The British Embassy in Rabat was a welcome sight for Alea. She was on her way to England. The embassy guards were expecting them and a young soldier was in the courtyard to meet Eyal, Annie and Alea.

"Welcome to British soil. Please follow me." Turning to Eyal, "Colonel Pennymon would like a word with sir." Pointing to another man for Eyal to follow.

"I'll catch up with you later." Eyal touching Annie arm before he was lead down the corridor.

"Ladies, if you will follow me. I think you will find this accommodation pleasant for your wait. There is food and drink, I am sure you are tired after your trip."

The guard showed Annie and Alea to a spacious room with couches, reading material and a buffet set with various assortments of snacks and fruit with tea and coffee.

"So now what happens?" Alea asking Annie and anxious to leave Morocco.

"You are safe as long as you are in British hands. My guess is you will be asked many more questions before any arrangements can be made for you to go to England. You will have to be given some type of asylum."

"How long do you think that will take?"

"Depends on your information. What you gave Antonio on our way was useful but not the in-depth knowledge you have. You are very much a key and going to have to give all you know to the people debriefing you. Alea, I know you are guarded but now is the time to tell all, for your sake."

The two remained fairly quiet, eating and looking out the window. Eyal and another man came into the room, "Alea this gentleman is Martin Bucker and will be asking you more questions about your brother and his operations here in Morocco."

"Alright, I'm ready." As Alea passed Eyal with a smile, "Thank you and I do mean it. Sorry if I gave you trouble."

"No problem and good luck." Eyal returning the smile.

After the two left the room, Eyal turned to Annie, "Let's walk outside and talk. Need to bring you up to speed on all that has happened."

Once they reached the enclosed courtyard Annie was full of questions but waited for Eyal to speak. Eyal looking at the sky, "Lovely evening isn't it. Good to be here after one hell of a day." He rubbing his left arm as it was hurting.

"Something wrong with your arm?"

"Just a missed gunshot, yeah a little sore."

"When you said a hell of a day you meant it. With you standing here I assume you are no worse for the wear."

"Not really, just another scar to add to my collection. One of these days I going to truly quit and just go sailing."

"Not in your blood Eyal, not in a million years." Annie chuckling, enjoying the ending of a wretched day. "I was tracking your meeting with Abdoul and the drive out to the desert. I got Auggie on the horn and we tracked the SUV to what appeared to be a munitions depot. Let's start with your meeting with Abdoul and did you make the arms deal?"

"Good spy craft on your part Annie. Yeah they are verifying the depot, sending in some special ops but not calling an air strike, not until we located the training camps and any other locations. Because of Alea wanting to return to England, this has become a join operation between CIA and MI6. And to answer your question about the munitions deal, yep that went thru and we have a shipment due at the Port of Essaouira day after tomorrow."

"Is Abdoul going to meeting the shipment? Catch him red handed."

"Sorry, he is going to be missing that shipment. Right now he has dropped off the face of the earth. I had to kill him or be killed."


"Abdoul and I were on our way back from our desert meeting when Rita call him and burned me."

"Oh my god, that's when the car stopped before reaching Marrakech."

"Yes, he could have shot and killed me if we had stayed in the car but my guess he didn't want a bloody mess inside his nice Mercedes. Gave me the upper hand."

"So where is he now?"

"Long term parking at the Marrakech airport. Let's hope they don't find his body for the next two days." Eyal putting his arm around Annie.

"Rita, what about Rita, you looked so pissed leading her out of the train station."

"As much as I wanted to put some hurting on the bitch I was a nice person. Turned her over to the CIA with an escort back to Spain. Let me tell you Arthur was not a happy camper about the whole thing."

"Arthur is not anyone to cross. Now what, there is more isn't it?"

"Depending on how forthcoming Alea is with her debriefing, she will be heading to England late tomorrow. Arthur has arranged for you to be her escort and remain with her for another round of debriefing at MI6 headquarters. Remember this is now a CIA and MI6 join undertaking and you represent the CIA."

"What about you?"

"I have a covert arms shipment to meet. I will be leaving out of here in the morning. If all goes well our mission well be a major success. You are one hell of an operative to work with." Eyal giving her a hug.

"I take it that Alea doesn't know her brother is dead."

"Not yet, that my dear Annie will rest with you. I can't think of a better person to break the news. You have that wonderful empathy about you, something I lack."

"I don't know, you have an amazing understanding of me."

"Because I care and care deeply." Eyal had walked them to a secluded spot of the courtyard where they had stopped. Taking her in his arms, with a gentle kiss, slowing guiding his right arm to the lower part of her back and pulling her hips to him. The kiss was a wanting and passionate one as both cherishing the stolen moment.

Annie holding on the Eyal, knowing that these precious times would be few and far between and wanting to treasure each second. Yes she had found the man she loved but would be a challenging love affair as there would be long periods of separation. With her safely in Eyal's arms she told herself that she would do whatever to be with this tall Israeli, even going against CIA protocol.

The next morning came way too early as Eyal and Annie were having a tranquil breakfast together. Annie aware she would soon be saying goodbye to Eyal, not knowing when she would see him again. She was studying his face, trying to etch into her mind every detail of his strong features and seductive dark eyes. His eyes told of his moods, so emotional and revealing, almost like looking into his soul.

"Look Annie, I don't know how long I'll be here in Morocco but I will get in touch with you once I'm finished."

"You have any idea the length of my stay will be in London. Maybe we can catch-up there." Annie wanting to set a future date for seeing him again.

"No idea. I still have my apartment in DC and spent a fair amount of time there. I wish our lives were more predictable and we could make plans. Believe me my dear sweet Anne Catharine Walker I want to spent marvelous hours with you. Be prepared, you will never know when I'll show up."

"That's for sure. I'll miss you Eyal."

