This is an experimental Chapter

"It's cute that you think your heroes of this little adventure but you're not." the dummy said.

"Shit! GET BACK!" Axton yelled.

But before they could the Hyperion train exploded over the snowy wastes. On a hill not too far away a man in winter gear with a Maliwan fire sniper saw the whole thing. Grunting he moved down the hill and ran through the snow. He had to see if there where survivors.


Axton awoke slowly looking around. The explosion rattled his ears but he could hear the ramblings of a Claptrap unit. He rose and the Claptrap unit noticed but he wasn't paying attention to it as he noticed Salvador and Zero slowly getting up.

"Ey that hurt." the Gunzerker said.

Axton moved over and helped his companions up. The shrapnel made them dizzy as they stood but thankfully they got their bearings and followed the Claptrap unit it's his home. As they moved Zero noticed something missing among their group.

"Where's Maya?" he asked.

The Commando and Gunzerker looked at each other with worried looks. Maya maybe a Siren but even they cannot survive that kind of blast.

"We have to come back latter we cannot check now. The storm and our injury's will not do us any favours." Axton said.

The two nodded.


Maya awoke and tried to sit up but as soon as she did pain shot up from her belly and made her fall back down. She looked at where the pain came from. A piece of the train was wedged in her and blood was pouring out. Her eyes widened and took a hold of the metal and with a grunt tried to pull it out. But as she did more blood came out and she felt a drain on her body.

"Shit." she cried giving up on pulling the metal out. "Shit."

The snowstorm came down hard and the cold started to settle as she laid there. It seemed that Brother Sophis was right about her dieing this pisshole of a planet. Her eyes became heavy and tiredness filled her. She felt like her body was just giving up. Gritting her teeth she refused to die.

"Hey you ok?" a voice came.

She looked to where the voice came from and saw someone moving fast towards her. Coming closer she saw a skill painted on a balaclava like hood. The man also held a Maliwan sniper. In respect he looked like a bandit but something told her he was not. The man got to his knees beside her and looked her her wound.

Maya could not see his face but she could tell he was worried. He took a medi-pack out from his backpack and took a syringe out before stabbing it in her leg.

"Ahhhh son of a bitch." Maya yelled.

"Don't worry it's a mix of adrenalin and stimulant's to keep you from falling asleep." the man said.

Despite this she readied herself if he was going to kill her. But as she did she remembered that Psycho who saved her. The man then took out some cloth and placed it around the wound before holding something over her mouth.

"Bite on this." he said.

Eyeing him carefully she did as she was told and took it into her mouth.

"Ok lay still. I'm going to try and remove this on the count of three."

Maya nodded and looked at the object in her. The man took hold of it and began counting.

"One." he said before ripping the object out of her.

Maya screamed in pain and bit down on the object in her mouth. As the metal was out of her she spat it object out of her mouth and looked at the man with anger.

"You said on three you bastard!" she yelled.

"Tensing up is a bad idea when you remove stuff from people." the man said as he took out a red syringe and injected it in her.

The red liquid flowed into her veins and repaired the wound but as it did Maya fell asleep the man panicked and check her pulse. It was strong, he sighed at that as he picked her up bridal style and took her away from the wreckage.


When the snow storm cleared Salvador, Zero and Axton looked around the train wreck for Maya. They may have not have known her for long but Sirens where always useful. Maya was not that interested in treasure but of the origins of the Sirens. Treasure to her was just a bonus.

Zero looked in the train itself but had no luck. Salvador was checking amongst the rubble. Axton on the other hand was keeping a lookout for Bullymogs or other things that may disturb them. As Axton walked on his patrol he then saw a drip of red on the snow. He bent down to have a look at it.

"Blood!" he exclaimed.

He looked around for any more but found nothing. Cursing he headed back to the train. The other two who seemed disappointed.

"No luck sorry." Zero said

"Si same here." the Gunzerker said.

"I found a drop of blood but that doesn't mean much. Come on let's get out of here. If she's alive we may find her in Sanctuary." Axton said with the other two nodding as they left.


Maya awoke to find herself on on a quite comfortable bed. As she rose there was a slight pain in her belly but she ignored it for the time being. She looked around finding a well made shack. Few make sift tables and lockers even a couch. But on that couched lay a man who looked that same age as him. But he had a scar running up from the right side of his jaw to the left side of his forehead.

His hair was brown with a black tint to it. He also wore a pair of digital trousers with make shit armour pieces on it. For his top he only wore a simple t-shirt with Tourge's logo on it. He was also well built for a man of his age a few scars and scratches, on him but that was expected for people of Pandora. In all he was not entirely unattractive.

At that moment she remembered her companions. They would be looking for her. If they where still alive they maybe looking for her. She quickly got out of bed and looked for a weapon not caring for the noise she made.

"Looking for something?" a voice asked.

Maya turned to see the young man getting off the couch and looked at her.

"My friends. I need to find them." she said in a panicking voice.

"Well in all honesty if your friends are still alive they're probably off to Sanctuary. It's the home of the Crimson raiders, the resistance against Hyperion."

"Then we need to get there."

The man then sat on the arm of his sofa in thought.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Maya. I'm a Siren."

"Well Maya you're obviously a Vault hunter but you should now that if Jack knows your still alive he will come after you."

"I don't care."

The man smirked and stood up straight.

"Well in that case. We better get going." he said approaching the lockers and opening them.

"Ho forgot to mention. Name's Alex but most people call me Raider."