Kami smiled as she carried her newborn child into her and her husband's home. She looked down at her child as the baby's green eyes opened and eyed her surroundings curiously. She spoke with a cooing tone, "Mikayla, this is your new home!"

Spirit trailed in behind her, locking the door quietly. He smiled lovingly as his wife carried the baby around the house, showing her every single room and explaining how the appliances worked as though their child understood them yet. "Kami, sweetie, you should go to bed. You look really tired."

"Well, duh. I just gave birth! Did you expect me to start to do cartwheels and back flips immediately after pushing a living, breathing baby out of me?" She said with irritation and humor lacing through her voice.

He smiled and raised his hands in surrender. "Okay, I get it. Now hand Mika over so you can go sleep."

"That's a stupid nickname." Kami said. Then she gasped, her emerald eyes glittering. Spirit found himself gazing into her eyes as she spoke animatedly. He then broke off the eye contact as a sharp pain resonated through his skull. He rubbed his head as she yelled at him. "Were you even listening to me?!"

"I'm sorry, honey." He said, trying to sort his red hair back into place. "What did you say?"

She sighed loudly and rubbed her temples, muttering a few words under her breath before turning to him with a large grin and glittering eyes. "Maka!"

Spirit raised a brow. "Maka? What's that?"

Kami rolled her eyes. "It's a name, idiot. Gah, you're so thick..."

Spirit pouted as his blue eyes dulled with confusion. "I'm sorry, Kami. I don't understand..."

"Maka! Let's rename her Maka! It's perfect!" She started pacing around the room excitedly. "It's so unique, but it's not a mouthful like most names, and it's not something you can find on a keychain!"

Spirit chuckled lightly at her aversion to keychains. "Okay, I guess her name is Maka now..."

Kami lifted the baby to her face. "Do you like that? Maka? Maka Albarn-Domen. Okay, forget the Domen. Maka Albarn."

The baby raised her hand to her mother's faced and smiled, revealing her small pink gums. She let out a giggle and her eyes twinkled with delight. Kami nodded triumphantly. "Maka it is. It's way better than Mikayla. We'll get the doctor to change it tomorrow after a good night's rest."

Spirit walked over to his wife and smiled at the small girl. "Are you excited to sleep in your bed Maka?"

Maka laughed and a bit of drool began to drip from her mouth. She frowned at the sudden mess on her face and tried desperately to get it off, only to end up hitting herself and start crying. Kami stifled a giggle and pulled her sleeve over her hand to wipe away the dribble and the large tears Maka was producing. "Shhh, it's okay, Maka. You just hit yourself a little..."

Spirit sniffled next to her and gathered Maka into his arms as sobs began to shake his being. "OH MAKA, PAPA LOVES YOU! I'M SO SORRY YOU HURT YOURSELF, I'LL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!"

Kami smiled in amusement as her husband and daughter bawled together. She shook her head at them and waved a hand behind her as she turned to go to sleep. "G'night, you two!"

Spirit let out another sob and Maka let out a screech. This was going to be a long and very loud night.

Cassandra frowned at the child in her arms. She sighed and looked over to the books scattered on the floor where her husband had been researching for a cure for Soul.

She looked down at him and her eyes narrowed as they met his bloody gaze. His eyes were glittering with wonder as he met her scarlet gaze. His hand reached up for her black hair and she pulled away sharply, ignoring the guilt and pain in her chest. He pouted a little, then smiled when his eyes met a bird's outside the window.

She pulled one hand away from him and placed it to her chest where he'd bitten her unintentionally. At first, she'd been ecstatic that he was such an early developer, only being three months of age. But when she's checked his mouth, instead of normal, blunt, human teeth, he'd had two sharp points peeking out of his pink gums. She'd rushed to David as quickly as she could and expressed her fear and concern to him. He'd checked for himself and nearly drove himself mad, spending the entire night reading dozens of textbooks trying to determine what was wrong.

He'd found nothing.

She sighed again and jumped when she heard the light knock on the study door. "Come in."

The door creaked open slowly and her other son, Wes, peeked in cautiously. "Father just left. He looked really mad."

