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Chapter 3

Fang's POV

I sit up with a groan in bed. I pull the covers off and stand. I have to clutch the side of the desk when the room spins around me.

I hate it when that happens. I stand up too fast and I get light-headed. I sigh and tap the snooze button on the alarm clock. I make my way over to the dresser and open the drawer.

I'm greeted with all black. I pull out a pair of jeans, a shirt, and boxers. I pull them on quickly and throw on my old black converse.

I make my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth lazily. I drag a brush through my hair, taming it somewhat.

I walk out of my room and down the stairs, into the kitchen where my mom is cooking breakfast.

I yawn and slump into a chair. She brings a stack of pancakes and bacon over and sets it in front of me to eat. I slowly eat and stare off out the window.

I down my juice and clear my dishes from the table. I peck my mom on the cheek as I walk past and whisper, "Thanks," just loud enough so she could hear it.

She smiles at me. "We have new neighbors." She says.

I look at her in shock. The only house that was for sale was Max's old one. Nobody has lived there since she left. It gave me a little pang of sadness but I immediately shook it off.

I shrug. "When did they move in?" I ask.

"They got here yesterday. They have a child your age I think. I'm not really sure. It's just what I heard." She says apologetically.

I shrug again. I run up stairs again and grab my book bag but pause at my dresser. I touch the spider ring that sits on the edge and I smirk. I snatch it up and shove it into my pocket and walk out the door.

I say good-bye to my mom and am walking to the bus stop. I don't wait long until the bus arrives. A few minuets later I'm at school and walking down the bus steps.

As soon as I'm through the school doors I get a glimpse of red hair and someone is pushing themselves against me. I instinctively shove them away.

The girl lets out a surprised squeal and stumbles back. I have to force myself to not cover my ears at the shrill.

"Fangy, what was that for? Why would you push away your girlfriend?" Lisa asks in a pout.

I scowl. "You're not my girlfriend." I walk past her and try to ignore her whining as she tries to keep up in her four-inch heels. Eventually though, she gives up and I give a quiet sigh of relief.

That is, until Iggy comes running over. "Hey man what's up?" he asks.

I shrug.

He sighs. "You can be a real pain, you know that? Why can't you just give a normal answer? Like, 'oh, nothing much'. Instead you shrug. Shrug! I swear you are an emotionless black wall. And can it kill you to wear some more color-"

"Iggy, I swear if you don't shut up, I'll kill you."

He grins. I roll my eyes. He opens his mouth to say something else but I say, "Bye" and start walking away.

I hear him laugh behind me and I have to roll my eyes again.

I make it to my locker and to first period without any more interruptions.

I pause in the door way and see a kid I the back of the classroom with his hood up and head down. He must have headphones in because he doesn't look up when I walk over and sit down.

I have never seen this kid before so I assume he's the new kid. Looks like it's a dude after all.

He still hasn't looked up yet so I tap him on the shoulder. He looks up at me and I see curiosity in his eyes. He pulls out one headphone.

"I'm Fang." I say.

He looks down, breaking eyes contact. "Max." he says.

I nod. "Well, nice to meet you Max. I hope you enjoy this school." I see disappointment flash across his features, but it's gone in an instant.

We fall into silence for another five minutes before the bell rings. Kids file into class and throw glances at Max. He ignores them though.

After the last student takes a seat, Mr. Frederick walks in. "Now class, as you can see, we have a new student today." He says. "Max, please have your hood down in the classroom."

He flicks his head back and the hood falls. Or should I say she. Her blond curls fall around her shoulders. The class lets out noises of surprise; I just stare at her closely.

She looks very familiar. She glances at me and I meet her eyes. My eyes widen as I come to the realization.

It was her. Max. Yes, I stared into those same eyes ten years ago before she moved.

Hope and amusement flashes across her features. I'm confused about the amusement, but does she remember me?

My hand goes down to my pocket.

The teacher's talking is what finally brings my eyes away from hers.

But throughout the lesson I can't help but glance at her every now and then.

Does she not remember me?

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