I'll accept requested characters if they aren't in the game.I was inspired to write this when i was reading Injustice:The Other Gods by please enjoy this story. Chapter one is my OC character, Nightshot.

Nightshot walked into the batcave looking for Superman to end his reign.

He unsheathed his sword locked and loaded his guns and took his fighting stance.

Superman arrived after a few regime soldiers left.

"I came here to end this reign."

"You can try."

Nightshot struck first shooting Superman in the leg with an AK-47.

Superman flew towards Nightshot and flipped him into the air causing him to land on his face.

Superman then used his heat vision on Nightshot's chest.

Nightshot Blasted Superman in the chest with his futuristic laser.

Superman charged towards Nightshot and punched him causing him to fall onto his back as Superman said

"Ha ha ha!"

Nightshot got up and charged towards Superman with his sword and cut him across the stomach.

Superman fell onto his back in pain while Nightshot said

"Shot ya loser!"

Superman picked himself up off of the ground and used his ice breath on Nightshot.

He flew towards Nightshot at full speed and punched him into outer space he flew past Nightshot and punched him back down to Earth.

Nightshot landed on the ground with a crash.

He got up and ran towards Superman with his AK-47 in one hand and his sword in the other.

He shoved his sword through Superman's stomach and shot him i the face 10 times then he removed the sword andthrew down a grenade.

He ran away before Superman blew up.

Weakened Superman was pulled into the phantom zone by a wraith while his horrible memories flashed before him.

With Superman defeated, Nightshot reformed his team originally called team Haven.

Now leading the Atom, John Stewart, Guy Garderner, and new heroes Red Arrow and Red X Nightshot has created the Freedom Fighters and they are now working on freeing all who are emslaved throughout the galaxy.

Starting with Zatanna's castle full of prisoners who are kept alive but imprisoned.