I apologize for the wait. Between school, writing this chapter, & reading others' fanfics, I haven't really had time. If you want a real time killer, read Big Time Charmed by Magiccatprincess. I've also been writing a one shot for IamPrincessHenderson.

musicrox14- does anyone want to do the disclaimer?

Carlos- Oh oh, pick me pick me!

musicrox14- Kendall.

Kendall- Let Carlos do it.

musicrox14- I forget you hate being put on the spot. *cough*baby *cough*

Kendall- Hey! That's Victoria! James, help me here!

James- He's ri-wrong (ha ha, he's scared of me)

Carlos- Guys, cut it out! He shouts at the top of his lungs

musicrox14- Thanks Carlitos. Go ahead

Carlos- musicrox14 owns nothing except Victoria, Mary, Lexi, & Jerome Griffin.

musicrox14 is having trouble breathing

Carlos- musicrox14, are you OK?

musicrox14- Get...Inhaler!

Carlos runs & gets it

musicrox14- Thanks Carlitos. You just saved my life.

Carlos- Sure.

musicrox14 & Carlos kiss (hehe, my dream being to date Carlos)

musicrox14- On with the story

The next day 5:30

Victoria- Ugh. Why on earth does Gustavo want me there so freaking early?!

Kendall- No idea. He wants all five of us there today at the same time. James!

James- Whoa whoa! Hey! What was that for?!

Victoria- We all have to get to Rocque Records, remember?

James- Oh yeah.

Victoria- What about Logan & Carlos?

Kendall- Carlos is already up & Logan's already ready to go. He put his clothes, except for his socks & shoes, on last night. He usually lays them out, but since he had wanted to leave by 6:15, he decided to put them on last night.

Victoria- Smart, but idiotic.

Kendall- Oh yeah. Logan!

Logan- Set.

Victoria- How long were you up?

Logan- About fifteen minutes.

Victoria- So you were up since 5:45?

Logan- Yup.

Victoria- You're strange. You know that?

Logan- Yeah. I've heard it a million times before.

Victoria- I don't think I want to know how you've heard that a million times.

Logan- No you don't.

At Rocque Records

Gustavo- Victoria, get in the studio please.

Victoria- Whatever you say sir.

Gustavo- Are you sure you're related to Kendall?

Victoria- Positive.

Gustavo- OK.

Victoria goes into the studio

Gustavo- Now I want one of you dogs to get into the booth with her to do a duet.

Carlos walks into the studio (not sure what the term is)

Victoria- What are we singing Gustavo?

Gustavo- Start of Something New

Victoria- OK

They start singing

Carlos- Livin' in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance

Victoria- I never believed in
What I couldn't see
I never opened my heart
Carlos- Ohhhhh
Victoria- Too all the possibilities, Ohh

Both- I know...
Victoria- That something has changed
Both- Never felt this way
Victoria- And right here tonight
Both- this could be the...

Both- Start of somethin' new
Victoria- It feels so right
Both- To be here with you, ooh
And now lookin' in your eyes
Victoria- I feel in my heart
Carlos- Feel in my heart
Both- The start of somethin' new
Carlos- Ohhhh, yeahh

Carlos- Now who'd of ever thought that... oh
Both- We'd both be here tonight... yeah
Victoria- Oh yeah, the world looks so much
Carlos- Brighter, brighter
Victoria- Oh, with you by my side
Carlos- By my side
Both- I know... that somethin' has changed
Never felt this way
Victoria- oh I know it for real
Both- This could be the...

Both- start of somethin' new
It feels so right to be here with you... oh
And now... lookin' in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of somethin' new

Carlos- I never knew that it could happen
'Til it happened to me
Ohhhh, yeah
Both- I didn't know it before
Victoria- But now it's easy to see
Both- Ohhhhh

Both- It the start of something new
It feels so right to be here with you... oh
And now... lookin' in your eyes
I feel in my heart
That it's the start of somethin' new
It feels so right
Carlos- So right... oh
Victoria- To be here with you... oh
Both- And now...
Victoria- Lookin' in your eyes
Carlos- Lookin' in your eyes
Victoria- I feel in my heart
Carlos- Feel in my heart
Victoria- The start of somethin' new
Carlos- The start of somethin' new
Victoria- The start of somethin' new
Carlos- Somethin' new

Gustavo- Great job Victoria.

Carlos- What about me?

Gustavo- You? You were bad.

Victoria- Ease up Gustavo. He did a good job. They always do.

Carlos- How are you able to keep him calm like that?

Victoria- Something for another time.

Carlos- OK?

Gustavo- OK, someone different with her.

James- She should rest her vocals before she loses her voice or gets vocal nodules.

Logan- He's right. Kendall, please tell me I didn't say that.

Kendall- Can't. Sorry.

Logan- Someone slap me

Victoria slaps him

Logan- Thank you. Now I know I'm awake. You should really ease up on all of us.

Gustavo yelps, then yells AH!, causing an earthquake. During the earthquake, Victoria didn't have cover, so the roof fell on top of her

James- Victoria!

Kelly- Hey, did you guys feel that earthquake? Victoria!

Logan- Someone call 911 for crying out loud!

