knew where this rumored hero had gone, in the time they needed him the most.

Some say this hero is a myth. Others speak detail fables that this hero once walked among them. Last few don't even know who or what this hero is.

And with knowing, that there is no planet . . . no hero . . . no point, of seeing a better tomorrow. What else is there for these humans to do?

Even more worry for that force will come back. Looking for something that, will, only cost in nothing, but blood. It only seems to only be a matter of time, before this force, finds what it is looking for.

Where is the wielder of the Omnimatrix?