Karasu Clan

Looks: All members have raven black hair that has a color tint to it that matches their chakra affinity. Example; fire-red tint, water-blue tint, lightning-golden tint, earth-green tint and wind-silver tint. Their eye color is the same as their tint color.

Kekkei Genkai: Karasu no Seishin (raven spirit)

Abilities: Acute sense of hearing, smell, sight and sensing other chakra. Summon large black feather wings on their back, there is a tattoo/seal on their back that are black feather wings. They also have great healing abilities.

Summonings: Ravens

Abilities: Healing feathers, shape-shifting, jutsu, elemental manipulating, knowledge and shift into a human with large black feather wings on their back.

Familiar: A raven from the summonings. It's the first raven the member summons at the age of six. It's a nin partner.