Everyone except for himself & Gustavo are standing/kneeling in shock

Gustavo- I'll do it then

Gustavo calls 911

911 operator- 911 operator, how may I help you?

Gustavo- During the earthquake, the roof caved & landed on one of my employees.

911 operator- What's your location?

Gustavo- 1265 Rocque Road (not real address)

911 operator- Help is on the way.

Gustavo- Thank you.

Gustavo hangs up

Gustavo- They're on their way.

Kendall- Come on sis, please don't leave us. We just found you. We can't lose you already.

Shaggy- Yeah. Like, everyone will like miss you. Like, even me.

In the hospital

Doctor- She'll be fine. She's in a coma right now, but she should be awake in a little while.

Shaggy- Like, thanks doc.

Doctor- Sure Shaggy.

The doctor leaves

Logan- How did the doctor know you're name?

Shaggy- Well, like, he's my primary care.

Big Time Rush- Ohhh

Victoria's pov

Crap, not this nightmare again.

Her mom is playing the piano to her, her dad, & her brother, Kendall. Her dad said, 'If they have musical talent like you, Gustavo's bound to sign them.' Some strange guy walks in with a gun. Dad says 'Honey, take the kids & go upstairs.' 'No, I'm not leaving you.' 'Honey, I'll be alright. Just relax.' Mom takes us up to our bedroom. Dad yells 'Since I won't be the one to kill you, my kids will!' 'Well, I'll just kill your kids too.' 'Kill me already, don't touch my kids.' We hear a gun fire. Mom puts us in our cribs & runs down to dad. She realizes he's dead & shouts 'Robert! Robert, come back! We need you! I need you.' A few weeks later, the funeral is held. At the funeral, the murderer is towards the back of the crowd. He gets caught as the murderer of our dad. We're in court. Mom & a bunch of others testify. He gets sent to jail for life because he's murdered 12 people, the twelfth being dad. I slowly get out of the coma.

No one's pov

Victoria- Guys?

Kendall- Oh thank god.

Patricia- Glad you're awake now Victoria. We all really missed you.

Victoria- Patricia? Williamson?

Patricia- The one & only.

Victoria- I missed hearing from you, but what are you doing here?

Patricia- It was on the worldwide news. Everyone from Anubis is here, even Nina & Eddie.

Victoria- What do you mean?

Patricia- They didn't really want to come. Fabian & I convinced them. Also, Mr. Sweet said it would be required for us to pass junior year.

Victoria- Oh.

Patricia- Yeah. Everyone else in the house came willingly to see you.

Victoria- Thanks Patricia.

Eddie- Hey Victoria. How're you feeling?

Victoria- Hey. I'm just peachy. You? she says I'm just peachy sarcastically

Eddie- Should have seen that response coming.

Victoria- Naw. sarcastic

Eddie- Sorry.

Patricia- Nice sarcasm.

Victoria- Thank you.

Patricia- Sure.

Eddie- Did she just…? he asks Carlos

Carlos- Yup.

Victoria- God Carlos! You could've scared me to death!

Carlos- Sorry! he says, wincing

Victoria- It's OK. Honestly, I needed you guys. Thank you. You guys can come in now!

Nina, Mara, both Jeromes (there are two Jeromes; Clarke & Griffin. Clarke is played by Eugene Simon & Jerome Griffin is played by a younger Nicholas Cage. Clarke goes to Frobisher Academy & Griffin goes to the Palm Woods school), Amber, KT, Willow, Fabian, James, Logan, Kendall, Alfie, Victor Rodenmaar Jr. & Sr., Joy, Trudy, & Mick walk in

Joy- Hey Victoria! We all missed you so much. I'm guessing someone told you that the house had to convince Nina & Eddie to come here?

Victoria- Yup.

Doctor- Oh good, you're awake. I wanted to make sure you were awake before we had x-rays done.

Victoria- Thank you.

Doctor- Who is your legal guardian?

Victoria- Mom.

Mrs. Knight- I am.

Doctor- Come with us.

A few minutes later, after the x-rays

Doctor- OK, so she has a few broken ribs from impact, a fractured ankle, & a broken left arm. She also has a small skull fracture.

Mrs. Knight- Oh dear.

Doctor- She'll be fine, but I'd advise she don't speak for a month or so, depending on her healing progress next time we see her, & being confined to a wheelchair. Mrs. Knight, we're going to have you fill out the release papers & make her next appointment & then you can bring her home.

Mrs. Knight- Sure.

Kendall- We'll help too.

Nina- Obviously so will we.

Victor Jr.- I'll call Mr. Sweet & tell him we'll be here a bit longer than expected.

Victoria- Thank you. she signs

Victor Jr.- Of course. Everyone here would do anything for you. she signs

Doctor- One of our findings was absolutely odd to us though.

Kendall- What is it?

Doctor- We found twins when we did an ultrasound. It's procedure that we do an ultrasound before x-rays.

Logan- What?

Victoria- What? she signs

Doctor- Congratulations. You are having twin girls.

Victoria- But I was a virgin last I knew. How far along am I? she signs

Doctor- I'd say about three months.

Victoria- Mom, I swear I didn't know! she signs

Mrs. Knight- It's OK baby girl. We believe you.