Wally West's body began to materialize in the middle of Metropolis.

He looks around not recognizing the city.

Suddenly, Barry Allen zooms in.

"Uncle Barry?"

"Kid?" Barry Allen stares astounded as he had believed his nephew to be trapped in the speed force.

"Uncle Barry? Am I alive?"

"Yes. And as much as it pains me to say this, you're under arrest."

Flash took a fighting stance as did Kid Flah.

Kid Flash hit first rushing towards Flash and knocking him over.

Kid Flash then trapped Flash in a tornado.

Flash got up and ran towards Kid Flash swinging his arms to attack him twice.

Flash then continues to super speed punch Kid Flash.

Kid Flash super speed puches Flash.

Kid Flash jumps up and comes down onto Flash with a painful kick.

"Ha! Too fast for ya?!"

Flash gets back up and knocks Kid Flash onto the ground.

"Think Fast!"

Kid Flash picks himself up off the ground and rushes towards Flash hoping to catch him off guard.

Kid Flash and Flash come into a wager.

"What'cha doing Uncle B?"

"Arresting you!"

The two speedsters ran towards each other as two bursts of lightning became one.

Flash was knocked onto the floor.

Kid Flash saw an oppurtunity as Flash got off the floor.

Kid Flash ran away.

He ran all around the world and ended up behind Flash.

He grabs Flash by the shoulder and creates a large tornado.

He then punches him left and right from different directions and finally he jumps high into the air with the tornado pushing him up and kicks Flash into the ground.

Flash hopes to get up but ultimately stops.

Wally West was brought to our world from Earth 16 by chrysalis energy.

He was blasted into the world and soon learned that his other world counter part went against Superman's reign and became wanted.

Wally stared at his unconcious uncle Barry and ran away.

Soon enough, Superman's troops came into the city in hopes of capturing him.

They were stopped as Batman's insurgents came out of nowhere and attacked.

Batman grabbed Kid Flash and they made a retreat.

"So this isn't my earth, Supermans evil, and Dick is dead?"

Wally questioned Batman as he sat in the Insurgents medical room.

"Yes. Here take this. It will enhance your body for a fight."

Batman handed him a purple pill and he took it.

"Wow. I feel great."