"Whenever you need me I'll be there but there are times I'm out of touch because of the sensitivity of my mission. Oh how I hate this part of our relationship. You know I'm not good with goodbyes and I never want to say those words to you. So, Jusqu'à ce que nous nous reverrons."

"Until we meet again." Annie turning her head to meet Eyal's face as he leaned over to kiss her.

Eyal standing with that wonderful smile, gently touched her face, "I'll be in touch." With that he was gone. Anne just gazing at the closed-door that Eyal had just left by, wanting to go with him but her job, oh her damn job was keeping them apart.

"Agent Walker." The young solider has entered the small dining room.


"Colonel Pennymon would like a word with you."

Leading Annie down a long hallway and down two flights of stairs to an obscured section of the embassy and into a nicely lit office. There was a recent picture of Queen Elizabeth hanging on the wall along with pictures of England and several of the colonel with British VIPs.

"Please Agent Walker have a seat. This is our integrator with MI6, Martin Bucker." The colonel was shaking Annie's hand and welcoming her.

"My pleasure Agent Walker." Martin Bucker was a middle age man, with thick light brown hair graying a little and a kind friendly manner about him. He was the type for putting someone at ease, perfect for digging vital information out of a reluctant person.

"We have spoken with Alea Sarraf and will be speaking with her more today. We would like to thank you for laying the ground work, she was very forthcoming with good information. She seems to have bonded with you in the trust department and we need your help."

"Of course."

"She is still reluctant to give much needed information that concerns her brother, Abdoul-Haziz Eman. If you will talk with her, try to convince her it is in her best interest to cooperate.

"Does she know her brother is dead?"

"No, Lamorak has requested that you tell her because of the closeness you developed. Said you were very good at breaking sad news." Colonel Pennymon was looking at some papers that had been handed to him as the talked.

Looking at both Martin and Annie, "It's been verified, a small training camp south of Oujda near the Algerian border. We believe that is a larger one somewhere in the west of Morocco. You can stay with her while Martin talks with her again."

"I would like to break the news of Abdoul's death before you talk with her again. With her knowing where is nothing to save here she should be more willing to talk. She hasn't lived in the desert compound for over a year with knowing many details of Groupe Islamique."

"Good, shall we." Martin standing to show Annie to Alea's room.

"Hello Anna, I was sure you had left. They told me Antonio had gone, if that is his real name." Alea was exceedingly delighted to see a friendly face.

"You are right, that is not his real name, and I don't think anyone knows his name and my name is Annie, Annie Walker and I'm an American."

"So I was right - so what that makes you, CIA?"

"Yes. How are they treating you?" Annie has pulled a chair closer to Alea.

"Good, very good and it is so nice to hear the English accents again." Alea was finishing up her morning meal. "Martin Bucker has been exceedingly nice, I like the man."

"They will be talking with you more today and I be with you. But first I need to tell you something."

"It's about Abdoul?"

"I so sorry to have to be the one to break the news..."

"He is dead - right?"

"Yes, he was killed yesterday."

Alea stood, walked to the window and stare, expressionless. Annie remained seated, giving her the time she needed. Annie thinking such a young girl to have endured the past year with an abusive husband and now to have the news her brother had been killed. Watching Alea, Annie heart was heavy, oh how she hated that part of her job.

"You know Annie, Abdoul and I were never close. He was twenty years my senior and I can only remember seeing him maybe three or four times as a child. When my father plucked me out of England to marry Tamir it was Abdoul that took pity on me and for that I thank him." Alea walking back from the window and looking again at Annie, "When I found out the real Abdoul, the terrorist, I wanted to run. His death is not a shock, maybe I should cry but I don't have any tears for him. My protection of him was a repayment for his protection of me."

"You have the courage way beyond your years. Once you return to Kent, you can move on with a normal life, one a young lady should have."

"I would like to go to the university and teach. I can see a future now Annie and all because of you."

"Not me Alea, you were the one that took that leap of faith."

"And to the right person. Thanks Annie, I owe you my life."

"You don't owe me anything Alea. You have a new beginning waiting. Are you ready to finish talking with Martin Bucker?"

"Yes. For some strange reasoning I was holding onto a thin thread and some misguided loyalty to Abdoul. Yes Annie, I'm totally ready - let's do it."

The morning and afternoon sessions with Alea and Annie went perfect. Alea was very open and free with all she knew and it was a bit. The long periods of time she was left by herself in the compound made for being exceedingly curious. Unbeknown to her brother or husband she had found and read secret documents, maps, commutations and endless links to al-Qaeda. With the information given, a raid order was given on the desert compound and piles of documents recovered. Two training camps were located as well as a second munitions depot.

Sitting on the plane about ready to take off, "I can't believe I'm on my way home. Home what a wonderful sound, yeah Kent is my home." Alea was looking out the window with Annie by her side. "They've told me my grandmother would be connected once we reach London and I should be able to see her in a day or two."

Annie smile at Alea and lightly squeezed her hand, "It's time to go home."

Eyal:With three MI6 special ops on their way to Port of Essaouira and a rendezvous with Eman's cohorts for the fake arms exchange, Eyal was not thinking about the mission but of Annie. Resting his head on the back seat, closed his eyes and envision being with Annie, the smell of her hair like a fresh spring morning after the rain. How she would bite her bottom lip when annoyed at him and the tiny sparkles in her eyes like diamond dust reflecting in the moon light. Oh how he hated only being with Annie when external occurrences were intertwined. He muse a carefree week in the Seychelles Islands with his Neshama - the very thing he would make sure happen.

This is not the end ... There is more to come - a series of Eyal and Annie's escapades with Eyal as Lamorak. My first try at a fanfiction was fun for me and I hope also for you. Thank you for all your kind comments and hope to be back shortly.