Chapter 21 The Second General

After Kira's breathing had evened out, the eyes quickly darted out of the bushes and made the journey back to its master. It took a mere hour and the spy had arrived at their master's location. The land turned from grasslands to swamps. The air became thick with the fumes of the bogs that stretched for miles. Waters with no reflections do to the muk that resided within its contents. Trees that twisted so much not much of the sun's light could be seen through them. The figure ran through the swamp another 30 minutes before reaching its destination. A small palace with vines that covered it to where it was barely visible. The spy entered through the double doors also covered with vines into a large hallway. After going down the hallway that was just as dark and dreary as the swamps outside, they entered through a door at the end that led to an even larger room. This room was decorated with green banners strung in between the rafters lining the ceiling. Pedestals lined the outside of the walls with many different sized and shaped skulls. At the back of the room was a skull decorated throne with a large digimon sitting in it.

This digimon was green with warts all over his body. White hair protruded down his back from two large horns on his head. Large hands propped up on the arm of the throne held a large head. The eyes which were closed due to the digimon being asleep would show dusty blue eyes. The rest of the body was proportioned to fit the digimon, with a loincloth being the only clothing the digimon wore along with arm and leg bands. The shoulders were covered in horns that were both large and small. The body ended with two large feet that were bare and showed talons on the ends of the toes.

The spy staying in the shadows approached the throne very carefully. Waking this digimon was never a good idea due to his harsh punishments. Before the spy could open their mouth to speak, the large digimon spoke with eyes still closed.

"What do you have to report Goblimon?"

The spy stepped out of the shadows to reveal a goblin looking digimon. It had a small amount of red hair in a spiked fashion, wore a vest with spikes at the shoulders and a pair of tan pants. Like the bigger digimon it had bare feet as well. The digimon was also dragging a large club behind it.

"Master Ogremon, Blackwargreymon and the human are at the borders of the swamp."

Ogremon opened his eyes and cracked a smirk as best as his always open mouth would allow.

"Excellent tell the other Goblimon to prepare themselves. When they awaken we will take down Blackwargreymon and capture the human."

"Sir why not do it while they sleep?"

"There is no great accomplishment if we strike as they sleep. I wish to succeed where MetalEtemon failed. To do this it must be on fair grounds."

"Understood Master Ogremon." Goblimon bowed and left the room to fetch the others.

Ogremon sat up in his throne and reached beside him picking up his club. Slightly pounding it into his other hand he said. "Blackwargreymon you will be defeated and your human partner taken. This success will grant me great rewards from Lord Icedevimon."

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