Authors Note: Hi guys, enjoy the smut :) With this the story comes to an end. Tahnks for reading. I hope you enjoy.

Dib groaned as he pressed Zim into the wall, fumbling for the door handle and lifting the Irken to wrap his legs around his waist. He nipped lightly at his lovers lip as he stumbled into his room, kicking the door shut and locking it with one hand, the other gripping beneath the Irkens butt to keep the other against him. Slim clawed fingers tugged lightly on his hair as he moved, swallowing the small moan the Irken let slip as they dropped onto the bed. Dib watched Zim shift beneath him, flushed and needy. He held himself up on his elbows as the smaller boy panted lightly.

"All alone, eh?" He watched the Irken's tongue flick as he spoke and Dib nodded dumbly. They were alone, for the whole weekend. His father was at work and his sister over at a friend's house so they had the house all to themselves, something Gir made impossible at Zim's house.

"Yeah," The fingers in his hair tightened, pulling him down and re-joining their lips,

"Good." He groaned as slim legs tightened round his waist, pulling his entire weight down onto the alien. Pulling back for a breath, Dib met uncovered magenta eyes, shivering at the undisguised lust within the orbs. "Then let's make use of this." A wicked grin slipped on the Irken's lips and Dib wasted no time in kissing him fiercely. He ran his hands over the small frame beneath him, groaning at the feel of soft green skin as his hands slipped beneath the thick jumper his boyfriend wore. He grinned against his lover's lips, tugging at the others clothes as slim fingers dropped to make quick work of his own. They moved quickly, impatient with each piece of skin that was exposed. Dib pulled back, breath hitching as the Irken nipped at his collarbone.

"So you..." A huffed breath sounded against his skin.

"It's fine, similar to two human males." Magenta orbs met his. "You know how that works don't you?" Dib laughed, pressing a soft kiss to his lover's temple, hands moving to trail along the alien's head.

"I know. Can I touch these now?" The Irken froze, trembling slightly and licking his lips in nerves.

"Go for it." Grinning, Dib lightly ran his hands over the stalks, the Irken whimpering and melting into his touch.

"Oh, Irk…" Zim shifted in his grasp, panting heavier at each small touch. Dib leant closer, watching the dark orbs half close in desire. A small huff of breath sent a shiver racing through the Irken's frame and Dib jolted as Zim bucked up to him. The pressure against his erection was heavenly and Dib pressed back, rocking against Zim and picking up a rhythm that left them both panting. "Y… we need … to … take these… off." Each gasp punctuated by a small tug to the waistband of his jeans and Dib nodded eagerly.

"Okay." He tugged at the other's fitted jeans, shifting as the other tugged his own down exposing him to the cold air. Dib hissed, finding it quickly became a groan as the alien's small hands gripped him, clawed fingers tentative as they explored him. Each gentle touch sent another shiver through him and Dib moved his hands down the lithe body below him, hands caressing the Irken's own arousal.

"Hn, Dib…" His hands slipped over the slick skin and Zim's hands trembled before retreating back up his chest and into his hair. The alien used his hair as leverage, bringing their mouths together again. Dib swallowed a moan, one hand moving to grip both their erections and rub them together. He revelled in the soft moans he drew from his lover, one hand gripping Zim's hip as the other pumped them. "I want you, Dib." Shaking in excitement, Dib let his hand drift lower, finding the Irken slick. He rubbed at the other's hole, fingers slick with the Irken's juices and one slipping past the muscles easily.

Zim groaned at the penetration, shifting on the finger moving inside him. He tightened his grip on the teen's scythe-lock, allowing the other to distract him with kisses as the finger was turned into two. The fingers moved and the human's warm hand slipped over his length, pace faltering as the fingers worked. Zim groaned as eager kisses accompanied each thrust or twist as the fingers spread him open, barely noticing the third as the teen rediscovered his lekku. He panted, mewling and purring at each loving or passionate gesture. A huffed chuckle made him open his eyes, meeting amused amber.

"You're so cute." The human licked at his lekku and Zim groaned, trying desperately to quell the tremors running through his limbs.

"St, stop teasing already." He whined, groaning as the teen gave one more suck to his lekku then retreated. He shivered as Dib moved back on his knees, pulling his fingers free with a slick noise before hovering over him and meeting his gaze.

