The Twilight Twenty-Five: Round Eight, a challenge

By Mikarin Aoi

Summary: Life as a human, life as a vampire. Family relationships and romantic love. Twenty-five flash fictions written for Round 8 of The Twilight Twenty-Five Challenge.

Warning: Varying ratings for each piece Genre: Family/Romance Pairing: Multiple but Canon Pairings

Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight Saga or its characters.

Author's Note: So I was looking for Twilight writing contests that I could join. I then stumbled upon thetwilight25 dot com. I was a little hesitant to join since for this round, only 300-500 words are allowed, and I usually write way longer stuff than flash fictions. Well, I still went for it, wanting to try something I've never done before, especially telling a story in less than 500 words. I hope I did well with this challenge… Any thoughts or comments on any of the stories in the form of a review are more than welcome. And PM's are, as well.

By the way, if anyone knows of any ongoing Twilight contests that do not revolve around Edward and Bella, do PM me, please? I'd like to try joining one…


The Twilight Twenty-Five
thetwilight25 dot com

Prompt: # 01
Pen Name: Mikarin Aoi
Pairing/Character(s): Carlisle/Esme
Rating: T
Word Count: 495

Photo prompts can be found here:
thetwilight25 dot com/round-eight/prompts


As silent as a drum, as deafening as a whisper, as quick as a snail, as slow as the speed of light, my husband's heartbeat followed an erratic pace as he took me in his embrace, the last lingering seconds of our high slowly escaping our exhausted bodies.

His heavy breathing, the air he exhaled softly meeting the back of my neck, was a delightful sign that we were alive. We weren't vampires in this life.

Turning my body to face his, his arm still draped across my waist, I lowered my head to his chest, pressing my ear close to his pounding life force. This was what his heart sounded like. The steady yet irregular thumping, the millisecond of a missing heartbeat, I could hear it all.

Frozen in time, I stayed still, thinking to myself that I could stay like this forever, wrapped in his arms, safe in this love-filled haven, listening to his heart go on for miles.

Reaching up to feel my own heartbeat, I felt ultimately blessed and grateful to find that his heartbeat was beating in time to mine. We were almost perfectly synced, like our hearts were one, separated by two bodies; only to feel complete, reunited, during these sweet moments of ecstasy.

"Love? There you are."

Pulling me out of my thoughts, my husband's voice slowly brought me back to our reality. Turning around to face him, I was greeted with a bouquet of red roses, surprising me, catching me off guard.

"Welcome home, Carlisle. What are the flowers for?"

"Can't I bring flowers for my wife despite there being no occasion?"

"Of course you can," I replied with a gentle smile, taking the bouquet in my hands, thoroughly pleased with his sensitive moments of romance.

Even after a hundred years, he could still surprise me. I was more than lucky to have someone like him. A husband who greatly cared to keep the romance alive even after all these years.

"What were you thinking of?" he asked, and then added, "You were staring out into the forest for quite a while."

Looking back out to the wilderness where my thoughts had suddenly wandered off, I admitted with a slight hint of longing in my voice, "What we would've been like if we were still humans."

"I don't think there would've been much of a difference, do you, my love?" he stated as he moved behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, his chin resting upon my shoulder as we both looked out beyond the doors to our balcony.

"No, I don't think so, either," I agreed.

For this same embrace resonated truth as it did in the sudden fantasy that came to life in my mind just seconds before. I still felt the same love, the same safety in his arms, even without feeling or hearing his heartbeat or mine.

Yes, we weren't vampires in this life. We weren't vampires in this daydream of mine.