Chapter 15: Revonnah Amble

He groans awake; slowly up not to unsettle his rattle mind, and turning stomach. Eyes blurred from long hours of head baffling sleep. Turning painfully, which stretched inner, wills unneeded. Leisurely it took to notice, steel and oil wasn't intone in the linger air ways, for it become something else. The air was thin in taste of it, with fresh herbs, drying clay, light rain patterning outside. As he eased to more awareness, voices spoke, distance in a long hollow tunnel, yet for the lad knew, those voices could have been just a few feet away.

"What an oddity this is, rain, even this light fallen . . . the climate change patterns have finally took the effect too noxious to handle, I can only wonder of how so of this?"

"You are not going to jest it was the war and distraught of others are you? Shim, please, don't be like this . . ."

"If I acted anymore on it, would I even let you and that human in?"

A light sigh was given, but calming the matter of it.

"Yes, you are right there, thank you."

Once more the lad takes a chance to sit up, leaning heavily against the wall, trying to calm the inner pains that weighed down on the mind and stomach. With a few calming breaths, able to place the feet on the cooling clay floor, that gave a jolt of pure awaken, leaving the lad to glare weakly at the window, of where his feet touched the ground, lighting struck out.

Taking enough breath, rose with caution to stand, hands placed on the wall and bed mat each, into stretching out his tried legs from lack of use for too long.

"I can hear some breathing upstairs . . . your human is awake. Go fetch him; food will be ready soon, go."

It wasn't long, before hearing the quick steps up the stairs, soon having the lad see Revonnahgander that was assign as his guard dog.

"Who's Shim, Rook?" The human lad spoken out before the other could say anything.

"My younger sister that has given us a place to reprieve, until things have settle for us, and I need to do some repairs for the ship; the warping did a number on it."

"But we are not anywhere near the . . ."

"No, we are safe. For now . . . Ben-Dude, if you are hungry, my sister, Shim will have food ready soon. If you are hungry that is?" The Revonnahgander question, softy near the end, with a small worry nearing the end, as Ben looked too sick to even move, quickly in pace moved near him, ushering him back in the bed, soon entailing. "Maybe just stay in bed for now. Not another word about it, as of right now, I am all you have to rely on, which means we need to work with each other. Like it or not, now please, lay back down, I will bring food for you later."

Ben just looked weary with a glare to the other, but didn't have the strength to fight back, and did as what the other was speaking about, laying with his back to the other.

"I see you are going to do the childish mode of handle things. I have no problems with that, for that is what you choose on. Please, do be nice my sister and any other who comes by, please, if there anything to ask of you. Rest well; I will back soon with food."

With that, Rook cast one last look to Ben, before going back down the stairs, in time seeing his sister placing food in some plates.

"Shar, Shi, and little brother are away in the fields, even this storm the crops need taken care of, and you being back or not, can't stop them from working. Mother and father are off in the distance with some others, handling with some pest. Eight days from now, they'll be back, be warn now big brother."

"Yes, thank you." Rook replied back, taking a plate closest held out to him, before stating back. "It would seem I am the only dinning partner you tonight, again, Ben hasn't quite shape out from the warp drive."

"Humans are a very weak in long travels."

Rook choose not to take notice of her tones, heading up the stairs quickly, placing the plate on a floor, stating to Ben where it was, noticing of how the other's breathing was, still awake enough to hear him, before leaving and joining his sister.

Leaving them only for moments to eat, before Shim spoke out quietly this time, clattering with silverware now and then.

"He's gone through tough moments. Years back his planet blew up, sister, how else is there to say this, this treatment is too much."

"I have nothing against them. More in aim of him for the ways he does. What do things add up to that brother? The herbs I used should help with his ill shakes. Though his very person, you so gracefully in telling me about, can't be all that good . . . how has it you never used your training on him, yet?"

"He is like Shar and little brother, is there was such a thing as fusion. That would be the case here, he's harmless."

"If you say so . . . come morning you are helping in harvesting this time, no babying the human. He's awake now, come help your family, which you decided to turn back to."

"Shim, please . . . not this too. Please. It has only been a few hours . . . not this, please."

"After you just sudden come in, knocking on the door, with a human in your arms . . . saying only for me to not speak of anything and go on your way . . . how am I to act about this brother?"

"I guess you are right."

Back upstairs, Ben heard most of the quiet speaking, sitting up now, and plate of food on his lap, slowly taking a spoonful each time. Letting what he heard, taking in what he heard, letting a mindless hand run down his lower back, when feeling a small ache form. Coming and going the pain did, leaving his mind once more to think, trying to figure out things.

"Has father change his ways about me, after I left?"

"That's for you and him to figure that tragic emote."

"Right . . . I best get work on fixing the ship, sooner than I thought."

Scrape of a chair and soft clatter follow, before hearing Rook speak again.

"Thank you for the food, Shim, I best get moving now. Try to let Ben rest, please?"

"No promises."

"Yes, what I was thinking of anything."

The sounds of a door opening and shutting came and went in seconds, silence, and soon the clatters of silverware start once more.

"What did I get myself into here? Oh man."