The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: # 25
Pen Name: Mikarin Aoi
Pairing/Character(s): Carlisle/Esme
Rating: K+
Word Count: 499

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Being a doctor had both its perks and drawbacks. The main one was having to choose between my family and my patients. I was just called for an emergency surgery in Germany of a patient who was under my care when he was still residing here in the States.

My wife and I had just recently welcomed our daughter six months ago into the world, and the thought of having to leave killed me.

"Go, darling. He needs you. You know he doesn't trust any other doctor, which makes me so proud of you. Only you can help him, Carlisle, so go. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine," my wife told me the morning I stood at our doorstep, hesitant to turn around and leave.

"I don't know how long I'll be gone for, love," I sighed, already feeling lost at the thought of not being with my wife and our newborn baby girl.

"I know, Carlisle. But I also know for certain that you'll be home soon," my wife countered, and her words, like they always did, gave me the strength that I needed.

She's always been my rock, the one who supported me through every ups and downs I had experienced as a doctor, especially whenever I had to cope with the deaths of my patients. With so much that she's given me, I always felt like I never gave back enough.

Leaning down, I planted one last kiss on her lips, and as I settled there, I never wanted to leave. Dropping lower to the bundle of joy in her arms, I gave our little Rosalie a kiss against her puffy cheek, and whispered, "Daddy'll be home soon, I promise, my beautiful princess."

My wife smiled up at me one last time, and each step that I took away from them tore at my aching heart. Times like these, I've hated my job.

Six entire months, I was gone. By now, my patient has fully recovered from his risky surgery and had just started off with his physical therapy. Though I wanted to stick around to make sure he'd be fine, he insisted that I go back home.

"Go home, Dr. Cullen. You've done everything for me here; now go to your family. You've been gone long enough. I'm sorry I had to drag you all the way out here. Now go."

With his words, I immediately left and now, as I drove up to our house, I sighed in the utmost relief I've felt in the past months since I've gone.

The sight of my daughter walking up to me on wobbly legs was a scene I felt so blessed with to witness, the tears in my eyes falling as I lifted her up in my arms, holding her close to me, never wanting to ever part from her again.

My wife came up to my side, and as I leaned down to kiss her, it almost felt like I never left.

"I'm homeā€¦"