Hello! RoxasConan here. I have a challenge for any and all who like the idea to write a story.

Base knowledge: Toothless is more hostile towards humans, as they have taken many dragons lives, which he finds unfair because the only reason they are raiding them is to save their own lives from their Queen. *Red Death* The fact that the humans don't even know about the Red death never crossed him mind. Hiccup is younger at the start of this, maybe 6, or some young age. Toothless and Hiccup meet in the forest *escape from raid?* and Toothless attacks. Toothless doesn't finish the deed, and left Hiccup, who is left with an odd mark/scar from the meeting. Later in life still goes as canon, the raid happens and Toothless is still shot down.

Toothless and Hiccup don't have physical contact until they get comfortable with each other, at least a bit, such as the canon nose-touch thing. Once they have physical contact, Hiccups mark/scar acts up, something happens, and next thing you know hes half dragon.

Because he's half dragon, he can fly on his own, and instead of making a rider-controled-fin, Hiccup makes the fin from canon's Gift of the Nightfury. He needs to have fairly human hands for that, maybe some claws.

Blah blah blah, stuff happens, Astrid happens, Red Death happens, father finding out happens, in the end, HERO'S! And everyone loves the dragons and lives with them.

Things that could be added:

Hiccups can then communicate with Dragons.

Hiccup and Toothless bond over flying lessons as Hiccup is designing the tail, tail done, first real flight, Hiccups discovers Red Death. *Finds about Red Death another way?*

Fire breathing. Yes? No? A variation of it? beam like due to small mouth? Something different besides flames of the mouth?

How far is the transformation? Can he hide it and still do dragon training? Does he watch the training from afar? Does the transofrmation progress the more time has pasted? Change in steps? All at once?

Things I wish to NOT be in the story:

No OCxmain character.

No ToothCup.

But yeah, extremely basic idea is that Hiccup gets changed into a half dragon, but Toothless is still missing the part of his tail.

What I wrote at the start is actually just a very vague outline of how I see it. Play with the very basic idea only if you want, or follow my outline. Contact me for any questions/comments/concerns. Also, I am a Beta for all who may need it for this story/other stories.

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