Cassandra walked toward her normal-toothed son and used her free arm to cup his face. "He's just frightened. He isn't upset at you at all, don't worry yourself needlessly, my son."

Wes looked at her with his mahogany eyes before smiling slightly at her. His gaze swept over to the bundle in her arms. His smile grew. "Is that little brother?"

Cassandra frowned and pulled Soul farther away from her other son. Wes looked up at her with confusion distorting his perfect features. She took in a breath, berating herself for lying to her son but convincing herself it was for the best. "He's got to take his nap. You may see him later, after your afternoon classes."

Wes frowned slightly. "Okay, Mother..."

"As a matter of fact, I think they're to start in seven minutes. Shouldn't you be tuning your violin?" She said, lightly pushing him towards the door.

"But I don't want to practice, Mother..." He protested weakly, holding up his small calloused hands. "It hurts!"

"Well that's the price to pay for beautiful music." She said, leading him through the corridors towards the music room where his tutor was waiting impatiently.

"But Mother, can't I just skip for today?" He pleaded with big, sad eyes.

She looked on at him with slight sympathy. She then shifted her gaze to the monstrosity in her arm and frowned. She mustn't let Wes go wrong like Soul. Wes must be perfect.

"No." She closed the door and left him alone with the strict tutor as she glared down at the creature in her arms.

Maka giggled as she ran into the kitchen. She ran behind her mother's legs as her father followed closely behind. Spirit spotted her there and Kami smiled over at him. Spirit put on a thoughtful place. "Oh, I wonder where my little Maka went? Mama, do you know?"

Maka squeaked and tugged on her mama's dress. She whispered loudly, "Don't tell him!"

She knew full well that Papa could see her, and she knew full well that he was just pretending. But she also knew that this was fun, and seeing her Papa acting so silly just for her benefit was amusing to her.

Kami winked down at her, understanding her daughter's thought process and knowing that Maka was more aware of things than most people. "Sorry, Papa. I have no idea where she is."

Papa groaned exaggeratedly and began to scower the room, looking in the most unreasonable of places. This included the sink, a small hole in the wall and the narrow space between their couch and the floor. Maka giggled uncontrollably behind her Mama and Kami chuckled with her.

But Kami's chuckle was quiet and mostly for Maka's benefit.

Maka was too aware. She mustn't know that her Mama was troubled, nor that her Papa was the cause.

He'd always been a player, a flirt. She'd known this from the beginning, but assumed it was nothing more than just that: harmless flirting. But her friends told her otherwise, of sighting him at the bars and strip clubs, of seeing him with various women more than once. And not in a friendly or familial matter.

Kami clenched her jaw and Spirit glanced over at her in concern. "Mama?"

"What Papa? Can't find Maka?" She asked playfully. To be honest, she didn't even fully blame him. She blamed herself for not being enough. She blamed those women for tempting him. She loved him too much to blame him.

"No, I can't! I thought she would be in the lamp, but she wasn't!" Papa whined, relieved to see a renewed grin on his wife's face.

"I'm here Papa! I know you could see me, silly!" Maka said, tired of her own game as she ran out from behind her Mama to run into Spirit's open arms.

"OH! There you are! I had no idea!" He said with exaggerated innocence as he placed her on the counter and tied her hair up into pigtails with two pink ribbons. He kissed her forehead when he finished and she giggled loudly, wiping her forehead.

"Papa! Will you read me more of the Poe thing?" Maka asked, referring to the poet Edgar Allen Poe. He father has started reading her children's night stories until she'd begged him for better material and he'd complied with things in his own collection.

"What? You've been reading her Poe?" Kami asked, infuriated.

Spirit looked at her innocently. "Yes. She likes poetry, and she liked his short stories too..."

She pulled Maka away from him, cradling her to herself. "She's a child! She's only two years old!"

"She's also really mature for her age! She might as well be ten." He defended. Maka tugged on her mother's ashy hair and nodded vehemently when Kami turned to her.

"I like Poe. He's smart and his words are really pretty." Maka said. "And it's not too hard, either."