"Okay." Zim licked his lips nervously as the human shifted above him, mesmerised by the darkened amber eyes which blinked down at him as a hesitant smile played on his lover's lips. He sighed into the teen's mouth as they kissed, allowing himself to be shifted and pulled closer. His breath hitched at the move, finding Dib's body heat burning compared to the cool air of the room. Slick warm skin rubbed against him and Zim clenched his hands, tangling Dib's hair further.

Dib pressed himself closer, revelling in the feel of smooth slick skin against his own. The Irken beneath him clenched his hands and Dib stalled, trying to keep him comfortable. He ran his hands over jade skin, down thin sides and across smooth thighs before retracing the path. Kissing the other softly, he shifted to press flush against the alien, feeling the other's breath hitch and changing his touches to rubbing small circles into the other's hips. He lapped at the Irken's lips, shivering in pleasure as Zim opened his mouth quickly. Dib hummed, running his tongue around the sweet tasting cavern careful of the other's teeth.

"Ow!" Dib yelped as small hands tugged his head back, the small body beneath his rutting up against him and sending a sharp jolt of pleasure through his system. Narrowed lust darkened eyes glared up at him as the hands loosened their grip.

"Enough Dib-let. Please Zim now." He grinned at the order, feeling the Irken rut against him once more in frustration. Chuckling, Dib gripped the slim hips beneath his hands, stilling the movement and shifting to align their bodies properly.

"You sure about this?" Small hands tugged his hair once more and Dib finally moved. He groaned at the tight heat enveloping his member, kissing the other and distracting him from the intrusion. He let his hands trail inwards, ghosting over the Irken's neglected length and revelling in the heated moan bubbling from the other's throat. He stilled once fully sheathed, pulling back to pant against Zim's neck. Small clawed hands gripped his hair and the body beneath him trembled. The hands unclenched, trailing down his arms before moving to link behind his neck as the Irken panted beside his ear. Dib shuddered at the sensation, feeling a slick tongue flick against the shell of his ear, the other nuzzling into his shoulder a second later. Slim legs tightened round his waist and the other shifted in his grip.

"Move Dib." He nodded against the alien's shoulder, hips shifting to set a slow rhythm as his hands gripped the Irken's hips once more. Stifling the other's gasp with his lips, Dib picked up his pace feeling Zim rock into each move. He groaned into the other's mouth, deepening the kiss and letting the Irken wrap his snake-like tongue round his own. Panting and groaning Dib pulled back, breaking the kiss and staring into hazy orbs. He gripped the other's hips, hoisting his legs higher to allow for better penetration and marvelling at the hitched gasp drew from his lover. Picking up speed, Dib let one hand trail from the other's hip, gripping the alien's member and rubbing against the leaking tip. "Hn, D… Dib… Plea, pleas… hm…more…" Thin green lips met his desperately as the other tightened his grip about him. Dib nipped the other's lips, deepening the kiss once more and stifling Zim's gasps as the pace picked up. Thrusting harder, Dib trembled as his release drew closer, feeling the Irken tighten around him.

"God, Zim… I … I can't…" Zim whimpered in his arms, clenching once more.

"I feel funny Dib…" He chuckled breathlessly at the others mumbled words before locking their lips once more, hand trailing over the other's length while the other slipped upwards to graze the other antenna. A whimpered groan fell from Zim's lips and Dib felt his own release hit him as the Irken tensed around him. Warm liquid spilt over his fingers and Dib stilled inside the other, pulling back and panting against the soft flesh of the other's neck. The limbs around him trembled briefly before falling limp, Zim panting harshly as Dib finally pulled back. He sat back on his heels, taking in the spent form before him. Dib grinned at the dazed expression, taking in the bruises forming where he gripped too tightly or nipped the other harshly. He flushed at the pool of liquid dripping from the others stomach and thighs before tired magenta eyes met his. "Come here Dib." He nodded, letting small hands pull him back down over the other. "It's cold Dib." Humming under his breath and feeling sleep tugging at his own mind, Dib shifted to roll onto his side, pulling the Irken with him and noting the limpness of the other's limbs. Soft breath flickered across his collarbone and Dib glanced down to see closed eyes. Smiling to himself, he shifted some more tossing his glasses on the side table before tugging his blanket up and over the both of them.

"I love you." He whispered to the other's antenna, watching it twitch in response before a tired whisper met his ears.

"Hn, Zim loves Dib too."