Zim sighed, dumping the Erth snacks on the conveyor belt and waiting while the human in front of him paid for their stuff. He tapped his foot impatiently, pulling the correct monies from his Pak. He hated shopping. The jingle of the store's front door alerted him to a new customer and Zim turned slightly, hoping to distract himself from he torturously slow earthlings. The new person wore black clothes and had his face covered by a black mask, eyes and mouth barely visible. Zim shifted uneasily, he was sure that wasn't 'normal' attire. They pulled one of the Erth weapons, a gun, from their pocket and shot at the ceiling to gain everyone's attention. The person in front of Zim was just picking up their bag to leave.

Everyone froze at the gunshot, eyes wide.

"Everyone down on the ground!" The masked man ordered and Zim sighed. A robbery. The one time he goes shopping and there's a robbery. If his internal clock wasn't faulty again then it was 7:40 and he had to get to Skool quickly. He didn't have time for a robbery. With another sigh, Zim grabbed his stuff, dumped the monie on the counter and turned to the wannabe thief. "You! Green kid. Stop!" Zim shook his head, a soldier would have fired already. He pulled a weapon from his Pak and shot the man. Everyone gasped, some even looking at Zim in horror as the man crumpled to the floor. Zim yawned, indifferent to it all. It was too early for this. He checked his clock, 7:45.

"He's merely stunned," Zim made for the doorway. "Now if you don't mind, Zim has to go or he'll be late for Skool." Zim left the shop unhindered, everyone else still in shock. "I hate shopping." He whined as the door closed behind him.