Kami glared at her husband. She spoke the words strictly to Maka but directing it at Spirit. "You're a child, sweetheart. No more Poe, it's too intense."

Maka and Spirit nodded sullenly, but when Maka snuck a glance at Spirit, he smirked and winked at her. Kami, however, caught this and growled. Spirit looked at her raging eyes and frowned, defeat evident in his sapphire gaze as he nodded without winking at Maka.

"Good." Kami snapped. She set Maka down on the floor and grabbed her purse, walking to the door briskly. "I'm going to visit Dad."

"Grandpa?" Maka asked with a small smile.

The raging flames in Kami's green eyes died as she looked down at Maka. "Sorry, honey. I'm going alone today. Keep an eye on your Papa for me, okay?"

Maka nodded indifferently and skipped away to go find something to do. Spirit approached Kami and moved to plant a kiss on her, but she ducked away and slipped out the door without a word. He stood there, hurt, and frowned in confusion.


His eyes widened and he paled. She couldn't know, could she?

"Papa! Look, I found Mulan!" Spirit turned to the excited squeal and smiled, forgetting the situation and moving to his room to snuggle with his little Maka as they watched her favorite Disney movie.

"Oh, what cute little boys you have, Cassandra!" An old woman said, eyeing the two boys like dogs at a show.

Wes stood, eight years old, in a pressed suit to match his father. His smile was child-like and charming, his straight white teeth showing as he grinned at the compliment the woman had given him. "Thank you, Miss."

Soul stood quietly next to his brother, a small smile on his face. It was practiced, tight to make sure his teeth didn't show. He was happy with the compliment, he was. But he was confused. Before the gala, his mother had given him a very stern talk. She told him not to talk at all, not even if someone asked a question. She told him only to use his public smile and that if anyone saw his teeth, he'd go to bed without dinner.

He didn't care about the punishment, though. He just wanted his mother to smile at him for once, like she did to big brother.

He wanted her to be proud of him.

The old woman eyed him with a small frown. Cassandra caught this and picked him up, facing her with a practiced sad look. "I apologize. It's just, Soul... He's mute."

The old woman gasped. "I am so sorry, I had no idea."

"Yes, well it's been very hard on the family. We haven't exactly made it public." David added, frowning the same frown as his wife's.

To the outside world, they looked grief-stricken and lost.

But they were just embarrassed and angry. Their son was a monster with shark-like teeth. His eyes were blood-colored, a sick red. He was disgusting.

Wes looked up at them in confusion, but kept his mouth shut when his father sent him a look. He looked down at his feet, sending his confusion there, rather than asking aloud.

Cassandra lifted his chin. "Don't look down, Wes. Keep your head up, it's undignified to look down at the ground."

Wes nodded and kept his chin up so high it was almost comical.

Soul put his small arms around his mother's neck, seeking her comfort as all the noise and people were making him uncomfortable. She shifted him on her hip so he facing away from her inconspicuously.

He whimpered and she jerked him roughly, quickly making all noise from him cease. The old woman hadn't noticed, luckily, so she just gave her condolences and shuffled away.

Wes tapped Cassandra's arm lightly. She turned to him with a warm smile. "Yes, Wes?"

"Mother, why did you lie to that woman?" He asked curiously. "Little brother can talk."

"No, Soul cannot." David said with finality. He then spotted someone he knew and felt the need to speak to and walked away hurriedly.

Cassandra and David were no longer loving.

Soul ruined them. He created a shift and made David become distant and cold to all of them, though even more to Soul himself. This upset Cassandra, who felt abandoned and lost without the warm and firm hand of her husband guiding her. She blamed all things wrong with her life on Soul. Her marriage, their low spot in the chain of society, although in reality, they were higher up on the chain of being than some presidents.

And she placed all the good things she had and expected on Wes' shoulders. She loved him for his talent with the violin and natural charisma. He was the reason they had any popularity at all, and he was the center of her world and expectations.

