Name; Victoria Maria Knight

Age; 16 years

Appearance; red hair, blue eyes, about 5'6"

Celebrity look alike; Ariana Grande (When she plays Cat on Victorious)

Fashion style/sense; Goth, always wears her black leather jacket, black jeans, occasional BTR t-shirt, black or purple heels

Hobbies; Singing, playing piano, writing (songs, stories, & the occasional fan fictions (nobody knows about her hobbies (her aunt knows about her playing on her laptop & her listening to music))) playing on the computer, & listening to music

Personality; rude most of the time (like Patricia from House of Anubis) & nice at other times

Life Story; Her dad died when she was little, but she has no idea. She has no idea what happened to her mother or the rest of the family since she came to her aunt Mary as a baby.

Favorite color; purple

Favorite actress; Nathalia Ramos
favorite actor; Sterling Knight

Favorite singer/band; Big Time Rush (She has no idea why)

Favorite food; Oreo ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups (chunks) on top