Soul had become the scapegoat, and Wes the golden boy. Soul was deprived of affection and care, while Wes was coddled. However Wes carried a burden just as large as Soul's. Two hours of violin practice a day became six and entertaining guests became a weekly habit.

The kids were being forced to adapt to things they did not understand too quickly.

Soul made it through his mother's constant harshness with Wes' kind gestures and attention.

Wes did not see anything wrong with Soul and found escape from his mother's rules when conversing with Soul, although the conversations were often one-sided.

Then Mother would find them and tear them apart.

The gala was over and Wes had gone with his father to be tucked into bed and Cassandra was left with Soul. She had set him down as soon as she was out of the public eye and tugged him roughly to his room. She practically shoved him in and changed him roughly. She saw the tears Soul held back and felt a moment of weakness.

Her son should not have to hold in his tears. Her son should not have to have the discipline to.

Her son?

No. Not her son. She frowned and set him down on the bed, not bothering to tuck him in as she left him be.

He pulled the covers around him himself and sniffed, trying to keep back the tears. He felt guilty. He'd broken his promise to Mother and now she was mad at him. Why couldn't he be quiet?

Why couldn't he be normal?

You know a child is troubled when they can ask themselves that question at the mere age of two.

Maka frowned as she heard the yelling. It'd started when she was three, only lasting a few minutes, and now she was eight and the two could go on for hours.



"I-I-I... I DON'T KNOW!"


Maka turned in her bed, curling into the fetal position and squishing her pillow around her ears so she wouldn't hear the words anymore. She still heard the yells, but they were muffled.

How could the hell could Spirit do that to Mama?

Mama loves Spirit, but he's hurting her...

Why does Papa hate them?

After another two hours of muffled yells, she heard a long period of silence. She let the pillow drop down to the bed and wiped her eyes of the tears that she hadn't known had gathered there.



These words scared Maka and she ran out of her room to her parents' room. She saw her Mama with a scowl on her face and tears pouring down her cheeks.

This made Maka angry. Spirit made Mama like this.

Said man was kneeling next to Kami, begging for forgiveness but neither female could care less. Mama finished packing her bag and when she saw Maka standing in the doorway with her pink nightgown and her red-rimmed eyes, she froze.

"Maka." She whispered as though in a trance.

Maka stared at the luggage in Kami's hands and her eyes teared up again. She let out a sob and ran to her mom, wrapping her arms around her legs. "NO, MAMA. DON'T LEAVE ME!"

Kami rested a hand on top of Maka's head. "I'm sorry, Maka. I love you, and I need you to keep courage while I'm gone, okay? I'm just going for a little trip until I can figure some things out, okay?"

Maka sobbed even harder and tugged strongly at her Mama's clothes. "NO! TAKE ME WITH YOU!"

Spirit let out a choked sob behind them, but they ignored him.

Kami knelt down in front of her daughter. She smiled shakily at her and ran a hand down the side of her face while Maka continued to sob unabashedly. Kami sighed. "I'm sorry. I really am, Maka. But I can't handle this anymore. I'm going to be leaving Death City."

Both Spirit and Maka gasped simultaneously. Maka set a determined expression and quelled her sobs quickly. "I'll leave Death City too, then!"

Kami shook her head with a small smile. "No, honey. You can't. You need to stay here until we can find out if you're a meister or a weapon."

"But I want to stay with Mama!"

"You can't. You need to stay here with Papa and-"

"NO! I HATE SPIRIT!" Maka yelled with more hate than an eight-year old should be capable of.

She'd seen it herself, she'd seen him flirting and kissing and doing things he should only do with Mama! He betrayed them, he was awful, terrible, disgusting. Men were pigs. Lying, cheating pigs.

Kami nodded. "I understand. But I need you to know, I don't hate Papa."

"Then why are you leaving me?" Maka asked hysterically.

"Because Mama's a little lost right now. But Mama loves Papa, and she always will. And you love Papa too, even if you're mad at him right now."

"NO I DON'T!" Maka screamed.

Kami grabbed Maka's shoulders firmly. "Okay. If you won't stay for Papa, I need you to stay for me. Stay, become a part of the academy, make me proud to be your Mama, okay? Fight evil, make the world a safer place for me, okay?"

Maka shook, but nodded slightly. "Okay... Okay, I understand, Mama."

"Good. I'll be back someday, I promise Maka..." She kissed her daughter's forehead shakily and stood, not bothering to look at Spirit as she left and walked out of the door, walking in the direction of the train.

Maka ran out, the concrete scratching her bare feet and she stared after her Mama until she disappeared around a corner. Maka shook with anger as Spirit stood in the doorway, looking down with guilt.

What point is guilt if you're just going to keep messing up?

Maka pushed past him and stomped to her room, slamming the door loudly.

Soul kept a somber expression as he continued to play the notes written out for him by his tutor.

He'd become of use to his mother. Cassandra had discovered him in one of the music rooms, fiddling with the piano. His notes were scrambled and odd, but the talent was there and she instantly signed her four year old son up for six hours of practice like his brother.

His fingers were numb. They used to hurt about two hours ago, but now they were numb and he had trouble pressing the right keys. But if he didn't do it right, then he'd end up going to bed hungry again.

He focused entirely on the music he was playing, finding some comfort in the notes. He wasn't as good as big brother Wes, but the four years of classes had paid off and he was getting better. He was improving and there was finally some semblance of pride on his parents' faces.

His finger slipped and he hit the wrong note. He kept his lips pressed together tightly and kept playing even as his tutor glared at him lividly and Soul yearned to ask him to look away.

But no. He was 'mute'. He was the silent prodigy, son of David and Cassandra Evans.

He kept his mouth closed and ignored the daggers digging into his skin. He kept his blood-red eyes on the keys and tried to lose himself in the music. It was jazz, he liked jazz. He liked jazz but this song was bad.

His tutor was a bad composer.

The timer rung and caused Soul's fingers to slam down on the keys. He was just startled.

But the tutor hit his hand with the ruler anyways for messing up the song. Soul clenched his teeth to keep back the yelp that threatened to escape. He pursed his lips together so tightly, it hurt.

"Okay, Soul. We'll continue tomorrow. I hope you have better discipline by then. If your hands are bothering you I suggest a healthy intake of calcium and potassium."

Soul frowned slightly. But I'm not allowed.

"You are dismissed. I'll be informing your parents of your lack of progress."

Soul winced and touched his stomach lightly as he slid off the bench slowly. He walked to the door and let out a sigh of relief as the doors closed behind him.

"Hey little brother." Soul smiled slightly at the sound of his brother's voice.

"Hi, Wes." Soul said quietly, not wanting the tutor to hear him.

Wes frowned and looked over to the music room's doors, his eyes lighting in realization and his jaw clenching in anger. At thirteen, he could see the wrong behind his parents' actions towards Soul. He grabbed his brother's arm and led him to his room quickly, so they could talk without being caught.

They got to Wes' room and they sat on the bed across from each other. Wes smiled at his brother. "So how was hell?"

Soul chuckled lightly at Wes' name for practice and shook his head. "I messed up."

Wes winced, knowing the punishment for his brother. "How badly?"

"I was doing an original by the tutor-"

"Pig-face or Buck-tooth?" Wes asked, trying to get his brother to smile more.

"Buck-tooth." Soul answered with a smirk.

"Ah, good old Buck-tooth." Wes said sarcastically.

"Well, I messed up a note, because of my fingers. They were numb." Soul explained. Wes growled and grabbed his hands, his eyes burning when he was how red they were. Soul continued, "And I slammed down on the keys at the end because the timer scared me and he hit me with the ruler."

"You're only eight, dammit!" Wes hissed, absolutely infuriated. He didn't get the ruler when he was eight, or at all until he was ten and that was only once. After that, Cassandra had scolded the tutor for harming her son.

Why didn't she treat Soul the same?

Soul had flinched at Wes' curse and Wes pulled him in for a hug. "I'm so sorry, little brother."

Soul smiled, letting his 'monstrous' teeth show only in the presence of his big brother. "It's okay, brother."

"No it's not." Wes whispered, too low for Soul to hear.

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